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Veet Launches Veet Sensitive Touch (Electric Trimmer)


I need this!!! #nomorerazors

Last month, Baby G went to an event for me, a girly event *lol*. He had no qualms about that. In fact any event with good food, he wouldn't mind sacrificing his manhood for it (oops). Since I'm working, I couldn't take time off to attend events so Baby G has been so supportive to go for me. I love him to bits because of this. When I asked if he could attend Veet's latest event, he asked if this was the hair removal brand? (he knows his thing haha). I said they're launching a hair removal gadget called the Veet Sensitive Touch.

Amber Chia, Tiffany Tang (marketing Director) & Steven Sunny
poses for a photo moment with models

What it does is it can trim hair at the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body - the eyebrows, the bikini lines and underarms. You can't use normal shavers for that, well you can with experience. At times when I'm lazy and broke, I'll use shavers to do it. I have scars to prove that. When I was freelancing, I had the time to go salons for waxing which makes me feel like a tai-tai.

But hair grows so fast on the eyebrow area that maintaining it could really be inconvenient. Since I work full time now, I prefer something fast and easy like my disposable eyebrow razors. Going to the salon to wax my eyebrow is costing too much, especially when GST is implemented now. Travel + paying for the service, I rather save and do it at home. I can still do it, maybe once a while, when I feel like giving myself an overhaul.

So what's next? An electric trimmer... would be so awesome so off Baby G to the event to find out and bring it back to me. I can stop buying disposable eyebrow razors now if I have this. The trimmer thingy runs on AA battery, which comes with the purchase. It's only RM119.00 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.

Veet Sensitive Touch Introduction

Amber Chia, Malaysia Supermodel & Actress
Steven Sunny, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Steven Sunny giving a demonstration on how to use the
Veet Sensitive Touch to trim your eyebrows
(there's 3 looks that can be achieved with it)

The Three EyeBrow Looks by Steven Sunny
The Rock, Korean & Bohemian brows

How To Trim Bikini Video

How To Trim Eyebrow Video

 Bohemian Look

Rock Look

Korean Look

Seems promising especially when you can create looks to suit your makeup style. The Korean one would be nice since everything is about K-Beauty now haha.  I'm going to stand back and see my hair grow so I can try it out and see how it fares compare to using my disposable razors powered my human technology. If you need more information about Veet Sensitive Touch check it out here.


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