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  • A Cut Above's Brazilian Keratin Treatment Review


    caught by the bad hair police *cries*
    (I've neglected my hair for far too long)

    Many years ago, I fell in love with one hair treatment that changed my mindset about paying for hair treatments in salons. No longer do I pay a one-time hair treatment that costs RM100 more or less when I'm reminded how dry or badly damaged my hair is during shampoo visits. It's all thanks to A Cut Above's Brazillian Keratin Treatment. That one time left me with a good impression for many years to come. Even up till now, whenever I think of hair treatment, I think BKT (short for Brazillian Keratin Treatment). I've tried many types of hair treatment since hitting puberty. My hair just wouldn't be tamed. I wished many times I was born with silky, straight hair instead of coarse, frizzy, dry hair which of course didn't go well with keeping up with the trends.

    the VIP area, A Cut Above, Bangsar Village II

    Ahem... I'm no longer the fresh meat I used to be. Trying many ways to "tone down" my age is a gift. Colouring your hair lighter a shade or two is one form of illusion you can master. The downside is that with bleaching and colouring, as well as perming your hair... your locks are going to suffer. It's no longer healthy, no longer strong, no longer "youthful". So what are you going to do?

    Like skincare, there are various ways to feed your skin some good stuff - SKII, Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, Lancome Genifique you get the idea. You go get a facial regularly too under the hands of the professionals. Now, what about hair? There's also various types of salon and home care treatments you can do right? Yes! and there is one that would leave you thinking, hell this is the one and only one I need.

    That's how I think about BKT and no, it does not stand for "Bakuteh".

    Click here to read my 1st BKT encounter.

    glossy smooth hair here I come

    Now under the service menu at A Cut Above, BKT seems to fall under perming/rebonding and not hair treatment (why?) Essentially, BKT is a hair smoothing treatment that helps to strengthen and repair your damaged hair. Keratin is found in our hair but through time and regular hair colouring or chemical treatment would cost our hair to lose Keratin. The BKT puts the Keratin back into your hair. Initially, BKT were made with formaldehyde which smells strong and (awful) but through technology and research, BKT now does not contain that F.

    So it kinda straightens your hair like what rebonding or straightening does but without further damaging your hair. In fact, it gives it the shine, lustre and health back.

    I do notice that A Cut Above does not use KeraStraight anymore? In the menu, it says Brazillian Keratin Treatment which may just be generalising it. It is infact called the K-Gloss Keratin Treatment now. A BKT that gives you glossy hair *woohooo*. Let's just see this before and after picture shall we? There's nothing like a bad hair makeover to make anyone smile.

    yeah definitely... I can see some changes, can you?

    so this is my hair before BKT

    my hair after BKT (note the smile)

    this is mine hair before & after BKT

    Yeap even while I'm doing these pictures I go... is that me? *sad* and I do love the effects after it! This can last 2 - 3 months or more depending on how well you maintain your hair post-BKT. To maintain your newly transformed hair you would need to use hair care products free from SLS a.k.a sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (which will strip the Keratin away). I would recommend going for Purelogy brand! It contains essential oils and is safe for sensitive scalps to use.

    P.S: No swimming in chlorine pools or go to the beach waters! Your hair will be stripped of the magic.

    A Cut Above, Bangsar Village II
    (image source Beauty Guide)

    here's how BKT is done :)

    Now, this is probably my 3rd time doing BKT at A Cut Above and I do notice the differences in the service from a few years ago to today. The BKT now is done faster than before, skipping a few steps and the downtime, there's no downtime! Cinddy Chan a senior stylist at A Cut Above, Bangsa Village II says it's all done in a couple of hours. You don't have to "marinate" your hair for 2-3 days anymore after the treatment is done at the salon like how it used to be. Of course, leaving it overnight would be good but there's no reason to anymore.

    I just couldn't believe my ears. I was assuming I would need to go through a lengthy process of 3 - 5 hours for this but now I'm going back earlier than expected! She told me this could be done in 5 easy steps.

    1. Shampoo
    2. Blow-Dry
    3. Apply Product
    4. Blow-Dry
    5. Iron

    One of the major difference is the waiting time after product application is now gone. The first step is to get your hair shampoo, then finger blow-dry. Then Cinddy and her assistant apply the magic product on my hair in thin layers, brushing and layering it. It took more than 1/2 to get all my hair done.

    After that, they started blow-drying my hair with a brush. No rinsing is required at this stage. The final step was to separate my hair into large sections and using an iron straightener, seal and lock the product into my hair. I do not have to rinse it off and I can even shampoo on the same day.

    That's all and it's been over a month now, my hair has been great but I've stopped using the SLS free shampoo I bought from A Cut Above because it makes my scalp crazy. I'm using a clear normal scalp soothing shampoo now and that may not be so good for my BKT hair *sob sob*.

    If you're interested to find out more about BKT and other hair treatment services from A Cut Above you can click here, make an appointment or call them up to inquire about the service. Alternatively, you can follow them on Facebook to stalk their latest updates/pm for inquiries. Brazilian Keratin Treatment ranges from RM630 - 980 depending on your hair type and length.

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    1. After reading, I also wanna try! Lol!

    2. u make me wanna try too because i used to do rebonding and i have dry frizzy hair


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