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  • Star Trek Into The Darkness IMAX 3D TGV 1 Utama Experience


    treated my fiance to his fave movie

    When I heard my fiance and his geek buddies talking about an upcoming movie so excitedly, I knew it has got to be Star Trek. My fiance is a trekkie (Star Trek fan) but he doesn't go all out wearing a Star Trek uniform like all the trekkies. When TGV 1 Utama decided to organized the IMAX 3D Movie Preview for Star Trek Into The Darkness advance ticket sales to watch on May 10th, I grabbed the chance to surprise my fiance!

    our first IMAX 3D experience to watch the Earth burn

    SO you can imagine the look on my fiance's face when I told him I have the tickets (YES! Girl Rocks) he immediately turn down a road trip to Penang just to "accompany" me to watch movie (this is what he told his friends). Yeah right so "nice of him" suddenly. We now know the way to a man's heart is not only through his stomach but also through his favorite movie (heighten the excitement 10x by watching on IMAX 3D for the best cinema experience).

    love the new TGV 1 Utama

    It was like walking into a training session at the Starfleet Academy!

    Of course it's been sometime since I last visited TGV 1 Utama due to their renovation to revamp the place. It's also by time because the cinema space is small and old, so definitely time for a makeover to fight with other cinemas! (you know which one haha). TGV was my first cinema love when they came out of nowhere 15 years ago. The change the way we watch movies and I will never forget the fond memories of watching movies every week with my family in Klang, TGV Bukit Raja.

    we watch the best movies in the best cinemas

    The newly revamped TGV 1 Utama is of course the best cinema now so far since it's new! And one don't need to travel all the way to Berjaya Times Square or Sunway Pyramid to watch IMAX anymore. When May 10th finally came, we were so excited that we came hours earlier just to wait in TGV 1 Utama. Upon reaching, the place was full of STAR TREK FANS! @ TREKKIES! in STAR TREK UNIFORMS! It was like I was part of a Star Trek adventure. We were too shy to take photographs with them (so u can't see any here sob sob).

    the new TGV 1 Utama in red hot look

    [REWIND] Back then there's no such thing as IMAX yet alone 3D. This came about few years ago and I have never been a fan of 3D movie watching because the glasses gives me a headache! Also I don't know what's IMAX, it's probably just better than the usual movie screening I see right? I was so wrong ... so dam wrong, after watching IMAX TGV 1 Utama. It was 10 times no 100 times better than normal cinemas with clearer, better and almost there screen experience. The sound system was *face palm* fantastic.

    From traveling back in time to the pre-historic age of the dinosaurs, to looking into the future on board the International Space Station, the power of the The IMAX Experience® has long transported audiences to places far beyond the reach of most people. Now, through the magic of IMAX DMR (Digital Re-Mastering), moviegoers can also experience the larger-than-life adventure, drama and emotion of their favorite Hollywood films in IMAX theatres.

    so many Trekkie fans watching today

    watch the Star Trek Into The Darkness trailer here

    surprised that the 3D glasses fits on nicely!
    (even when I'm wearing my glasses)

    Captain Kurt, Spock & "mysterious guy" is my new loves

    a bit of camwhoring before the movie starts!

    IMAX TGV 1 Utama has now become the top my list to watch blockbuster movies in. They have the best cinematic 3D experience with sound systems and technology that blew my mind off completely! I am so happy that movie watching has become so advance and so easily accessible to movie fans in Malaysia. Though the price of a ticket maybe too steep (RM26 per pax), I believe it's worth it when you come out satisfied, happy and comfortable throughout the movie. I'm looking forward to watch "After Earth" and "Man of Steel" (superman) if it's available on IMAX at TGV 1 Utama. (either 2D or 3D). Bravo TGV for the improvement at 1 Utama, my second home.

    P.S: Readers if you have not watch Star Trek Into The Darkness, do go all out to watch on IMAX because it's going to be so worth your time and money! I watched it twice already at TGV 1 Utama. 

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    1. I didn't expect to love the movie so much, but ASDFGHJKL IT WAS AWESOME!!! Much better than a certain man in an iron super-powered suit *cough* XD
      P/S: Benedict Cumberbatch is hot! *Q*

      1. KHAN IS SOOOO HOTTTT never see this actor so HOT BEFORE UNTIL THIS MOVIE!!! I can't wait to see when he wakes up again in the next movie installation! my bf say that time he really nearly kill everyone!!!!!!

        <3 hot guys, star trek...space..... = u got my vote hahahha

    2. cute la u two~ hehe~ the screen is it same big as time square gsc maxx?

      1. haha.. yeah HK is becoming more open to me nowadays.. (good lah, he so KAYU man)

        I never been to the BTS Imaxx :( so ulu right? this is my first time for IMAX..and only to TGV 1u

    3. so sweet :P I am pretty sure he love the surprise, I mean he cancel Penang Road trip to watch it with you!

      totally agree with the 3D Imax, is a total must try for a great cinematic experience :) Imagine watching horor movie in 3D Imax haha..

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