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Delicious Lip Balms! Hershey's, Reese, Dairy Queen, Etc!


Calling all lip balm lovers! Can't get enough of moisturizing your lips with your lip balms? Have you tried delicious chocolate lip balms before? I have and I'm addicted to trying all sorts of flavors now to moisturized my lips! When Supermodel's Secret's did a deal with Everyday.Com.My (now called LivingSocial.Com.My) it was raining lip balms! I bought so many for my friends and families to use and they loved it! Alas it was sold out but good news :D they have incoming stocks for January so it's out again at LivingSocial.Com.My!!! click this link to check the lip balms out! while stocks last :)

50% off for a limited period only

9 assorted fun flavors to choose from!
(all from USA)
came out in Cleo Magazine!


  1. Nice.. Gotta check that out.. Tq tammy..:)

  2. no problem CathJ! don't miss this deal out. It was brought in by me ^__^ and won't have it again.


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