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Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep Contest


Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep 1 May - 9 July

I swear with the amount of people winning prizes on Facebook these days makes me want to just join in the pack and start winning some good stuffs. That being said I saw a lot of friends sharing this particular contest online and I think this is worth the mention on my blog. To summarize, Nestle Bliss is organizing this Supermarket Sweep Contest from 1st May - 9th July, 2014 nationwide. There's 100 grand winners all together (holy cow so many?) and they're picked every week (10 winners per week) until the dateline. What the 100 grand winners will get is 8mins in heaven a supermarket sweeping whatever they want into their cart and bring it home! (did I get this correct? just tell me if I am wrong).

If only I could win and be happy for 8mins shopping like mad. I wonder what would I buy?.

100 winners, 10 will be picked each week

buy Nestle Chilled Dairy products to enter

so let me tell you what I will grab first

I'm going to enter this contest and at the same time start eating to improve my constipation (don't get disgusted please). I also will brainwash myself into thinking I am will lose weight :D haha. Anyway if in any way I miraculously be one of the 100 grand winners, I guess I'll start practicing to shop in 8mins in the supermarket first to see what I can grab. Maybe I should just aim for baby milk powder and sell it to parents who need babies (if I'm such a desperado for money). Ideally I would love to grab toothpaste, tooth brushes, sanitary napkins, mouth wash, can food, biscuits gosh this is sounding like a panic room stash no thanks to my fiance who believes in groceries that can be kept for a long time is gold. To shop efficiently, maybe I should stay in one section only and grab everything. I wonder if I can pile up cartloads of frozen lamb, chicken wings, beef and seafood? They probably cost a lot and great for a celebration party after my sweepstakes haha!.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss This Contest!
  1. It's so dam easy to join. Fill up form & answer 3 relatively easy questions.
  2. Yogurt is healthy stuff so there's no losing out on stocking your fridge with it.
  3. Imagine what you can dump into your cart in 8mins! EVERYTHING.
  4. Your family is going to be so proud of you that you're cutting costs in grocery shopping.
  5. 8mins of fame running around the supermarket with camera crew following behind you.


if I win, I'll host a BBQ party with whatever I buy!

get super white teeth for stocking up 10 years of toothpaste

or get ready for zombie apocalypse, you may never know

more information here www.facebook.com/NestleBliss

How To Enter?

To enter, you need to buy Nestle Bliss products and each one will give you a entry point. Buy the packs and you get more points. They're not expensive lah anyway, those contest freaks probably invest into buying so many just to win. It's not by chance it's all by "investment" into winning. The more you buy the higher your chances are. Buy one just don't make the count unless you're born with a lucky star above you.

Products to buy & get entry points:
Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drink
Nestle Fat Free Yogurt
Nestle Natural Set Yogurt
Nestle Greek Yogurt
Nestle Smooth & Fruity Yogurt

Submission can be done online digitally or offline via the old school stamp and post. I prefer online because then I save on stamps. I just need to keep a lock on my receipt as proof of purchase for the contest.

Submit through post by sending your entries to:
Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep
Peti Surat 8812, Pejabat POS Kelana Jaya,
46798 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Submit through Facebook http://bit.ly/BlissSweepForm.


  1. This contest is so damn easy kan? You just need some luck to be one of the winner. What will I put in my trolley? Something that can be keep for a long time. I'm thinking of cooking oil, toothpaste, liquid detergent, pasta sauce... 8 minutes, try to grab anything on my way! hehehe

    1. Woah but Liz, 8mins only, cooking oil very heavy tu can grab n go? I wonder what kinda conditions they're going to set for us if we win. Like only one section ke or whole supermarket.

  2. Replies
    1. thank you CP :) hope to get in... as one of the 100. R u joining as well?

  3. aren't they going to give us trolley? no lar.. cooking oil is not heavy. just take and dump it in the trolley. heheh


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