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Maze Afternoon Hi-Tea Review


Maze Hi-Tea Set RM78++

I enjoy a good hi-tea and one recently popped out of nowhere called Maze at Menara Lien Hoe, (Tropicana). I thought this must be the strangest place to have hi-tea in. To be honest, I have never heard of Maze until last Saturday but granted they just launched a couple of months ago. I am sure the word will get out, especially when you see how pretty their hi-teas are! Make no excuses not to sip tea and chitchat because this is one place you should visit at least once, to get the grand English coffee and tea salon feel and should you love gin, this place turns into a gin parlour at night just like Superman, normal by day, superhero by night.

So what is Maze? They're Malaysia's first Gin Parlour by night and Coffee Saloon by day. Don't play play as the locals would say because, at Maze, there are over 100 Gin labels from all over the world to be discovered. Flip through their Gin menu and you'll be able to order from bespoke cocktails to imported Gins.

what do you think of the setting?

The ambience? An English splendour of mix and match furnishing to make you feel like you have been transported away from Menara Lien Hoe to another world. Quiet, private and cosy elegance, there's something in the air that is indescribable, a kinda je ne sais quoi feel about it. Divided into two sections, velvet and leather, there's a place for His & Hers soiree. You have got to see this for yourself. I knew this place has taste when two of the best premium brands out there are found here as well. An eccentric lamp from Thin & Bold and desserts from La Rose Noire (which supplies to 5-star hotels).

Recipe for a tea party: One cup of love, Two pots of tea,
And a handful of friends. To make the moment sweet!

“A woman is like a teabag. You never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt

Now, I'm not here to talk about Gin. I'm not a fan of it but hi-tea's, yes! I've been to my fair share of luxury hi-teas and I would pay for one that has the best of both worlds - decent afternoon tea & a setting fit for it. Like a fine wine, a high tea is ideally enjoyed slowly at your own leisure savouring every taste, every moment with great company. Why do you think hi-teas last for hours? Well, normally 3pm - 6pm. That must be the hour of chit chat. Don't worry Maze's 12pm  - 6pm daily.

For RM78++ the hi-tea set comes in bite size sweet and savoury delicacies plus two hot beverages. TWG tea of your choice (12 to choose from) or long black/latte. The hi-tea's are presented in either one of the three types available, two of which come with its own fairy lights! (oh so twinkling romantic). I don't know the names so I'm just going to come up with my own - the flower lamp,  the secret garden, and the retro bicycle.

Maze Hi-Tea Set Menu RM78++

Smoke Duck Canape,
Mediterranean Sandwich
Smoke Salmon Sandwich

Butter croissant with Salted Egg Yolk Dip
Peanut Butter Danish
Mixed Fruit Tart
Dark Hazelnut Tart
Passion fruit Meringue Tart
Macaroon (Assorted Flavours)

With 2 cups of:
TWG Tea or Long Black/Latte
(12 types of TWG tea available)

*pork and lard free.

this place is so Instragrammable I kid you not

the flower lamp

the secret garden dome

the retro bicycle

each set comes with sweet & savoury delicacies

smoke duck, smoke salmon & grilled mushroom toast

the tarts & macaroons are hotel grade desserts!

my favourite? The smoke duck canapes!

life is like a cup of tea, to be filled to the brim & enjoyed with friends

So each hi-tea set comes with a choice of two teas or long black/latte. I went for tea of course and was presented with a menu with TWG tea selection (my head went wah). They only have 12 types, so I choose my favourite which is the TWG Grand Wedding Tea. It's a festive TWG tea to celebrate life's momentous occasions (so fitting to the occasion right?). A black tea blended with sunflowers and breath-taking exotic fruits. It's not too fruity, only a hint of it.

P.S: The waiters are so nice, they'll come offer refill of hot water for the tea. I drank like 5 cups and still, they kept coming. I hope they're genuinely attentive and friendly, and not because I super pretty right? (I'm kidding alright, I'm kidding).

spotted the butterfly, this must be fated

A hidden gem I would call this. Who knew you could find good hi-tea in Petaling Jaya? Right at the Tropicana residences with the up and coming Menara Lien Hoe. We got lost trying to find Maze and laughed at ourselves when we finally inquired from Chaze, (the ground floor restaurant) part of the M Group of outlets of which Maze is also under. Maze is inside Chaze on the first floor! So don't get lost. Strategically situated in between known established neighbourhoods, such as Bandar Utama & Aman Suria Damansara, Maze is only a mere 10 minute drive away from popular shopping malls 1 Utama and the Curve.

Coffee Saloon by Day, Gin Haven by Night

add-on Maze Signature Cocktails at RM26

in the order of top left to right
The Reviver, Love Potion, Sangria & Lemon Fizz

The gin is strong in this one (pointing at Maze). As part of the "Gin" side of Maze, you can add-on their signature gin cocktails from the menu at RM26. There are 5 types to choose from which I will list below here. They use Gordon's, which is a London dry gin (standard) for Lemon-Gin Fizz, The Reviver and Sangria. Love Potion uses Fords and Sloe Gin is used in Slow and Steady. I would say my favorite is The Reviver because I love berries.

Lemon-Gin Fizz RM28
Gin, fresh lemon juice, fresh basil, egg white

The Reviver RM35
Gin, fresh lime juice, fresh black berries, elder flower

Love Potion RM30
Gin, homemade honey rose, fresh lemon juice, egg white

Sangria (Red/White) RM30
Gin, wine, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, soda water

Slow and Steady RM28
Sloe Gin, fresh lemon juice, homemade sugar syrup, fresh red grapes

For reservations or more information please call 0103111888 or email enquiry@mgroup.my. Hi-Tea is available Daily from 12pm-6pm. Hi-Tea & Champagne Duet promo runs from 14th July - 27th August 2017.

*Dress code is smart-casual

1st Floor, Menara Lien Hoe,
No 8 Persiaran Tropicana,
47410 Petaling Jaya
Contact: +60103222888
Website: www.mazemy.com


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