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  • Is Gucci Guilty for being Not Guilty?


    the Gucci Guilty couple

    One of my most reviewed fragrance is the Gucci Guilty. I owned both for her and for him perfumes in this line. I also have the diamond limited edition. This is one of the perfumes I wear when I'm feeling dangerously sexy. I'm talking about going to clubbing, letting loose, drinking with the girls or boys. However, a little goes a long way for this gorgeous gold bottled perfume, it's rather strong for me hence, it's not a perfume for office or day time. It's definitely a night time perfume for me. Very luxurious, very sensuous.

    That being said, I love how Gucci Guilty (Her) dies down to a warm huggable warmth of amber musk after half a day. It does smell powdery and warm, after the initial burst of strong spicy floral scent. Kinda like how a party starts and ends. I think this lovely fragrance when you're cold. That being said, please avoid wearing this to non-air conditioned places.

    Gucci Guilty For Her spicy floral

    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme - floral fruity

    I gave Baby G one for Christmas, he wears it to smell fresh on a hot day. You know how Malaysia weather is hot 24/7. If we were to go out shopping or travelling, he'll wear this to smell light and fresh all day long. The sillage is poor for me, I could only smell him when I hug him or get close. Though it does last long for Baby G, the scent died down to a very light faint white floral scent.

    The bottle is masculine and elegant looking. Its body is made of heavy glass with 3/4  wrapped in cold metal just like the cap. Like Gucci Guilty (Her) you can see the embossed, metallic Gucci sign, transparent in the middle. Her's is a square glass bottle with rounded edges, wrapped from the back and front in a gold metallic body while the sides show the glass transparency of gold liquid till the bottom. It's like holding gold. No hiding how luxurious she is.

     The #GuiltyNotGuilty Gucci Guilty 2016 release

    are you ready to watch this #guiltynotguilty commercial? 

    dangerous guilty IMHO! Not for Asians lol

    FYI, Gucci Guilty released a video that's kinda on the taboo edge of Asian boundaries last year.. Alright maybe taboo to me, maybe not to you? It's kinda scandalous, I'm not even sure if I should show it! I guess their branding of Gucci Guilty is showing how not guilty they are. The video opens in the dreamy, mysterious city of Italy, Vernice. with a story of three young people on an obviously not guilty, intimate trip together. Jared Leto as the anarchy male and two almost identical models Julia Hafstrom and Vera Van Erp. They prance around, play, and are comfortable being in each other's arm - girl guy or girl girl (I'm showing my shocked face here).

    You can get this from Gucci's fragrance counter new you. Here's the price list:

    Gucci's Gucci Guilty EDT (Her)
    - Top notes of pink pepper
    - Heart note of lilac
    - Base notes of patchouli and amber
    Gucci Guilty EDT 30ml RM239
    Gucci Guilty EDT 50ml RM301
    Gucci Guilty EDT 75ml RM414

    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT (Him)
    - Top notes of lavender and lemon
    - Heart note of orange flower
    - Base notes of cedar wood and patchouli
    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT 50ml RM236
    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT 90ml RM319

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