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  • Guilt Free Mille Crepe Pleasure? Try Crepes 21!


    free delivery of mille crepe right to your doorsteps

    Anyone like mille crepe cake? It's sinful I know because of all the cream and sugar used to make the mille crepe so heaven like! I still love mille crepe but would prefer one that is not so creamy and that I could at least taste the thousand of layers crepe in between the cream. Surprisingly I am not a fan of Nadeje because I find their mille crepes too creamy or rich. My friend introduced me to a new mille crepe company named Crepes 21, Maison De Gateau which operates from online and delivers mille crepe to houses for free!

    The great thing about Crepes21 is that it all their mille crepes is made using low fat pastry cream and you can have your choice of sugar level. It's made fresh to order using premium ingredients and can be customized to your flavor and design. Pork and alcohol free.

    love the wonder like design / packaging

    Crepes 21 were having a special mille crepe with 4 flavors. Now this is something I have not tried before and I seriously think it's a good idea to be able to taste different flavors at one go. "Jelak" you know if eat the same flavor of mille crepe! This special mille crepe is called the Quattro (defined as “Four” in Italian).

    When I got my order, I immediately dug into the Madagascar Vanilla slice. I love that it isn't so creamy and the vanilla rich in my mouth (and not the fatty cream). Happy, I tried a second flavor the green tea! Which taste like green tea haha! A gelato maker once told me green tea is the hardest to source and make as the flavor is easily lost.

    Since the cream isn't heavy, I could taste each layers of the mille crepe in my mouth. My favorite is still vanilla. My fiance helped finish the double chocolate and espresso! Both of us aren't a fan of the green tea, not because it taste bad but our preference of desserts does not include green tea.

    have you seen such beauty before?

    4 best selling flavors in one go

    Madagascar Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Espresso Macchiato
    and Green Tea & Red Bean flavors

    The Quattro Mille Crepe comprises of Madagascar Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Espresso Macchiato, and Green Tea & Red Bean flavors. These four mille crepe flavors are apparently the signature and favorite of the founder. He explained passionately in detail how each and every flavor is sourced to create the perfect mille crepe for Crepes 21. Here's some pointers I can share!

    1) Madagascar Vanilla
    • Uses world's most finest vanilla beans from Madagascar.
    • It has a very distinctive and unique flavor that you can't find in any other places.
    2) Double Chocolate
    • Crepe are also made with dark cocoa powder, gives it a extra chocolate flavor.
    • Uses premium Belgium chocolate. 
    3) Espresso Macchiato
    • Intense coffee flavor using Dark Roast Arabica coffee
    • Unlike many coffee cakes where they only add coffee essence into the cake, you will only get the coffee aroma & colour, not really the taste. By adding real brew coffee, you will get the hint of sour and bitter taste from a real coffee.
    4) Green Tea & Red Bean
    • Uses top grade green tea powder from Japan.
    • Is an excellent combination when eating slightly bitter green tea with sweeten red beans.

    Madagascar Vanilla | Chocolate Banana
    (click image for more info)

    Strawberry | Green Tea Red Bean
    (click image for more info)

    Ore0 | Double Chocolate
    (click image for more info)

     Christmas Special: Cranberry Chocolate RM86
    (click image for more info)

    If you like what you see here and you're looking to try guilt free mille crepes in Malaysia, I recommend ordering from Crepes 21 online. They deliver the cakes free and these are the areas covered at the moment. Note that they don't delivery to shopping malls due to some restrictions. You can pay cash on delivery or make payment online through their payment gateway which accepts credit cards, debit cards and Paypal.


    How to order?
    Can order via www.crepes21.com.my or call us at 019 5103768. Delivery is free!

    Each layer of crepes are handmade with patients and requires 2 days advance order, as we make fresh daily with no preservatives! A true labour of love.
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    1. Pork & Alcohol Free? Awesome! Thanks for sharing, sis! <3

    2. Look divine!! Like wanna eat nowww...

    3. Replies
      1. yah!! tak banyak mille crepe delivery online, this one free shipping

    4. lucky :( wish its available in Sarawak!

    5. OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE MILLE CREPE! You just made me lust after the Quattro, but I too hate green tea flavoured desserts. I also hate red bean! But the rest look divine. I so want to try the Chocolate Banana too! Maybe I can order it for NYE to celebrate. However, it will have to be a party of just me because I'm not willing to share!

    6. Tammy you wanna know something? I never tried any mille crepes. And now you make me wanna order right away XD

      1. seriously Mieza you have never tried before? omg.. my first time trying mille crepe I was in 7th heaven. The layers dance in my mouth when I bited onto it.. the cream oozing away in between. It's sure sinful so I don't eat it that often but now I found crepes 21 who can customize sugar level and uses low fat pastry cream, i'm not so guilty anymore eating it haha!

        U need to try it Mieza! normally Vanilla is the popular flavor to start.

    7. Tammy, how to order the quattro crepes ah?? I cannot find it under the shop list la. Tq

      1. :( it just ended so sorry Maggie.. but they say they'll bring it back again

      2. Awww .. hopefully they'll bring it back real soon.

    8. Great post! Looks so sinfully delicious! I definitely have to try soon. :) Thanks for sharing!

      Jasrina Prisca
      - www.jasrinaprisca.blogspot.com

    9. How much for the quattro? Didn't see the price for that in the website

    10. So pretty...I love beauty products and cake equally!

    11. OMG looks super yummyyy!! *drools*

    12. The Quattro Mille Crepe is not available in their website??

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    14. Very artistic and beautiful


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