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The Instagram Look: 2014 Eye Wear Trend


Jennifer Aniston sports an oversize 1970s tortoise frame

This year I thought I will go for something different. I've been on the geeky mode for so long it's time for something new. Something that's quirky but still geeky just like Johnny Depp (who don't love him?). Forbes says the hottest trend in eyewear for 2014 is the Instagram look, the mathematical look, the aquatic look and the garden look. I don't know what the other looks are but I am liking the Instagram look.

What's The Instagram Look?
from Forbes Hottest Trend for Eyewear 2014

This style, inspired by the latest craze in social media, has a 1970s appeal. For sunwear, rosy tinted lenses from O’Neill, SPY and Ferragamo give wearers a filtered view of the world. Similarly, Carerra, Maui Jim, and Lanvin offer products with gold-tinted lenses, which make for a sepia-like effect.

In both optical and sunwear, materials and silhouettes are reminiscent of yesteryear too. O’Neill offers shades with understated wooden frames, while tortoise print makes a comeback with designs from Original Pengui, Robert Graham, Max Studio and Karl Lagerfeld. Soft, bubbly shapes from Judith Leiber and Icon Eyewear round out these throwback designs.

So tortoise print eh? That's different and I definitely spotted people wearing tortoise print frames now. I'll go for that, it's so yesteryears

my fave actor Johnny Depp wearing tortoise shell frames

I thought I pay Vision Space a visit since they opened a new store in SS2. The last time I visited them was back in 2010 at their store in Uptown, PJ. They provide comprehensive eye check service which I reviewed click here to read. They're doing well obviously with the launch of their second store in SS2 which is bigger, better and just wow. My first impression was am I in space? lol. Everything seems so white and futuristic. It is just so atas including the brands they carry which I don't see elsewhere.
Brands Vision Space SS2 carry: Chrome Hearts, Frency and Mercury, Gold & Wood, Mimpi, Mykita, Prodesign Denmark, Rudy Project, Starck Eyes, TD Tom Davies and Theo Eyewear.
BTW their services are not limited to only adults but for children as well. I spotted a playroom and a shelves displaying cute tiny children eyewear. Anyway if you're looking for a reputable Optometrist place, try Vision Space out. They offer eye care services such as vision test, eye health screening and eye muscle test. 

Vision Space SS2, PJ

welcome to the future of optical shops

have a seat & someone will be right with you

atas brands can be found here, especially for men

I wonder how much their cleaning bills come up to

this dedicated area is to make your own bespoke eyewear
(make your own eyewear according to material, size, color, etc)

oversized 1970s tortoise eyeframe anyone?
(model name Genic Style 6)

EOTD - eye of the day boleh tak?
(this pretty selfie is taken using a beauty app "Meitu")

I felt so out of place in this amazing shop. Kinda like the feeling where only the rich and famous comes here to shop but surprisingly they do carry brands which are affordable and quirky ones that you don't see at normal optical shops. I found my oversized 1970s tortoise print eye frame here it was about less than RM600 only (retail price). I am sure there's cheaper alternatives out there but I wouldn't want those plasticky cheap feel (sorry I'm a eyewear bimbo). The one I picked here is from Genic Eyewear. It's a brand from Hong Kong which produce fashionable eyewear with high quality manufacturing process that's unconventional. They're very hipster-fied. 

I seriously love this frame, so much so that I don't want to wear my old frames anymore

Remember I talked about Crizal Forte UV lenses by Essilor lenses last year?. I have been wearing them since then because of the 5 benefits :) and like they say, once you're on this you'll never go back again. Here's why I choose this lenses over Hoya (the previous brand I use). Refer to my previous review on Crizal Forte UV lenses here.

repels water oh yeah baby

dust-buster!!! no lah just dust won't stick so easily

minimizes glare at night so you dun pening

scratch resistant, so let the cats out please

finger-print free, so sorry you won't get any evidence to CSI

and lastly, it's sunblock for your eyes!

Vision Space, SS2 Map

For a 360ยบ Virtual Tour of Vision Space Optometrist Centre SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor click hereBusiness Hours: Monday – Saturday. 11am-9pm. Closed on Sunday and selected Public Holidays. 

Vision Space Optometrist @SS2
10, Jalan SS2/75,
47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Vision Space Optometrist @Uptown
114G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama,
47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
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  1. ruby pun cari spek ni. tq tammy for sharing!


    1. you're welcome Ruby! I think you would look good in it too :)

  2. This was my first experience of buying online and the designer made it so easy. They kept me informed on every step of the way, and promptly responded to all my queries too.

  3. So cool ! hahaha.. it looks chio on you ! :D

  4. the shop so futuristic and cool one! i love the one that you picked! nice! and the selfies are super cute too. =D


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