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Charity: Rent a Dog for 20mins


raising funds by renting a dog?

This is a interesting new take on raising funds for pet adoption by SPCA via renting a dog for 20mins! Happening this Saturday at Central Park Avenue, One Utama from 3pm - 6pm. How much is the rental fee? RM20 for 20mins where you get to choose the dog you have eye contacts on and bring it for a feel good run. Not only you're helping to raise some funds for SPCA but you also help to give some love to the lonely dogs seeking new homes. Who knows? you might even adopt the dogs if you love the chemistry between each other from the walk.
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  1. Such an interesting way to raise fund by SPCA. I think I should rent out my kitten also to fund for his big appetite! XD

    1. HHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHA!!!! dun pagi pagi crack me up lah!!!!! rent your kitten later hilang u know, into someone's stomach!!!

  2. Wow..this is interesting. I would like to bring my girls there since they can't have one at home.

  3. Come look for me, I'll be volunteering at the event. ;)


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