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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Lux Scentsational Fine Fragrance Media Getaway


    a scentsational getaway to discover something magical

    What do you do when the ordinary becomes extraordinary? You whisked away a group of ladies to experience a sensorial journey right from Kuala Lumpur to the historical streets of Melaka. I guess if you want to rewrite history, where else better than to start than charming Melaka. The fascinating sights and flavors of Melaka is just a few steps away from Casa del Rio where we stayed.

    remember these Lux ads with lady stars in it?

    Marilyn Monroe with Lux

    do you feel nostalgic looking at how it was before?

    Lux who has been with our grandmothers and passed down to generations of families is no ordinary soap in every household. They are now the number one beauty soap brand in the world. No longer are they contented to being just the ordinary bath wash, they have taken one step further to being not only good but better in giving us the best bathing experience with fine fragrances by partnering up with the world's leading perfumers. Yes I'm talking about perfumers like Ann Gottlieb who has created popular scents in the world such as Obsession, CK One and Eternity for Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs “Daisy” and Christian Dior “J’Adore”.

    Lux ad now with the glamourous Nur Fazura

    It's such a leap forward from what I see here. Getting perfumers to create distinct scents uniquely available to only Lux for customers to enjoy and feeling great about it is a great accomplishment to be a step ahead in being the world's no.1 beauty soap.

    “Growing up, I used Lux and I always associated it with its beautiful fragrance. Now that Lux comes with best ever perfume and fine fragrance created by one of leading perfumers in the world, Ann Gottlieb, it makes it all the more special and scentsational. Lux body wash is truly a precious yet indulgent beauty treat,” said Nur Fazura.

    One of the memorable bathing experience from Lux is, if you notice in every ad campaign they have there's for sure a celebrity women or glamours actresses in it? That's because Lux wants us all to have a bathing experience just like a leading lady too. Which is why I think they have whisked us bloggers and media away on a magical getaway to Melaka for a night's stay at the beautiful Mediterranean-inspired boutique hotel Casa del Rio. Filled with luxurious rooms with its own separate bath and shower, a king size bed with a view by the river. One can't help but feel like a leading lady today.

    Yes let me embrace the splendor of Lux scentsational fine fragrance and feel like a leading lady tonight for my dinner with Nur Fazura.

     is it real? yes I'm really in Melaka with Lux

    even for a night, I want imagine myself as a star

    I want to smell like a star too so I use
    Lux's Body Wash Soft Touch (with fine fragrances)

    To top it all, every leading lady on holiday today will get a massage just to loosen up some city screws so we can all feel relax for the big debut tonight. Now don't be jealous I had the chance to experience a night like a star thanks to Lux! It has to be an educating experience if not I would be at home using Lux Body Wash in my toilet and go eh? *scratch head* apa ni? (yeah you can imagine it right!). To educate all of us about what their big leap is about in partnering with top perfumers, Lux organized a Fragrance workshop by Davoid Boyd, Global Fragrance Director from Givaudan. 

    Tanya Teng, Lux Brand Manager, Unilever

    At the fragrance workshop Lux Brand Manager Tanya Teng open with an introduction to welcome all of us to the sensorial journey with Lux. She explains that the magic in Lux body wash is the fragrance and that magic is a part of every woman's beauty ritual. As a woman, we all want to not only feel good but look good. Fragrance helps us to become one with ourself and be expressive of how we feel. Lux understands that  magic and tonight we will all be learning about the magical combination that made popular iconic perfumes become a hit with ladies and how Lux has use this magic in their latest range of body washes.

    the magic that is in fragrances

    I call him the perfume guru, David Boyd from Givaudan

    he put us all through a scent test! so we went sniff sniff

    What's Givaudan btw? This is something interesting as I learn that all fragrance products goes through the professionals perfumers who will do research to develop the best fragrances there is for a brand. Take CK One, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior “J’Adore”? There has to be one cult perfume that would stand out and live the test of time. For Lux, one special scent was created using the rare black orchid from Malaysia! It's the Lux Fine Fragrance Elixir - Magical Spell.

    If I'm not mistaken David said they didn't go rummage through our jungles to make the rare black orchids extinct. Through research, the fragrance is made out to be like it. No the rare black orchids didn't become rarer.

    Magical Spell inspired by the rare black orchid in Malaysia
    (so special, you can't resist not buying this!)

    After the fragrance workshop, it was time for dinner with Fazura at the banquet hall at Casa del Rio. Everyone was wearing either purple or pink, looking glamour for the night. I was happy sitting with the bloggers of whom I knew personally too. We were excited to be having dinner and stare at the beautiful Fazura. Everyone wanted to take a photo with her. Emcee Naz was as charming as ever. He made everyone laugh and feel at home with his jokes! Dinner was fabulous, everyone was friendly, the performances and chit chat session. I am sounding like a socialite already.

    funny man Naz made us all laugh (including Fazura)

    we watch the unveiling of the Lux TV commerical

    belly dancing performance for all to see

    prize giving for instant glamour photo & best dressed contest
    (best dressed won by Caroline)

    is it a dream or is it a fantasy?

    the next day, we bid goodbye to Lux looking like a million bucks
    (or 3.2 million ringgit malaysia)

    be a star of your own with Lux's new range of body wash

    So this is the end of my scentsational story with Lux and I got to bring back Lux body wash back too (they gave me Soft Touch and White Impress). I don't have Magical Spell, it's something I really want to try! I will go buy it and hopefully the magic spell attracts some stars tonight.

    Lux Soft Touch 
    Inspired by strawberry fields, Soft Touch is composed to convey an irresistibly soft and sensual feeling, blending indulgent florals with some fresh fruity notes. The rich floral bouquet is contrasted with the sparkling fruity fizzy notes of strawberry and passion fruit. Caramel and vanilla complete this creative scent. Lux Soft Touch forms a light creamy layer on the skin which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.

    Lux Velvet Touch
    Velvet Touch gives you a pure lingering fresh top note of sparkling citrus, clean aldehydes and apple. The elegant scent is up-lifted by muguet and jasmine and enriched with creamy peach. The fragrance ends with powdery, woody and ambery notes to connote a warm sensuality. Lux Velvet Touch is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth after each bath.

    Lux White Impress
    This fragrance embodies the graceful charm of Lily of the Valley, transparent rose and jasmine petals combined with a sparkling fruity ensemble that greets your olfactive palette with sheer orchard freshness while leaving a scent trail of comforting musk, amber and white vanilla. Lux White Impress is the perfect choice for those who wish to achieve beautiful fair skin as the body wash exfoliates, whitens and moisturizes at the same time 

    Lux Magical Spell
    A complex blend of eight mystical ingredients, the Magical Spell body wash is guaranteed to create a sensorial explosion. The complex fragrance has a romantic and sensual floral heart with a key note of rare black orchid. A captivating blend of juniper oil, dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean are expertly layered on top producing a fine fragrance that lasts.

    These fine exotic ingredients are extracted at the peak of their bloom, and embraced into exquisite Fragrance Pearls TM, giving you an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you step out of the shower. 

    Lux Wake Me Up
    Opening with refreshing citrus notes and a delicate floral heart, fruity and musky notes perfectly round off this delicate, feminine, refreshing fragrance. The name states it all, as Lux Wake Me Up provides you with a fresh-looking beautiful skin that will perk up your day.

    Lux is available in two bottle sizes. The Lux 700 ml bottle is priced at RM15.90 and 220ml bottle at RM6.00 while the 600ml refill pack is priced at RM8.90.

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