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After shopping on for a few times and facing issues after issues with their super sucks safety of fragile items in which their cs is (*&^* doesn't use their brains to think at all. I mean hello? Why are  some cs so brainless? Don't tell me you're paid low so your brain also functions on low capacity? or you only relying on templates to work? My years of dealing with shitty Malaysian customer service just makes me expect the same kinda bullshit that would happen.

E.g: I bought a bunch of glass candles and they broke. Their cs offer me 20% refund. WTF? My goods are not usable anymore and in fact it's now dangerous to use it! 20%? YOU KIDDING ME? USE YOUR BRAINS. I EVEN EMAILED IN THE PICTURES TO SHOW STILL CAN'T DO BROKEN GLASS MATHS?

Sorry for the outrage, I can't take no more shit service atm. Especially with the shitty YTL Hotels Membership saga which has now turned into comedic levels. It's like watching a never ending black and white old movie on rerun with no happy ending.

Going back to, I did some googling and reading and they fall under ozsale. So it sees they're an Australian company who's been ripping people off with "inaccurate" descriptions of sale and abusing consumer rights. At least in Australia, the consumer rights and watchdogs are powerful because last year ozsale was fined over AUD$10,000 for misleading customers. Read all about it here. They've also been fine over AUD$500,000 for selling flammable children's clothingunsafe children's clothing. Click here to read the drama.

There's also tons of negative reviews from Australian consumers complaining about buying things that's "not as it seems" from ozsale which is also mysale. A large number of complaints on they selling fake goods, goods not sold as advertised, misleading goods and so on. Particularly on bedsheets and pillows, as ozsale/mysale would pretty up the description and title, vomiting words such as hotel-luxury, soft comfort, downlike, bla bla... but when your goods arrive it's made in China and 100% polyester.

I didn't believe it until I paid RM500 for 4 "hotel luxury soft" pillows and a duvet (blanket). The packaging was like.... uh..... just a plastic wrap over the goods. I could see the tag sticking out on the pillows and duvet (apparently it's a law not to remove these tags, only customers can remove) that says 100% polyester and made in China.

I rest my case.
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  1. have worked there briefly few years back...i as their own employee too received a fake branded gucci bag..can u imagine we were given free delivery for any purchase, but that free delivery takes 3months -1 year to reach the office...and they did not inform us all orders of employees will be consolidated [god knows how many orders they are stacking up] for a certain period and once complete, it would only be delivered to us.Their turnover rates are really fast, some CS doesnt even use their brains as you stated, saw many times that the reply to customer for broken items was to refund a certain percentage [rolled eyes].. supposed to be refunded in FULL if an item is broken or damaged. Just cant tolerate the working environment over there.. super slow and items advertised are indeed always different with the one displayed, the person incharged of the postings did not check/confirm on the items posted..Cant believe they still exist..selling counterfeit item/overpriced clothings from China. used items or dirty item are also sold..goodness...most common issue for the australia site [ozsale] was broken items and different sizes of shoes delivered..and many more


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