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Happy Birthday Butterfly Project


Happy Birthday Butterfly Project

Typing out my thoughts as I listen to Coffee Table Jazz on my speakers and the BBW candle in Mahogany Teakwood burning on my table. I am preparing to wrap up the Butterfly Project birthday party this month, and there are tonnes to do with the rebranding of the community. The community is turning four years old this month, and so much has happened since. From bittersweet memories to new beginnings for our community, I do look forward to seeing how we as bloggers can help brands out there.

Call me old fashion, I still believe blogging is a way to help people, especially for our local mermaids out there starting their own brand and company. As usual, I don't share much of how the community started, and people often think it was a piece of cake. It is not.

Sweat, blood and tears go into managing a community without resources or funding. It's a club essentially for like minded people to socialised, network and participates in activities that would benefit them in terms of growth, credibility, content and knowledge gained from learning.

And yes, the big guy up there. Thank you for looking after this community and for making it was it is today. We wouldn't have survived 4 years just breathing the air. I have in mind to start writing a book on how The Butterfly Project came about. Would anyone be interested to read? hmm.

My final thoughts are, I hope we see new faces this year. Faces who would change the future of the next blogosphere.

P.S: We have not one but two birthday parties this April/May. The first with Jerlynn'L on 29th April, 2017. I'll be announcing the details soon on our Butterfly Project FB Fan page for sign ups.

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  1. I am glad to find my way to butterfly project community. I found it by co incident. My first event ever as blogger is Himalaya fr butterfly. When I started my blog it just a rant space.I don't like being in crowd and totally bad in making friends with others. Now blogging is my hobbies and share my travel experience with others. Tammy! You are awesome to create such a great community and bring colors to my life.

  2. The book is a great idea! How the community started, what struggles it had and now it's a community loved by bloggers and acknowledged by brands. Love how it gives me the will to go on blogging. Times when it felt so hard to sit down and type, I read other blogs. Or by following other bloggers, it's comforting to know there are alike minds. Sometimes only bloggers know that blogging isn't a 2 hour job of writing.

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  4. I will be more than happy to read that book...because I bet that whatever is in it, will be able to keep me motivated to realising my dreams..

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