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Banjaran Hotsprings Water Villas Review

The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat's Water Villas

If you're looking at Banjaran Hotsprings Ipoh, then you'll probably want to weigh your options against the two types of villas currently available for their guests. There's a third one coming up soon called the Lake Villas which from my last visit to Banjaran, found out that it's going to be ready this September or later, let's see how fast they can complete this new addition to retreat. The Lake Villas is named after a man-made lake that's being constructed as well. I couldn't peek through but I can clearly see the construction is going on at the end of the retreat.

the plunge pool with lounging area 

more compact but still private

the bedroom - soft duck feather pillows king size bed

Anyway, the current two types of accommodations are the Garden Villa 2,808 sq. ft and Water Villa 1,667 sq. ft. Through my stays here, the Garden Villa is the best one so far. It's bigger with its own plunge pool and garden jacuzzi. Even with the garden jacuzzi, there are two types, the Garden Hotsprings type, and the normal standard tile type.

For the Water Villa, it's more compact but still private and beautiful with open air concepts in the villas itself. The jacuzzi is the normal standard type, just alongside the plunge pool which is smaller. You can't actually make a swim in here. With the Garden Villa, you can.

The surroundings or view is different as well for the two villas. Garden Villas are surrounded by lush greenery and the lime cliffs. Possible monkey invasion as well because of the forest. The Water Villa is built on top of a man-made river, so it has a river canal view of the surroundings.

Both unique in its own way, you'll still enjoy quiet and private experience away from the city and people. When Banjaran opened, both villas were priced the same but now the Water Villas are much cheaper to book compared to the Garden Villas. I have no idea about the upcoming Lake Villas though.

For more information check out Banjaran Hotspring's website here on the villa type. Read my review of my stay in the Garden Villa here


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