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Love Shaped Marshmallows Anyone?

sweet strawberry love shaped marshmallows

I got a lovely Valentine's gift from Rachel of Teaffani (now dam way feymes de for her mobile English High Tea catering business). She's expanded to doing cookies and novelty items like heart shaped marshmallows! which is really great for Valentine's Day. I thought of many ideas that I could do with the marshmallows like surprisingly my handsome guy with a cup of hot chocolate and have the love shape marshmallows float about in it. Just imaging the foam and the chocolate with sweet marshmallows makes me want to eat it myself! WHICH I DID! omg.. so no more love marshmallows for my guy coz I'm already eating it. Alright instead maybe I can snap a picture of me with it for my darling? (whahahhahahhahaaha). After all, expressing I love you on Valentine's Day is what counts right?

I Love U Ng Hean Keat!

Yum yum!!! some say the don't like marshmallows but call me crazy, I think I watch too many American movies where people like to eat them with hot chocolate or any type of hot drinks? grilled or barbeque or make smores with them. In fact, my Vila Manja birthday spa party I ate marshmallows dip in melting chocolate! The love shaped marshmallows are strawberry flavored. The scent is faint and the taste is light and sweet. It's not overly strawberry taste like some cotton candy or medicine strawberry. However taste may differ from one to another. For me it taste great :) and it's chewy and yummy till I finished a box. I love the shape... if not for the shape I won't find it interesting at all!

now 50% off at LivingSocial Msia

Where to buy them? U can order from Teaffani (click here for her facebook). There's a great deal going on now where u can these for 1/2 price! 2 boxes for only RM18 (retail worth RM33.60). Just click here to check the deal out :) on LivingSocial Malaysia website.


  1. OMG!! Where can I get those??? Those are so cute!

  2. Hey IceCreamBun (cute name)! Teaffani sells them in her hampers but right now there's a 50% off deal on LivingSocial.Com.My for 2 boxes of the heart shape marshmallows ^______^ pls click the link below to see the deal

    ask me anything ^__^ if u have any queries


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