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Free Movies at TGV Open House Strand Mall / Cheras Sentral



Received e-mail from TGV Cinemas this morning about free movies! *heart pounding* I'm a movie buff and have been frequenting TGV Cinemas 1Utama a lot and following their progress. They started revamping their cinemas and sprouting new ones here and there. Their cinemas are beginning to look like some karaoke joint as well (particularly 1Utama). It's all dark and gloomy there with neon red lights. Not that it's a turn off, it's actually a very cool karaoke joint version with plushy chairs, F&B outlets and whatever they can think off because it seems there's no stopping them from evolving. GSC can eat dust now.

Anyway back to the email, it's about TGV giving free movies tomorrow 14th May, 2014 at Encorp Strand Mall (level 2) and Cheras Sentral (level 9). Redemption starts at 6pm, free admission (I have no idea what's the limit) and free popcorn and drinks for the 1st 1000 patrons. You don't see GSC doing this right? 

Terms & Conditions:
  • This promotion is only valid for TGV Cinemas at Cheras Sentral Mall and Encorp Strand Mall on the 14 May 2014.
  • Free tickets are allocated on a first-come first-served basis, while stocks last.
  • Each customer is entitled to collect 1 movie ticket and 1 popcorn set only.
  • Movie passes are not exchangeable for cash, tickets for other movie, other session, or other location.
  • TGV Cinemas reserves the right to cancel and change this promotion without prior notice to any party.

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  1. wahhhh thanks for the info tammy...definitly going..near my house onlyyy♡♡

    1. aiks! ingatkan takde orang will find this info useful... until today! :D fuhhh

    2. any info is useful info...even the littlest..u taught me that^-^

  2. Got that same email. Can't be arsed to go so far since like you, the 1U TGV is closest to me also, haha..

    1. won't go there but TGV 1U has some pretty neat free movie tickets giveaway on weekends sometimes, i stalk their facebook to see updates when :O but so far all wrong timing =_=

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