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My Villa Samadhi Romantic Experience


how I wish I could jump right off here to the pool

You know how I love staycations in wonderful places but when it comes to a stay in the city that's near, easily accessible and still has all that I'm in Bali jazz is probably Villa Samadhi. I have always recommended this place for anyone needing a quick getaway from everything - stress, work, noise. It's also the perfect romantic place for couples to celebrate special moments such as birthdays, anniversaries or honeymoon. To describe how I feel, I would say the moment I stepped into this place, I felt I was transported to a far away resort somewhere in South East Asia. An oasis of tranquility, a place your senses could just reboot. A hidden gem in the city.

Villa Samadhi, a hidden gem in the city

 a beautiful, romantic oasis of tranquility

the lagoon pool with sun beds

the rooms at Villa Samadhi

Inspired by traditional Malay architecture, while preserving the sanctity of its natural surroundings, Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur offers amongst the city's most luxurious spaces, for an exclusive retreat. Situated in an upscale neighbourhood just a 10-minute walk from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Villa Samadhi offers an immediate respite to restore one's soul.

I've talked about Villa Samadhi and longed for it but unfortunately, as beautiful as the place can be, it is also very limited, very private and very expensive. There are only 21 rooms (called villas here) ranging from 600sqft to over 2,000 sqft. 'Rustic-luxe' concept, with elements of raw yet sophisticated Asian dwelling. There are five types of rooms to choose from - the Crib, Luxe Crib, Sarang, Luxe Sarang and The Loft. Each room has it's own charm and design.

Now The Loft, my ultimate dream room, is the one and the only room that's different from the rest. It's named after the pyramid-ceiling bedroom structure. It has a plunge pool with a far-reaching view of the surrounding neighborhood, where you can kinda see KLCC. This is the honeymoon suite in this retreat. The design is a contemporary nest of comfort.

Baby G's Christmas gift to me!

I would recommend the Luxe Crib for first timers because the difference between Crib and Luxe Crib is the jacuzzi (it's called plunge pool for some reason, too small IMHO to be one). Luxe being more luxurious, a step above the room category. My first stay was in a Luxe Crib, the corner of the retreat next to the guardhouse. It has a koi pond beneath the stairs to the door on the first floor. There may be a chance there's no privacy for the bathrooms depending on the designs of these rooms. However, all the Luxe Crib rooms I stayed so far, has its own man and woman washing area, rain showers (could be one or two depending on room design), timber flooring, with high king size bed. I love the timber flooring.

my first stay was here - Luxe Crib

my second stay from Baby G

we stayed on the first floor above the concierge

the double twin shower and wash basins

 the jacuzzi with bath soak readily available

 the jacuzzi has heating times

the Luxe Sarang is connected to the swimming pool

the Dining Room restaurant

surrounding areas - ice calamansi for guests at the pool area
there's big tortoise walking about in the morning

The difference between the Sarang and Luxe Sarang, as I once visited for a couple of hours for Luxola bloggers' event is that Luxe Sarang makes up of only 4 rooms with direct access to the swimming pool via the "balcony". There's also a kitchenette. 

Wood, glass, black cement, stone, and bamboo gives the whole place a simple, minimalist, rustic style and feel to the room and retreat. The use of raw and natural materials compliments its surroundings. Outside, if you're lucky, your room would be just a step away from big lagoon pool, blue like the India oceans. At night, the main entrance to the concierge lighted wth candles flickering romantically at each side.  If it's not raining, there'll be a big fire burning just right outside this area, welcoming guests at night.
Sustainability is at the forefront of the design philosophy of Villa Samadhi, playing a significant role in enhancing the local environment. With the liberal use of bamboo and other local materials sourced from "Orang Asli" (indigenous tribes in Malaysia), to bamboo and wood carpentry handmade by Villa Samadhi's own craftsmen, we integrate conservation and community into our environment.

Last Christmas, the love of my life, Baby G sprang a surprise on me, arranging a conspiracy with my boss to come get me from work on a Friday and bring me to Villa Samadhi. This was a surprise and I only knew after he started asking me weird questions right before I leave for work. Questions leading me to question his motives and ultimately, scolding him for springing it on me because on this day, while his plans are all so romantic and perfect, there is only one flaw to it. You see on this day, I had already told him weeks before that I have to bring my department out for Christmas lunch at Makan Kitchen, Doubletree Hilton (which coincidentally is right where Villa Samadhi is hidden). He has forgotten this, or maybe thought I could abandon my team to go off with him.

I was surprised he asked permission from my boss to get me off work. Even more so when my boss agreed. Men, they can be romantic in ways you don't know!

Poor Baby G had to check-in first and got a mouthful from me about not remembering I have something going on. I would very much love to just leave work and go check-in with him and enjoy Christmas together in the beautiful Villa Samadhiaskid asked why he didn't book on Saturday? The placed was all booked out he says, and he specially made a request to have a lovely room with jacuzzi just for me and this was the one and only last room left. Awww!!! (as I am writing this, I feel so much love for this big grizzly cat).

Baby G surprises me with flower heart!

When I finally checked-in, it was late afternoon. Baby G took me to the room and when I opened the door, I saw flower petals lined in a heart shape on the floor and a piece of cake on the bed. Baby G said he asked for some special arrangement to be made for me (heart melts).

And to think, I was the queen of surprises. Finally, someone has managed to top me over. He probably learned it from the best (me haha) or from what I alway say, his Irish finishing school for all men graduating to be top of the line, Irish dream men. You see, Irish men are not only funny, sweet talkers who know how to make a woman smile. They're also such gentleman who's easy going and witty! Just google. Anyway, whenever he does things right I always quote the Irish finishing school (haha).

the cocktail bar (next to the restaurant)

lounging area

welcome drinks for guests with canapes

romantic pool view at night

When I told Baby G let's go down for the welcome drinks at Bumbung, he looked up with questions. Obviously, he doesn't know there are welcome drinks for check-in guests in the evenings. It used to be at Bumbung but the retreat manager told us now it's next to the restaurant (only 1 simple restaurant here) and that Bumbung is being renovated into a spa (finally). Baby G loves drinking so he excitedly got ready to go down.

Each of us could get 2 drinks from the bar. I don't remember what I ordered but Gin Tonic was one of them. I never liked cocktails or alcohol but this place makes the best cocktails I have ever tasted! Seriously, it was worth staying here for the 4 drinks and canapes we could get on the house. The whole place was slightly dim with lights at the right places. It reminded me of The Banjaran's feel. It was also raining, not heavily so the whole moment was perfect.

We didn't have dinner that night since I had a big lunch buffet with my team earlier. I was also tired, and sleepy after a long day of excitement. Of course, we took advantage of the jacuzzi before hitting the comfortable super king size bed. It was smaller compared to the first Luxe Crib that I stayed but it has two rain shower instead of one this time.

next morning for breakfast 

simple minimalist restaurant

buffet area

toasting my own homemade long bread

Baby G becoming Malaysian haha

  Baby G love the teow chew porridge

ordering our breakfast from the menu

I started with my uummy toast first

homemade pandan kaya yum yum 

Baby G pilling up his food coz we don't have time 

 my nasi lemak wrapped with banana leaf!

 hearty, big breakfast we enjoyed this

Thank you Baby G for making me the happiest girl on Christmas eve

The next morning, I was so hungry. Check-out was in a few hours so Baby G and I rushed town wearing the sarongs in the room. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the Villa Samadhi experience. The hotel manager saw us and he commented about it. Breakfast was a choice of a main from the hot menu and from the buffet line. You can have fresh juices along with charcoal toasts the traditional way at the buffet area. There's porridge, assorted bread, local pastries, cakes, fruits, and coffee. Baby G choose the tuna salad while I took the nasi lemak (which was really spicy!). We only have 30mins to eat so Baby G piled everything he wanted on the table.

Just take a look at our photographs, the morning light was beautiful so it made our table so Instagrammable. Our last few hours here were spent walking around holding hands, swimming in the laguna pool, and just lazying around.

I would love to come back here again, and maybe this time, I'll be the one surprising Baby G. If you like my review, you can check out Villa Samadhi on Travelloka. Check out Villa Samadhi's website if you want more information on rooms and retreat!

P.S: Villa Samadhi is designed especially for couples, and children aged 12 and below are not allowed. However, in one of my photographs here. I notice there were children around so I'm not sure what are the rules now. You can inquire from Villa Samadhi.

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