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  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort Review


    The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Redang Island, Malaysia

    A few weeks ago I was invited by the Berjaya group to attend a Media FAM trip to their 5-star luxury Taaras Spa & Beach Resort. After doing some research online, I immediately accepted the invite when I saw the breathtaking photos, glowing reviews and top of the range facilities on offer on their website. Needless to say, I became very excited when I read the following introduction -
    "Tucked away and hidden from the outside world on a small island found just off the unspoilt East Coast of tropical Malaysia. Considered to be one of the most beautiful island locations in the South China Sea, the isle of Redang is home to our natural, yet stylish resort found on of the most spectacular bays surrounded by one of the bluest oceans on the earth."
    So inviting and grabs your attention you can't wait just wanna go already! Right? Well, I got even more excited when I read the itinerary for the trip. 4D3N in a 5* luxury resort, all meals provided for including barbecue dinner by the beach and a few fun packed activities to enjoy such as diving and snorkelling. Sounds like the perfect vacation with a combination of relaxation and adventure, don't you think?

    me hopping onto the bus to discover Redang

    Everyone was to be @Starbucks Berjaya Times Square @11.30pm for a meet and greet with the PR's Sophia, Aishah & Shyan, where we were given our own social media passes and a couple of complimentary gifts. The coach departed from Berjaya Times Square Hotel @ 1.30AM for an overnight journey to Merang Waterfront Jetty, Kuala Terengganu. We stopped for a few toilet breaks during the night and got off @ Chinatown in Kuala Terengganu for breakfast before embarking on the rest of the 8 hr journey to the Jetty, where we all packed onto 4 speedboats to take us on, let's say an adventurous and a very bumpy 1 hr ride to the Taaras Beach & Spa Resort on the rough chopping waters, due to us arriving at the tail end of the monsoon season!

    arriving at Merang Waterfront Jetty after 8-hour bus ride
    this speedboat takes you to Redang Island

    the beautiful beachside scene

    water so clear you can see yourself in it

    the swimming pool

    When we finally reached the marina on Redang Island, we were all picked up by shuttle bus and given a towel to help dry us off from getting wet on the speedboat journey (looking back now i feel that this was in some way a pre-planned baptism and welcome to the Taaras family haha) As we arrived at the resort, we were given a complimentary cocktail and from that moment on we would all be extremely well looked after and made to feel very welcome by the hospitable, attentive and helpful staff & also the star of the show, George - the affable resort manager.

    Bayview Cliff Suite RM 1,350 per night - living room

    bedroom with bathtub whirlpool

    I was very happy to learn that I would have not just a room but a whole 92sqm suite to myself, with a Cliff Bay View! The resort operates a complimentary buggy service, so for guests who are maybe elderly, disabled or have difficulty walking far or uphill to your room, there's no need to worry. As I opened the door my jaw literally dropped to the floor in amazement I fell immediately in love with the huge living area, private balcony with comfy cushioned seats and a breathtaking view overlooking the cliffs and bay, the spacious walk in closet, the large luxurious bathroom, monsoon shower and freestanding bidet!

    when you're not on the beach, this is the next best thing

    But the crown in the jewel would definitely have to be the big Bay View bathtub with whirlpool overlooking the tree line and mountain beyond in the distance! Omg how much I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing and soaking in the bubble bath at night before bed with the whirlpool turned on - so soothing! How much I miss this right now wish I could've stayed longer like forever! or taken it with me haha. It even has an LCD flatscreen TV with satellite channels and in-house movies facing you on the wall! Actually there are 3 of them all over the suite, in the living area and also in the bedroom.

    the couple bathroom with two sinks

    In the bathroom there are 2 sinks and 2 mirrors so you and your partner have your own space to enjoy the range of VOYA branded toiletries available. In the walk in closet there are 2 comfy bathrobes hanging up, 2 pairs of in room white slippers and also 2 pairs of cream coloured Taaras branded flip flops for wearing around the resort, hairdryer, Electronic safety deposit box & an anti mosquito device in the drawers.

    A mini bar together with coffee & tea making facilities are situated in the living area near the front door to the room. Internet access is available in all the rooms and throughout the resort. You will receive a username and password to log onto the Wi-Fi after checking in @ reception and it works pretty smoothly and fast most of the time.

    Air conditioning and a ceiling fan are both available in the living room as well as in the bedroom. I took one look at the massive inviting King Size bed and dived onto it omg so soft and comfy. Every night I slept like a baby and the hardest thing I had to do during my whole stay was trying to get out of bed in the morning to meet the itinerary schedule!

    I thought to myself life can't get much better than this! Their website couldn't have put it any better "Contemporary resort living at its best, bespoke furniture and artwork complimented by luxurious fabrics and amenities."

    The Taaras Spa & Beach Resort has 183 rooms of various sizes, designs and different locations throughout the resort ranging from RM 750 - RM 17,000 for the luxurious private villa.

    After checking into my suite and freshening up, I joined the rest of the media fam for buffet lunch @ The Asean All Day Dining Restaurant, where I ate buffet lunch every day and breakfast also. On first impression, the interior design looked modern and stylish with ample seating and a relaxing ambience, especially the outside deck overlooking the swimming pool and bay in the distance, which is a perfect setting for a romantic dinner for 2 at night.

    The menu serves up a variety of delicious Malaysian & International options, catering to all guests tastes, with the chefs available to happily accommodate any special meal requests subject to the availability of ingredients. I actually had the pleasure to experience this service when I requested Nasi Lemak to the chef for breakfast as I didn't see it available. Sure enough. a short time later the chef came to my table and served it to me personally. I requested it every morning for the 1st 2 breakfast sittings and to my surprise the chef had put Nasi Lemak on the buffet menu for me to help myself on the morning I was checking out! (How bout that? Now that's what i call service!)

    A selection of cereals and fresh breads, sausages & bacon, fresh tropical fruits & juices, as well as, egg & noodle stations are available options for breakfast. Indeed, the quality of the food generally, I felt, was of a pretty high standard, very well cooked by the chefs very tasty and full of flavour.  The staff are very pleasant, friendly, polite and helpful and they always serve you efficiently with a big smile on their faces.

    the next day a visit to Redang Island

    Redang Island - chalets

    sneak peek at the rooms

    As soon as lunch was over we departed from The Taaras in a shuttle for a quick visit to Redang Island Resort, which is also owned by the Berjaya group. It's a more affordable 3* resort with 98 rooms with a chalet style design about a 10-15 min journey nearby.

    dinner at The Beach Brasserie

    Tuna Carpaccio with Wasabi & Miso Apple Dressing
    Topped with Fresh Garden Salad

    Garlic Roasted Capsicum Herb Soup
    with Parmesan Toast

    Berry's Sorbet - palate cleanser

    Surf & Turf - Main Course
    Grilled Chicken Thigh with Sundried Tomatoes
    Grilled Vegetables & Creamy Mushroom

    Warm Lava Chocolate Cake with Mango Compote
    and Vanilla Sauce follow by coffee and tea

    On our 1st night at the resort we were treated to a fine dining 5 course meal at the Beach Brasserie restaurant. Name tags were positioned at our designated seats at the table and we were served with a Mocktail before our meal. The food was superbly cooked by the chefs, packed full of flavour and served with precision timing by the waiters so didn't have to wait too long between each course. Entertainment was provided by an excellent Filipino duo consisting of a guy on a classic guitar and a girl with a beautiful voice singing all genres of songs and taking special requests. I would describe the decor as contemporary and stylish with a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Dining on the deck outside with candlelight and under the stars as you listen to the waves of the ocean crashing against the rocks has a romantic feel about it.  

    Airhop signing ceremony

    now you can fly to Redang from Subang Airport

    We witnessed the signing ceremony after breakfast the next morning between representatives of Berjaya group and Airhop - the travel company who in partnership with Prima Air, (one of the leading charter airlines in Malaysia) will soon be providing private direct charter flights from Subang Airport to Redang Airstrip for guests of Taaras Spa & Beach Resort as part of a package deal.

    Now, it will be much quicker for guests to reach the resort instead of taking the long journey by land and then by boat to reach Rendang Island, as is the only option available at the moment. The flight is estimated to take about 1 hr and guests will be picked up when they land at the Airstrip in the Taaras shuttle bus to ferry them to the resort. 

    A press conference was held shortly after the signing ceremony in the Asean Terrace Lounge where representatives from the Berjaya Group and Airhop took questions from the media and elaborated further on the partnership and in greater detail about the future plans for Taarus resort. 

    Soon it was time for lunch and after we all visited Redang Airstrip to check out the Prima Air private charter jet that will fly 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday from Subang Airport. I was lucky to go into the cockpit and sit in the pilots seat with the controls at my command as you can see from the pics I took below. The private jet 9M-PAR is a 10 seater designed and engineered for challenging, rugged missions with high payloads, and short, rough runways while delivering single engine economy and simplicity. Passengers have their own personal ipad attached to the back of the seat in front of them to keep them entertained on the journey how cool is that? 

    Prima Air Private Charter Jet

    always wanted to see the cockpit!

    this is Captain Gareth speaking, please fasten your seat belts!

    After a short time exploring Redang Airstrip, we travelled back to the resort for a quick meet and greet with chief Prima Air pilot Michael Heng Eng How and his co-pilot Akmal Bin Abdul Kahar, who were more than happy to share their experiences flying and answering any questions from the media. Interesting and fun day, I've always wanted to see the inside of a cockpit and sit on the pilot's seat. Now I can tick that off my bucket list!

    a private cliff 5-bedroom villa

    That evening we were all invited to a special dinner at the exclusive luxurious Taaras Villa. It's a private cliff top, 5 bedroom villa overlooking the island bay and resort below and has sweeping views out to the South China Sea. It has both an interior & exterior lounge and dining area with an infinity swimming pool looking out over the bay. This eye watering RM 17K a night private villa comes with its own personal breakfast chef, butler and security. Guests can get the motivation to work out by looking at the breathtaking views of the bay from the window of the gym. To top it all off, this luxurious villa also has its own elevator - it's like being on the set of the TV programme Cribs! I was just in awe of this place how amazing it would be to live here and own it! Needless to say, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves here with the infinity pool and delicious buffet dinner.

    getting ready to snorkel at the Dive Centre

    do not miss this activity! waters & coral so beautiful

    One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the opportunity to go snorkelling in the richly diverse South China sea, so much fun. I've been snorkelling before in the Great barrier reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia and also in the Phi Phi islands in Thailand, but in my opinion, here in Redang Island had the clearest water, most diverse sea life and most protected and vibrant coral. I was very impressed it's obvious that the reefs around this area are very well protected by the Marine & Fisheries department to ensure the region protects its underwater heritage and ecosystem. There are also more than 30 dive locations filled with both beautiful hard and soft corals, where you can expect to see turtles, reef sharks (harmless to humans btw), various marine species including moral eels, angel fish, barracuda, giant stingray, octopus and more. The resort has a Dive Centre on site, where you can take a course to learn how to dive and obtain a PADI license, try various dive excursions and activities or rent out equipment. 

    the beach BBQ dinner menu

    adult rm130 nett / kids rm65 nett

    Asian & Western styled buffet style

    cold selection! I ate so much salmon from here

    the seating area, outdoors under the stars with the beach view

    Charcoal Grill Selection - there's STEAK!

    I became their bff that night.... (the bbq pit)

    Our final night was made to feel special by having a BBQ buffet dinner by the beach beside Bayu bar. The area was nicely decorated, the food was tasty and the setting couldn't be more perfect with the pool area lit up at night on one side and the moon shining down on the sea on the other side. Once again service was 1st class as it always was throughout the whole trip. Pretty reasonable price for a 5* luxurious resort @ Rm130 for adults & RM65 for kids. 

    enjoying sunset beach view

    As I awoke the following morning and had breakfast one last time at The Taaras Spa & Beach Resort, unfortunately it was time to say goodbye and checkout from the place I had called home for the past 3 nights - my own little slice of paradise. It sure is a magical experience that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to family and friends or anyone that feels like treating themselves and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life for a weekend. It's a perfect location for a romantic honeymoon vacation or a fairytale "dream come true" beach wedding set against a breathtaking and spectacular tropical location. Clear turquoise water and white sandy beach what more can you ask for in a perfect relaxing holiday?

    I will miss George, the resort manager

    I would like to say a big Terima Kasih to Berjaya group for inviting me, all it's PR's for making me feel welcome and accommodating me and also to all the hardworking and helpful Taaras staff whose service was impeccable and second to none. A special mention to George, the resort manager who goes out of his way to make sure all his guests are properly looked after and genuinely shows an interest by striking up friendly conversations and being sociable. I got to know him quite well over the course of my stay and I'm sure the resort is in safe hands in the future. I envy all the guests who will discover the beauty of this unforgettable and truly memorable slice of paradise.

    P.S: The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort also has the full board (all-inclusive) hotel stay packages complete with private chartered flight where you can enjoy your holiday at ease.

    The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
    PO Box 126, Main Post Office
    20928 Kuala Terengganu,
    Terengganu, Malaysia.
    Tel : + 60 (9) 630 8888, 09 221 3997 /8 / 9
    Fax : +60 (9) 630 8880

    This review is written by Baby G who went to discover Redang thanks to Berjaya Group & The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort. It was his first time to Redang. He took all the pictures here using his handphone.


    1. This is well-written, Gareth! Super comprehensive and has a lot of info :D The place looks amazing too, looks like you had the time of your life

    2. Wahhh so detailed! Looks like so much fun. That bathtub looks very inviting!


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