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Hot Drink Refill For iPhone 4/4S?


saw at apple store in 1Mont Kiara

Yesterday while waiting for my bf, I saw this really cute product that resembles a take away hot drink in Machine's store in 1 Mont Kiara. It was a battery refill charge for iphone 4/4s! Really cute, I can't remember the price. It's RM265!!! I was thinking why would anyone carry such a bulky iphone charger around but then again I have been thinking about it today coz it's so cute.


  1. cute!!! and definitely look nicer than a lot other external charger for iphone! When you put this on table and charge the phone, won't feel too awkward i guess??

  2. harap tak minum and kena electrocuted.. HAHHA!! omg.. dam cute.. hope got coupon or promotion deals for this? it's kinda heavy u noe but so dam cute =_= cannot get my mind outa it


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