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  • Marco Creative Cuisine 1Utama Review


    everyone should start their day with a Matcha-Lime Shooter

    The newly opened restaurant Marco Creative Cuisine at 1Utama is on everyone's mindplate these days! Who can blame them? They serve beautifully decorated dishes, equally delicious all created by the up-and-coming chef-owner Daren Leong. And behind every successful man is a successful woman (yes!) and her name is Alice. She was full of smiles and warmth welcoming the customers into the restaurant. I was quite impressed with the bond they have, a dream team.

    I would say, the one thing that stands out from this restaurant is the unique 7-course meal priced at RM78, called the Journey of Flavours. The affordable 7-course meal is filled with teaser after teasers of taste tantalizing flavors, textures and myriad of colors to not only excite but also nourish the soul. Each dish made with the freshest produce as you can see with their salad platter, and of the freshest ideas.

    The whole journey would take roughly an hour or so, depending on how far you would get. The team at Marco Creative Cuisine is probably stalking everyone and waiting for the right moment to serve you your next dishes. You'll need to make a selection before your journey starts SO I hope I'll be able to give you some insights on what dishes you can select for your journey :)

    Chef Daren Leong the creator
    (image source: Marco Creative Cuisine)

    the Marco Creative Cuisine Team
    Alice & Chef Daren (middle)
    (image source: Marco Creative Cuisine)

    The 7-course meal starts with a palate cleanser, a Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter to get you ready for your journey. The matcha-lime foam uncovers a chilled Lime Snow that refreshes the tongue. The appetizer, Savoury Eclair is a Gruyere flavored Pate a Choux decorated with Aubergine caviar, green chile pesto and tomato confit.

    The 3rd (Soup) and 4th (Entree) comes in a choice of 3 to choose from.

    For the soup, there is the Strawberry Gazpacho, French Onion Soup, and Truffled Mushroom Soup. I personally tried the Strawberry Gazpacho and Truffled Mushroom soup on my visits. The Strawberry Gazpacho is a chilled cold soup of strawberries, garnished with dehydrated strawberries capsicum and micro greens. I was pleasantly surprised and smiling when I first tasted this cold soup. It was sourish and cold but delightfully perky. A taste that I have never tasted before. I think if anyone has a blind date here it would make a good ice-breaker with this soup. You can help but smile when you try this!

    The Truffled Mushroom Soup is a plant-based creamy mushroom soup infused with truffle oil. Very creme de la creme of mushroom soups. Truffles are expensive!

    1st-course, Velvety Lime-Matcha (palate cleanser)

    2nd-course, Savour Eclair (Appetiser)
    3rd-course, Strawberry Gazpacho (Soup)

    French Onion & Truffled Mushroom (Soup)

    4th-course, Savoury Ice-cream (Entree)

    4th-course, Chicken Liver Parfait & Garden Platter (Entree)

    When it comes to the entree, the colors of the salad would make you go "Oh no this is too beautiful to eat". But you know what? You paid good money and you're going to kill the beautiful garden if you need to. Since liver isn't my favorite, I only ordered the Garden Platter (religiously) because it's just so pretty. It's a plate of fresh mixed greens planted on top of Edible Soil and Gribiche Sauce (French Tarter Sauce). The edible soul is not Oreos crumbs, it's made of dehydrated black olives! There's a mixture of fresh greens with a slightly bitter, salty taste from the black olives. It's not bad, it's actually very interesting! The taste creates an explosive oh and ahs from every bite.

    The Chicken Liver Parfait is a creamy chicken liver covered with a brûlée top served with toasted bread and apple chips. Savory Ice Cream Salad is made with assorted Baby Leaves, heirloom Tomato, seasonal Microgreens, and Violet flowers served with savory Ice Cream.

     5th-course, the chef's recommendation
    Duck Breast with Orange Puree & Roasted Beetroot

     5th-course, Salmon with Jet Black Hollandaise
    Duck Breast with Orange Puree & Roasted Beetroot

     5th-course, Chicken Roulade with Brussels Sprouts
    Squid Ink Japonica Rice

    The best part of the journey is reaching to the mains, six choices available for the picking. The chef's recommendation would be the Duck Breast with Orange Purée and Roasted Beetroot. Inspired by Cantonese roast duck, which is usually a dry dish as chef Daren explained. Using the sous vide method to make the meat tender and finishing the dish with Orange Purée, Roasted Beetroot and 66% Valrhona Dark Chocolate sauce. The result is a burst of sour, bitter and sweet notes for the taste buds to explore. This is my favorite, I would highly recommend you order this at least once to try. I've also tried the Squid Ink Japonica Rice because I'm after all a rice person. Unfortunately, I didn't get a sense of fulfillment as compared to eating the Duck Breast but for a more Asian taste bud, this may be well suited. 

    Here are the other choices that are available for you:

    Chicken Roulade with Brussels Sprouts
    A roulade of juicy chicken thigh with crunchy Brussels Sprouts, and flavourful Chicken Jus.

    Salmon with Jet Black Hollandaise
    Sous vide Atlantic Salmon with Squid Ink Hollandaise, garnished with Pickled Beetroot and Green Chilli Pesto. 

    Squid Ink Japonica Rice 
    Japanese Short Grain Rice cooked with Squid Ink accompanied with Prawn, Baby Squid and Omelette, served with Garlic Mayonnaise. 

    Pomodoro Cream Seafood Pasta 
    Penne in rich Pomodoro Cream Sauce with Baby Squid, Clam, and Mussel. 

    Vegetarian Arrabbiata 
    Penne in Pomodoro Sauce with Aubergine, Zucchini, Shimeji and Hot Sauce, garnished with Parmesan Cheese.

      6th-course, Creme Brulee (Dessert)

    With three choices of dessert to choose from, you'll be thinking twice which to go for. I'd say, go for your favorite! My favorite has always been the Creme Brulee. Marco's Crème Brûlée with White Chocolate SherbetThe crust which breaks into the soft layers of lush egg custard accompanied by white chocolate sherbet (fantastic, although mine melted slightly as I was busy photographing it) and meringue kisses. The Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie technically plated with elements of Lemon Curd, Passion Fruit Gel, Italian Meringue and White Chocolate Sherbet. Raspberry Decadence, luscious Raspberry Cheesecake with Raspberry Gel accompanied by Lemon Meringue Shards and Passion Fruit Gel.

    The final course is a drink for closure. A choice of either the 
    Single Origin, French Press Coffee, Loose Leaves Tea or Sparkling Iced Berry. I always go for the sparkling iced berry!

    I hope you like the photographs I took using my iPhone 6S haha. My camera is in the hospital so I couldn't take awesome photographs of the place but I did my best to show how the journey of the flavors would using Adobe Photoshop haha. I would like to thank the PR and the team at Marco Creative Cuisine for inviting me over to experience my own journey of flavors at their newly opened restaurant. Marco Creative Cuisine was formerly known as Franco which was bought over by another company so that's why the husband-wife duo started Marco.

    The 7-course Journey of Flavours priced at RM78 can also be ordered a la carte if you just want to try certain dishes. Do note that each journey is made for one, and is not suitable for sharing. The restaurant is pork and lard free and they do serve alcohol (wine and such). The menu is not 
    vegan/vegetarian-friendly and they do not cater to a custom-made menu or dietary requirements. Prices include 6% GST but exclude 10% service charge.

    You can make a booking, 3 days notice needed and arrive 5 minutes before your booked session. They will only hold reserved tables for 15mins only. For guests who bring their own wine to be consumed at MARCO Creative Cuisine, a corkage fee of RM 80 per bottle is 

    For À la Carte Order :
    Soup, Entrée : RM18 per serving   Main : RM35 per serving (+RM10 for Duck Breast)   Desserts : RM20 per serving

    Marco Creative Cuisine
    Lot G146, Ground Floor (Old Wing)
    1Utama Shopping Centre
    47800 PJ, Selangor, Malaysia

    Operation Hours
    11:00a.m – 10:30p.m
    11:00a.m – 12:00p.m Coffee & Desserts Only 
    12:00p.m – 03:00p.m Lunch Service 
    03:00p.m – 06:00p.m Coffee & Desserts Only 
    06:00p.m – 10:30p.m Dinner Service
    Last Call 9:30 pm

    +603 7731-8923

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