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The Body Shop HONEYMANIA Bath & Body Collection

oh sweet honey galore!

The Body Shop has added another yummy favorite into their collection and it is not even Christmas yet! Judging by my picture here, you can already guess it has something to do with a jar of honey or that honey dipper. Introducing the new bath & body collection that's set on making you smell not only delicious but your skin as good as the wild honey goodness that makes bees go BZZZzzzZZ! Now that's why it's called Honeymania *smacks*.

made with the goodness of wild honey

The Honeymania Bath & Body collection is actually made with Community Fair Trade with the environment in mind not from honeys you see at supermarkets. The honey is source from the remote Sheka rainforest in the Ethiopian Highlands, a biodiversity hotspot that’s protected by UNESCO. What's so special about this honey from Sheka rainforest then?

  • Sheka honey has a very distinctive taste and smell because of the fragrant rainforest flowers that the bees collect from. Its light floral aroma makes it distinct from any other honey.
  • The African honey bees that produce the honey are free to roam the rainforest. 
  • Highest quality honey - good enough to eat! It’s sold by high-end brands as table honey.

With high quality honey comes high quality keeping. Beekeeping that is. Beza Mar beekeepers a.k.a "Bee whisperers" are hired to make the wild bees happy without needing to resort to cheap sugar tricks (feeding bees with sugar to make sweeter honey). Sick bees are even treated!

To gather enough honey to make one of every product in our Honeymania collection, it takes almost 100 bees traveling over 2,100km so they can harvest the nectar from nearly 50,000 flowers.

guess how many bees & flowers it takes to make these?

Here comes the question, were there any bees harmed during the honey gathering? I mean yes you say the wild honey is of the highest quality and special bee whisperers were hired to make sure the bees are happy. Somehow that don't seem inline with what I am watching from the bee farm documentary on television. How is all this done then?

Step 1 : The hives are handcrafted from sustainable forest materials such as grass, bamboo and wood.

Step 2 : Groups of beekeepers go into the forest for up to 15 days at a time to hang the hives. This involves climbing the trees using a rope made of vines – a specialist practice that requires strength, skill and knowledge of the trees.

Step 3 : The bees are left undisturbed to provide the nectar and, in return, the bees reproduce and multiply.

Step 4 : After four or five months, the beekeeper returns to his hives & collects the honeycombs from the trees, sometimes using a few clouds of smoke to gently drive the bees to the other end of the hive. Only the ripest, richest combs are selected for The Body Shop®.

ready to find out more about the Honeymania collection?

u know what's the 3 most used products on our body?

Enough honey talk, let me introduce you to the products in the Honeymania collection! I had the sweet liberty to try a few and I have been smelling like a honey goddess since. There are 7 products in this collection. Those who loves honey or the scent of sweet fragrant honey will love the collection. The packaging is of course in golden yellow colors with playful textures so your bath and body experience is not at all boring. 

the Honeymania shower gel & body scrub

The soap-free Honeymania Shower Gel is like liquid gold seriously. This product particularly has a clean honey scent to it leaving you with a clean after feel without drying your skin out. The scent isn't as strong as the body butter or scrub.

I particularly love the Honemania Body Scrub because of it's rich, moisturizing creamy scrub with sugar to exfoliate our dead skin away leaving you with a velvety soft skin. The texture is like honey when you keep it in the freezer and it turns to a creamy texture instead of golden transparent liquid. Made with wildflower honey, the distinct sweet honey scent is strong during use but right after washing, it leaves you with a soft sweet floral scent. Ingredients said it's also made with beeswax and shea butter.

the Honeymania body butter & EDT

Not forgetting the all popular body butter. The Honeymania body butter scent is not as strong as the body scrub. It smells lighter and happier! Layering it after the scrub intensified the sweet floral scent. The body butter melts straight into you skin, protecting it with a layer of moisturizer for 24hours. You can feel your skin immediately soften. When you do the pinch test, you feel the softness of your skin.

Last but not least, if you can't get enough of smelling like a walking honey goddess. Spritz on the Honeymania EDT for a long lasting sweet wildflower honey with sugarcane essence scent throughout the day. For me having to be wearing all three scents from just the three bath and body products is enough. For those who wants to have the scent stayed on can opt to buy the EDT perfume, the scent is so much stronger! I don't fancy the overpowering scent of honey!

love the creamy honey texture on the scrub!

I feel really warm and buzzy trying out these 4 products. Could this possible make you feel warm all over with a happy glow during winter? The only two products from this collection that I didn't try is the lip balm and the bubble bath melt. I can imagine drizzling honey all over my lips when I think of the lip balm. The Honeymania collection is a moisture rich collection that leaves a trail of bees behind you. Anyone who loves honey, might love the scent of sweet wildflower honeys that brings warmth to your hearts in the fall. That being said, who can resists any new range of scents that The Body Shop brings in? I hope there is a COCONUT collection, I'm a big fan of coconut haha.

Available at The Body Shop, there's even a free tote bag promotion going on so drop by to check what's the latest deal you can get :)

Product & Price List:
BodyScrub RM63
Body Butter RM59.90
Eau de Toilette RM49.90
Bubble Bath Melt RM63
Lip Balm RM26

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  1. Funny enought, but your post just made me want to prepare a cup of tea with honey & lemon ;)
    Love the body scrubs by the Body Shop, they always smell so heavenly.


    1. Hi Luchessa,

      I take that as a good sign the honey has gotten to you haha! I would like to see them bringing in diffusers scented with honey. I'm a big fan of diffusers :)


  2. See the pic already make me want to try it out.. =)

    1. thank you Ros, I edit like mad the pics.. to look like this

  3. This is great. I can't control myself by using it. Where i can find it.
    "fashion outlet"

  4. I love body shop body butter ... it's so moisture~~


    1. Yes ^_^ and the best thing is TBS always have promotions so body butters are a must get that time 50% off!

  5. the body scrubs look tempting! :)

  6. Geez! Gonna get the body scrub!!!!


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