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  • My Brazilian Keratin Treatment Experience


    hair problems?

    tell me about it...

    look at my hair on New Year 2012

    I have been plagued with frizzy hair ever since I hit puberty. Blame it on the hormones or the humidity!  Every year I do a chemical service to tame my Amazonian hair. I spend about RM200-RM400 just for the services (not including treatments after). I tried hair straightening, semi-straightening, re-bonding and relaxers. They give me the quick results I need - manageable hair that's straight. However sometimes they can be too flat and limp and the worst part is all these chemical services damaged and dry out  my hair. I think I might have sensitive scalp and hair falling problems due to all the stress.

    Then last year while having my hair done at A Cut Above, I found out about the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

    Popular Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT)

    straightens and repairs simultaneously

    the ultimate treatment for frizzy hair

    The Brazilian Keratin Treatment? the first thing that came into my mind was is this a hair relaxer of some kind? I kept going back and forth A Cut Above to inquire on this unique treatment. I finally found out that it is a smoothing and repairing hair treatment that makes your hair healthier and manageable, and of course "natural" straight. Does not contain any chemical ingredients that structurally alter or damage the hair (interesting!). If you google Brazilian Keratin Treatment, you'll find many articles dedicated to this treatment and many BKT converts out there, especially those with curly and frizzy hair that lacks Keratin.

    What is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

    uses KeraStraight to straighten and repair

    read how it works (click for larger image)

    Well I don't have to journey to Brazil for a blow out coz just 15mins drive from my home is Re:Style, 1 Mont Kiara. Re:Style is a salon with a brand new concept by A Cut Above Salons. It's a much more vibrant, energetic, youthful hair environment. They offer value for service and anyone looking for more than just a haircut can look forward to a hair makeover at Re:Style. Anyone can walk in without worrying about making appointments and enjoy a service that is trained and supervised by A Cut Above group of Salons. 

    Re:Style 1 Mont Kiara

    orange and white, simple yet elegant

    sitting and washing area

    the BKT process

    The Brazilian Keratin Treatment begins with a hair consultation to assess the condition, texture and understand the hair's story. My story begins with many years of chemical treatments used to tame my hair. I had relaxer done last year and the effect is was fading away. My hair was also damage and dry, a trip to the salon for hair treatments is common. I asked Nicole, the saloon manager whether with this treatment done, will I still need to go for hair treatments to moisturized my hair? 

    Nicole said I don't need to anymore! Imagine my happiness hearing this.

    I learned there's 3 different types of treatment solution for the BKT. The first called Color Protect was for those with colored hair. The second KS Intensive was for really frizzy hair people like the model you see in the poster and lastly the KS Complex for hair like mine. The entire process would take about 2 - 4 hours depending on the hair's ability to absorb the treatment. Since mine was porous because I had dye/treated my hair before, it would only take a couple of hours.

    the products

    application process

    Before the treatment begins, a pre-treatment cleanser is used to shampoo my hair twice to gently open the cuticles. Then towel dry and blow under medium heat. KS Complex was used and they started applying it on my hair. The smell of fruity peach melon filled the air. They left my hair for about 10-15mins before blow drying it. Finally my hair was straighten using a hot iron. I was confused at this stage as normally my hair would be wash after a treatment is up. However for BKT it's different because the treatment is still working it's magic on my hair and needs to be iron out to seal in the treatment. 

    two pros working on me

    many many irons later

    can't wait to see the results!

    Finally my hair was done and it feels heavy and flat. Nicole to me that my hair would be nice and soft when I wash out the treatment at home. I asked why is that? she says it'll be better if I waited to wash my hair out at home or at least the next day for best effect. However it can actually be wash after 30mins with the current new BKT formula. I read online, people actually leave it for days.

    what do you think?

    after the ironing! hair is straight

    home care products at home
    (without chemical that damage hair)

    I couldn't wait for the next day so I washed my hair after 4 hours at home. OMG it was SOOOOOOOOOO SOFT!!! I have never felt my hair this soft before?! I couldn't believe it and let my boyfriend assess it. He says it's been a long time since he felt my hair so soft and so normal (sweat!). I was finally a normal girl he says (sweat X 2). I was delirious about the results! I didn't have to blow dry my hair anymore or comb it (seriously). All I do is wash my hair, towel dry and air it. I love that it gives the same effects as a relaxer treatment, natural not too flat. My hair texture is amazing! soft and healthy like I have never damaged it before. Smells peachy nice too after the treatment. Would definitely save up to do it again after 4 months! (yes this not permanent because it's a treatment, a very good treatment that last 4 months).

    at night after washing

    watch the video on BKT process!

    BKT is definitely not your average hair treatment! The price? it starts from RM500 onwards depending on hair length at Re:Style (A Cut Above RM600 onwards).  I know celebrities or models go for high end treatments/services that cost over RM1k for soft, silky shiny hair and I wonder is it BKT? The secret to beautiful soft hair that's not frizzy or damage anymore. Some would take it as hair-vestment to finally end their hair nightmares. Inquire at your nearest Re:Style salons for promotions (they have it once a while, last year was 20% off with Parkson.

    • Pros: Repairs Damage Hair, Improve Hair Texture, Soft and Manageable Hair, Natural Straight Hair, de frizzes hair. Formaldehyde Free.
    • Cons: luxury treatment price, only at Re:Style or A Cut Above salons

    Available at all Re:Style Salons (1 Mont Kiara, The Boardwalk, Taylors & Sunway Pyramid) Click link for contact and business hours.

    P.S: Not encourage to dye your hair after your precious BKT because hair colour will damage your hair.


    1. yeah, the product and service is unique only A Cut Above & Re:Style has it.

    2. Dear Miu, thanks for sharing this interesting review. How long does it last? is it permanent or short term de-frizzing only?

    3. Omg I was interested to try..... till I saw the price T___T wuu wuuuuu

      1. Yeah this is a special hair treatment, only A Cut Above & Re:Style trained professionals can do. But really soft my hair and texture like baby hair after buat. I'm going to save rm10 a day for 2-3 months to buat this after 4 months.

    4. Dear Sandy, depending on how you maintain your hair after the treatment, it can last up to 4 months :)

    5. does the price comes with the products as well?--> "home care products at home"

      1. hi there! the home care products are purchase separately

    6. Kerastraight is the most 'Amazing product;....

    7. Hi Miu! love ur blog! I have always been troubled by frizzy hair ever since I hit puberty too. I have been searching high and low for a solution as both rebonding and relaxing had given me disappointingly flat hair. It's been 4 months and I am wondering if you are still happy with the results or you have discovered better technology in the market. Coz I am considering trying it, but the price is really expensive!

      1. Hey J! thanks for reading my blog! do drop me comments ^___^ whenveer u like

        Woah.. u're just like me.. and boy... straightening (i hate) and relaxer (not bad, depends where u do). Since bkt is a treatment, it didn't last long :( after 4 months, my hair is starting to slowly become frizzy back (sad). I'm thinking to do again BKT but... sigh.. I need to save up for it first, coz it's not cheap.

        Watch out for promotions! I'm like eagle eye now.. on it.. if u see any promo let me know too!!!

    8. Hi Tammy,

      I am interested with this BKT outcome and long term results.
      Was being recommended to me by this one saloon, but trying to decide whether to do it or stays with relaxing instead.
      Can you advice?
      How was your hair now or perhaps how was your hair few months after the BKT?
      Is there any side effect you get resulting from this BKT?

      Hope to hear from you soon because my appointment will be next week, trying to decide on relaxing or BKT by then.

      1. By the way, I found a few research saying that there's bad side effects from BKT, such as nose bleeding, hair drops and etc.
        Wonder if you get any of this, or is it true?

      2. Hi Ekay! thx for reading my blog :) let me answer your questions:

        1. relaxer vs bkt?
        Bkt is a treatment that repairs your hair & changing the texture (making it better e.g softer, shinier, stronger). Compared to relaxer which uses harsh chemicals, bkt is more of a treatment :) with a natural finish.

        2. my hair was damaged and frizzy, doing the bkt brought it back to life :) but the effects did not last long (4months plus) since it's a treatment, not a chemical service.

        3. I didn't have side effects though, the new bkt formula by a cut above did not have the harmful chemical other type of keratin treatment has. When I inquire from A Cut Above, they told me there's several types of keratin treatment now in the market, not all the same.

        I would want to do this treatment again, where u're going to do it babe n how much?

      3. on our latest question:

        Hmm.. i think there's a lot of research saying many hair related service or chemical services has side effects, particularly if the chemicals used is harmful or damaging to our hair and scalp (then it would penetrate into our scalp, and into our blood stream). Plus ppl sensitive or allergic to the ingredients might have side effects from it.

        From my experience, I didn't get anything though, it was like a normal hair treatment (+longer time).

      4. They said the pricing depending on my hair length. Looking at it, my hair is longer than yours, roughly they said about 700$.
        I'm going to hairkunst,curve, been there before few times and they did my hair very well. So if am going to do major things to my hair, I'll be going back to the same saloon.
        I don't really like Cut Above though, been there before, thought it would be very great to have my hair done there, but it really not as good as I thought they'd be. They don't give me a really good service, and my hair doesn't turn out very nice.

    9. Keratin Infused Products provides Healthy Hair and most of all keratin treatment is useful for Frizzy, Brown, colored, wavy/curly, unmanageable hairs.No doubt keratin treatment Services has created revolution and transformation in this world but please prefer formaldehyde free Keratin Treatment.
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    10. Hi there, I have a similar problem like yours or probably worse! I'm thinking of doing this treatment. I guess I have to go the the professional hair salons to get it done rather than the smaller salons.
      How many hours does this treatment take, the whole process? Also, I think I have to colour my hair first before getting this treatment done right?

      1. I prefer doing it at a professional hair salon. One of the reasons is doing the BKT ain't cheap and if a unprofessional person do it, it might ruin your hair and your investment.

        Mine took over 2 hrs. The stylist says it's about 2 - 4 hours depending on hair condition.

        I don't encourage readers to dye hair after doing BKT, dye chemicals might damage your hair (we don't know what dyes out there). Best to seek professional advise from where you're going to do b4 u decide to dye b4 or after.

      2. I used to live in Brazil and the keratin treatments are amazing indeed!!! I've been applying the treatment for years! They last 3-4 months if you do a good maintenance at home, like using shampoos & products w/o sodium... and need to be careful to not put on more chemicals on your hair.

    11. I made an appointment for this saturday at a cut above in sunway pyramid :/ I have a shoulder length hair, very thick, puffy ends and coarse.. and I'm really nervous atm as this would be my first hair treatment done. i was informed it'd cost 750 (excluding the products). but question, how long did yours last?

      1. babe is there discount? sometimes got discount 20% promotion for parkson etc... inquire with them. I'm thinking to do mine again, bad decision to perm my hair and dye it. My hair now is dry n frizzy again.

        My BKT lasted 4months and from 5th month onwards u can see it's un-bkt-ing haha... I perm my hair on the 6th month, the hair stylist had to cut my hair ends off (2 inches) as the BKT hair cannot be perm.

      2. hi, i am going to do this too at cut above sunway pyramid, so how's your hair now? just wondering if cut above in sunway pyramid is good or not. and do i have to make an appointment bfore that?

      3. is there a different if i do BKT in restyle or cut above?

      4. It's more than 9 months now, the effect started to wear off from the 4th month onwards slowly. As my hair grew, I cut them off & went for a perm in August. Hated the perm, it damaged my hair. Few days ago I finally had enough & went for a "spa rebond" that cost me RM285. Now the difference between BKT and this... is HUGE. First, my hair became more damage and it's not at all soft. It's dry, damage and woody unlike BKT effect - soft, smooth, healthy.

        I guess if u asked me to pay double I would, to have better texture hair than now rebond, damage and shorter hair (because needed to cut off the damaged ends). Investment I guess.... calculate the hair treatments that u need = BKT one time

      5. i really want to coloring my hair, but i'm afraid that it will make my hair more dry, but i saw your hair was colored before doing BKT, so i think it is ok for coloring since i will do BKT also, right?

      6. I think if you're going to color your hair, it better be before going for BKT and leave it for 2-3 weeks to stabilized. My hair is already colored when I did BKT :) nothing happened to it thought.. but yours will be newly colored so best to leave gap time b4 u do BKT.

      7. thanks for your advice ;) really helpful

    12. hi there!! it's me again..just commented on your post regarding sophie paris. I was wondering about the keratin brazilian treatment, since it is not permanent, if continuous doing this treatment, will it be make the new growth hair better? It is rather expensive if just doing it every 3-4months but end result still have to continue doing it without making the new grow hair become better. I saw this promotion at groupon having promotion. Was wondering if I should try as my hair is extremely frizzy and started to be curly after so many chemical procedures.

      1. Hi Sheryl, there's different types of keratin Brazilian treatment around, results depending on the skill and product (ingredients) from the services provided by different salons. I had mine at A Cut Above, while a friend tried a coupon at another salon and the results were not satisfying as compared to mine.

        I don't think it will make new growth hair better, because it's applied on existing hair to have the effect.

        My hair lasted 4 months and started to lose it's effects after that slowly.

      2. Thank you so much for the reply! Sad to have frizzy hair. =( will have to make up my mind then haha..

      3. well :D u can still try coupon since it's at a deal, to see the results from it? and wait another 4 months after to decide to try any other type of BKT.

        I shall go see the deal too, because I'm curious to find out how other BKT fare

    13. Dear~ I jz done my BKT. Ur blog post make up my mine to tried in the saloon once the hair stylist recommend this to treatment to me!

      1. eh!! u did it!!!! *ENVY*!!!! got b4 n after pics? U did it at A Cut Above or other salons? how much u pay and how's the result after? u haven't wash your hair right? let the medicine sit longer!

    14. Hi,

      I plan to get a BKT at A Cut Above soon. But i want to ask you, did you suffer from hair loss after getting it? .I just want to get a feedback from you before i decide to get it done. Thanks.

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