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Coconut Flower Telok Gong For Chinese New Year Lunch

sis & bro drinking their coconuts RM5

resort like restaurant

Every second day of Chinese New Year, me & my family will go to Coconut Flower Seafoods Restaurant, Telok Gong for seafood. Kenby joined me after texting to meet up for a movie, so I asked her to join us for lunch. It's just a short drive from my hometown Port Klang.

This place was really popular when they started 10 years back but ever since their prices soared up, many complained that this place is just average. They're also popular for the homemade Coconut Flower Wine (also called coconut tody) which I hear is quite a kick after a few bottles with crabs. I never dared  try drinking it and the smell is awful to me. Imagine the overpowering scent of fermented coconuts?

While I agree that their prices are slightly higher than before and taste wise is just average, I still find it a convenient place to have seafood around my home, has menu in ENGLISH (coz I can't read Chinese) with photos on the board so it's easy to order especially for those who has no IDEA what to order and food comes fast.

taste weird steam lala in chinese wine

"kam heong" lala very hot &nspicy

For Chinese New Year, my brother ordered his favorite butter prawns RM25 (he has crab & clams phobia). My mom, sis & me are crab-eaters so we got the medium sized crabs for 1kg cooked in kam heong, a spicy dish which my mom couldn't take it anymore after the first bite. I wanted Shark's Fin Soup RM60 (serves 6-8 bowls) and the famous steam lala in Chinese wine that I've been reading about online. However it taste weird maybe because of the Chinese wine (I hardly eat anything cooked in Chinese wine so...). The lala meehon was nice for RM6, full of small lalas. Overall not bad, our bill for 5 pax comes up to RM213.00 (with 6% service charge) inclusive of many coconuts and drinks to quench our thirsts. If we didn't order Shark's Fin Soup, the bill would be cheaper.

steam lala in chinese wine RM15

"kam heong" crabs 1kg RM60

butter prawns RM25 & lala meehon RM6

shark's fin soup RM60

If you're looking to GPS your way to Telok Gong, you can follow this map below coz I can't locate Coconut Flower on Google Maps but it's definitely around this place, can't miss it.

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Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant

702 Jalan Udang Galah,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor.

Tel 03-31341218, 31342886