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NEW Laneige Sleeping Mask Range


Water Sleeping Mask Lavender RM120/70ml

(Limited Edition)

When I found out the news of my favourite sleeping mask having more babies I was so dam happy I couldn't wait to share this news on my blog! It's only available in May to June 2017 at Laneige counters near you. One of the reasons the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask made it to my must-buy beauty list is because it works so well on me, I'm a believer already! Before I go to sleep, I'll put on the watery gel like mask and wake up in the morning all fresh, moisturised, brighten and dewy. Now that they're coming out with a limited edition sleeping mask in LAVENDER it just makes sense? Lavender is widely used for aromatherapy to relax and calm down your spirit. I can't wait to get a whiff of how this smells like. May please come quick!

Lip Sleeping Mask in 4 new flavours

Since I was already a big fan of their sleeping mask, I didn't hesitate to try their lip sleeping mask when it came out. I'll call this the "original" lip sleeping mask because the other 4 flavours, particularly the new berry flavour might confuse you between the old and new. The old one has 8 mixed berries used while the 4 new flavours are by it's own - the berry, grapefruit, vanilla and apple lime. They'll be available at Laneige this May at RM75 @ 25g each.

The original has strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, goji berry, raspberry, coffee berry, soap berry and cloudberry extracts packed with rich antioxidants and Vitamin C to make chapped, dry lips soft and supple again.

Eye Sleeping Mask RM145/25ml

Oh my gawd... they have EYE SLEEPING MASK NOW. This is something that I'll buy right away because the Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask is in my good books, I'm eagerly waiting how the Eye Sleeping Mask would fare! I'm not a big believer on eye creams.. but eye masks? This I gotta try. Here's information about this product if you want to know more about it :)


The technology that contains caffeine, Vitamin Pandenzyme extracts work to delicately combat the puffiness that forms around the eyes in the morning by promoting and increasing blood circulation underneath the eye zone during sleep. This helps the eye zone regain its outline without appearing swollen or puffy. The Sleep CircularTM Technology aids in strengthening the skin barrier and revitalises the skin around the eyes. With regular use, the skin around the eyes can be seen to brighten as well. The ceramic ball applicator that comes with the latest LANEIGE Eye Sleeping mask acts as a massager that is to be used before and after sleep. The mask, ceramic ball applicator and massage technique work hand-in-hand to create perfect synergy, resulting in enhanced eye zone area.

Formulated with the latest Sleep-CircularTM, MoistureWrapTM and Sleep-ToxTM technology, the Eye Sleeping Mask improves circulation, hydrates, and purifies the delicate skin around the eyes to promote improved eye zone complexion. The Sleep-ScentTM technology exudes soothing and aromatic lavender scent that exude through the bolsters sleep quality.

The new LANEIGE Eye Sleeping Mask is packed with the latest skin care technologies and contains vitamin P (hesperidin) that acts to promote clean, flawless, and healthy looking skin around the eyes.

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