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  • Wind Chimes in a Bakery, a Love Companion Story.


    I watch Wind Chimes in a Bakery at home
    (on my Samsung Smart TV bought from SenQ at good deal)

    I never thought I would be hooked on watching those mini ads made into short stories. Usually released in a spam of days or weeks, these mini ads stories are brand driven and has drama in it to hook people, particularly the young, the online social savvy groups, the K-drama holics as well.

    the mini love story you won't want to miss

    Yeah I am talking about The Wind Chimes in a Bakery. I am not particularly a Samsung android supporter because I use Apple but after watching the mini series, I must say I am tempted to buy myself a Samsung S4! Why? because this show has managed to touch my heart and fire up the romantic in me.

    like all Korean love drama, there's love, death & a lot of crying
    (Ahmad Nabil said he really cried without eyedrops)

    Now the special thing about this movie is when you watch it, it feels totally like a Korean love drama series but the settings and characters are made in Malaysia. All this made come true by Korean director, Jang Jae Hyeok (think Girls Generation music videos).

    wind chimes are darn popular now thanks to this show

    The love story revolves around two different beings in the Klang Valley, a guy name Adam (Ahmad Nabil) from a poor background but has a big dream. Then comes along Sue (Koe Yeet) a rich girl with everything but love (she has a lot of love from parents imho) a timebomb brain tumor. I had an agonizing time waiting for the mini episodes to be on youtube, watched for a few minutes and then had to wait again AGONIZING! but readers you're lucky now coz you can wait it all on youtube.

    the trailer with crying Ahmad Nabil who capture our hearts
    (we want our boyfriends to be like him can?!)

    I got to attend the baking workshop too with Adam and Sue, baking the infamous and incredible red bean buns. This will have to be another story because I am not ready to blog about it (the amount of awesome photographs I have hard to choose!). It was a pleasure meeting them both, I love Sue a.k.a Koe Yeet so much, she's so bubbly and cute! I'm so proud to know we have such a talented young actor and actress with that big perfect smile. All thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Edelman (the pr firm) for making my wish come true to meet the young star crossed lovers on screen and baking red bean buns with them. 

    we ate red bean buns & not Samsung S4 for breakfast hahahah

    Dennis Lau playing the Wind Chimes in a Bakery music

    meet the casts of Wind Chimes in a Bakery

    meet Adam (Ahmad Nabil) & Sue (Koe Yeet)

    so did Adam died as well in the end?

    AND YOU BET for the finale, I didn't missed the chance to watch it live at GSC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur organized by Samsung Malaysia again. They screen the entire episode again and the media, bloggers and friends watched it together with Adam and Sue! We had more incredible buns for breakfast and lunch. I went to Kenko Fish Spa after the screening to enjoy 30mins of fish nibbling session just to basked in the moment that I have finally catch the finale in the best way possible. You can catch the finale and the rest of the which was released yesterday on Samsung Malaysia Channel on youtube. The rest of the episodes are there too.

    Disclaimer: I am not paid to blog about Samsung, this is written on my own accord and from my heart because I love this mini web series. I didn't receive any monies or Samsung products as well. The invitation is extended to me by Edelman. All images is taken from Samsung Malaysia press release.

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    1. beautiful blog...wonderful woman....
      follow my blog please...
      kiss da italy

      1. thanks Teresealiliana Russo :) all the way from italy huh!

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    3. I just watched the whole episodes the other day one morning, and can't believe I cried like a baby. LOL! Adam & Sue they are soooooooo cute together <3


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