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Malaysia Taobao Shopping Guide

have you shopped at before?

For the longest time I have been hearing my friends talked about how great it is to shop on Things are so cheap there, people buy them in bulk and start a business in Malaysia! Seriously I'm not kidding. My friend Esther once talked to me about starting an accessories shop just by purchasing the products on and have it shipped to Malaysia. I was skeptical because Taobao was an online shopping site in Chinese and I couldn't read or write Chinese.

welcome to a seriously large online mall
(page has been automatically translated by google chrome)

Taobao is actually one of the biggest online shopping mall from China housing millions of products from sellers at a prices that is sometimes unbelievably cheap which has capture a lot of girls hearts online. From accessories to stationary, shopping for clothes, bags or shoes. It's a never ending shopping haven here! I am particularly drawn to Korean products such as stationaries, accessories and well fun items that I can buy in bulk for events!

fashionistas anyone?

Anyway the reason I didn't venture into Taobao was the language barrier (which frustrates me the most because I really do want to shop!). However lately, I stumble back to Taobao and found out that they have launch for South East Asia. This makes it easier to shop at Taobao now because one can actually use google chrome to translate the page to catch key words or use google translate website side by side during shopping.

On top of that the second issue that stopped me from shopping at Taobao was the need to get agents, also known as forwarding agents found on lowyat forum, legitimate agents online or third party individuals who can help ease the process of shopping on Taobao from overseas.

Anyway I found out that Taobao Sea offers such international forwarding service directly on their website! They have a info graphics guide as well. Here's how it looks like.

the complete guide to international forwarding service on Taobao

SO technically now shopping on Taobao can be understand by non-Chinese reading shoppers. Many might find it confusing as millions of items, stores, symbols (reputation symbols for sellers), banking options (now accepts credit card, Alipay). Once you get passed that, it's actually really straightforward. Take my shopping on Taobao guide here for instance!

select your preferred language on google chrome

register your account

Now it's the same process for every online shopping mall you come across. The first step is to get yourself registered with an account and verify your account. I did mine very quickly and input in my Malaysian phone number for verification. Don't forget to set up according to your country and address which will enable Taobao to identify if you are an overseas member.

identify what you want to buy

Browse through the millions of products, stores on You can pick by category or just search! Sometimes Taobao has special promotions like for Christmas where you can just shop from there at a great deal. Now from my image example, you can see that I highlighted do not put OVERSEAS that is because I am using a forwarding service which would be a cheaper option of delivery to me. How it works? Your orders will be sent to the fwding agent's warehouse in China (nearest one I presume) and it will be collected there. Once all your orders are collected there, the fwding agent will send you a bill for shipping charges. It's fairly better than having it shipped by courier. The rate is for the first kg from RMB35 - RMB39 and subsequent weight at RMB14 - RMB16 after. There is 4 fwding agents available for Malaysia.

This is why you need to leave your logistics to country at Nationwide and not pick Overseas. It's not going Overseas. It's going to your fwding agent's warehouse in China first.

Taobao Throwdown that is happening on the page now.
Up to RMB10,000 shopping to be won!

shipping charges for Malaysia

entering your fwding agent during check out

Now after you have selected your item, input the quantity you want & click confirm check out (orange button). You will be at the order check out page where you need to select your default address. I click that and added my Malaysian address into it but the next IMPORTANT STEP is to add your FORWARDING AGENT SERVICE along. Look at my image example to see where you should click to add your fwding agent service.

page needs to off translation to get the orange link to work

once you click the orange link, a selection box pops out
(it's for you to select which fwding agent you want)


confirm your orders, check all details

After you have set up your fwding agent service, you will be at the same order check out page to finalize the details of your orders. If you spot a message to the seller box, this is where you let the seller know what color choices you would like to have for your order. I am buying underwater lomography camera, so there was no selection at the deal page but the seller did indicate to leave color choices after checking out.

payment option for Malaysias

yay for online banking transfers!

With the services for shoppers at South East Asia, we can not opt for our own online banking options such as Malaysian Banking where when you click, you'll be directly to a page to select your preferred payment method by maybank2u, CIMBClicks or RHBNow. I was using Alipay (it's the China version of Paypal) for my purchases.

the successful payment page

YAY! Payment is successful! I have never been so happier to find that I have finally shop on taobao! I see which stage of shopping I am in. After paying, I am now waiting for the orders to be processed and delivery by the seller to my fwding agent's warehouse. Then the third symbol on this page that looks like dollar sign is where the fwding agent will be billing you for the shipping charges before they actually ship it over to us (note the airplane symbol). The house symbol is when it arrives at my house! 

I have the reference code to track my shipping :)

I mention I bought underwater lomography camera right? Did you spot how much it was? It's only 20RMB (roughly RM10) only per camera! I bought 60 pieces for my next event, maybe as my wedding favor or as door gifts for my birthday party. Anyway I could also set up a store and sell these cameras. I see people sell the camera up to RM65! Some say normal price RM85 and I bought it for only RM10 from HAPPY RIGHT! Can't wait for my parcel to arrive wooohooo.

check & track your orders after a few days to see if its shipped
Visit your orders page under “已买到的宝贝”
 parcel forwarding platform, consolidate & pay fwding agent fee
Choose to consolidate, or ship out individual items


Now for the best part of all in celebration of my first time shopping on I would like to fulfill 3 reader’s wishes this Christmas to shop on! I will be giving away 3 gift cards worth 500RMB (about RM250) to 3 readers who can tell me what they think about Taobao and what would they like to wish for! This giveaway starts from today until 7th January, 2014. Take it as a Christmas present from me! Please register via Rafflecopter app below and may the best wishes win!
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  1. cheap, affordable and reliable....i wish to have more gadget item.....

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      Cheap Taobao Baby Toys

  2. Hi Tammy!

    To me, shopping on Taobao is like a treasure hunt! There are so many stuffs sold in Taobao, with so many different varieties and brands! Thanks for the guidelines Tammy! I used to order my items through the middle person (with extra charge of course) and now with your guidelines, I can save on the middle-person charge now! Thanks ya~~

    Oh forgot to tell me my wish, I'm wishing for more beauty and skincare products because I want to turn myself prettier in 2014 hehe!

  3. no more excuses to not shop online from taobao, given its affordability, variety of choices and its ease of ordering. what i want from taobao is more more and more!!! :D

  4. That's really super cheap la RM10 for one camera! Fuuuh! hahaha yesh! joined this giveaway!

  5. Thanks for the detailed guidance on step by step on taobao! I've been quite hesitant to shop on taobao and always ended up close the entire page even thought I've spotted those cute and stylish clothings on taobao.

    So many varieties that I really wish to shop till drop! :D

  6. This is very useful for me. Recent obsession on stationery push me to shop at but I keep thinking how could I shop without a local agent, u help and teach me!!! I can shop for more with low price and plenty of choice!

    1. Forgot to tell my wish. Taobao is a world of temptation which make me broke. I wanna get more masking tape and stationery stuff!!

  7. I also always wanna shop on taobao
    but always stop when I saw need to find middle man to solve alipay problem
    I got a question, how we going to refill money inside Alipay? through credit card?

    1. Hi Emily,

      Alipay you will need to purchase the card from Alipay directly to use it on taobao but since you have credit card you may as well use credit card to pay as Taobao now allows for Malaysian banks and credit card to pass through.

  8. I wanna win the gift card
    Taobao is a big online shopping mall which really beyond our imagination
    There are many sellers there for us to choose and always come with rating and trustworthy ranking
    It is a trusted successful website and girl's shopping heaven
    I wish I can win the giveaway so that I can shop for stylish clothings for 2014 CNY as I have not buy any CNY clothes yet.

  9. OMg I wanna win this !!!! I wan a shopping spree at taobao !!! muahahahaa

  10. I wanna win it because i am a online shopholic.

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  12. Chinese New Year comes early next year, while browsing throught their website, I saw they sell plenty of really pretty clothing, blazer, dresses, skirts and blouses which really caught my attention. Since I haven't shop for my CNY clothing, I wish I can receive this gift card as my Christmas present and shop for my Chinese New Year clothes without have to rush to the mall, I will be really happy to win it!! After reading your post, Taobao is a convenient website for those who are lazy to hit the mall. Walking around the mall can be really tiring and drain our energy, I prefer sit in front of my computer, facing Taobao, click click click, pay and wait for my goods to reach home safely!! I would also love to buy their facial products and cosmetics and do more review for my blog since my blog is mostly related to beauty products. Thank you Tammy and really hope that when the winner list is out, I can see my name appear on it! =D take care!

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  14. I would like to win the giftcard because shopping at Taobao now is finally hassle free..Previously when I wanted to buy something from taobao, i would have to asked my friend living in china to make the purchase for me first then he'll only bring it back for me when he's back in Malaysia for the holidays which makes the anticipation level goes down the drain...Now, with this, i can shop easily and no more friend-bothering-hassle =)
    and if i happen to win the giftcard, i wish to get clothes from the site as I love their wide ranges of fashion items!

  15. Finally...found more reliable online shopping site!!

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  17. Jabong provide good quality of products. Jabong .com caters to the latest fashion, Accessories, Bags, Clothing, Sports, Home & is achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. shall introduce various offers, sales or contest at different times.


  18. Even though I can read Chinese, this guide is super helpful!! I've never bought anything personally from TaoBao before, so I'd love to be able to shop online on Taobao myself. <3 The item that has been on my wishlist for ages is definitely the cute Korean style luggage bag (like the one in the first pic) because it's just so cute and retro, PLUS it comes in pink + white! <3 *drools*

  19. OMG can't believe this is happening! 3 lucky person can get their CNY clothing shopping done for free just like this!!

    What I think about Taobao? Everything!!! I'm lucky that I can read and write Chinese, even though I don't know how to explain something in Chinese, I'll just type everything possible in the web, and poof! Everything just pop out like a boss! I'm a big fan of TaoBao and had purchased a lot of stuff from a random agent. I even helped a lot of my friends to purchase a lot of stuffs such as clothing, gadgets, and even hamster's toy! XD What I wish for thie Christmas? Win this and be a happy girl! ;D

    Thank you Tammy, it's such a a wonderful giveaway! Hoping for more in the future~~ :D

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

    Nicole Yie

  20. Never shop at Taobao becoz I have language barrier like you hahaha...but I think this website gonna be our life saver (for english educated people) :D Now I'm wanted this gift card for xmas so that I shop awesome cheap clothings inspired by Stylenanda! ;D

  21. Thank you for your giveaway.. I have to say that its pretty special since I'm a number one fan of . Never knew I would come across a giveaway like this.. thank you Tammy <3 I've been eyeing the Barbie house set for my sister as its been her dream gift since she knew what Barbie was. I especially love their ! Have you seen the varieties of food available there??? Oh..and I'm hoping for another sale on Christmas!!! Anyway, Good luck on your giveaway. Hope its a wonderful success!!

  22. It will be so much easier to have my order get deliver. I write my wish list at the below URL

    Good luck everyone. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Happy Holiday everyone.

  23. Tabao just like a shopping mall...whatever you want, you can get it here with cheap price....i wish Tabao could offer more and more variety item...Thanks.

  24. Wow the taobao finally can direct pay by rhb , great, tempted to buy before but very lazy find agent do that lol. I wish I can buy those dress, cute fury item at taobao, some really very cheap~

    Name:Kim tan
    FB name:Kim tan

    Thanks miu for the giveaway, merry Xmas~

  25. lol. I wish it would be easy to find the items I want as there are just too many items! haha.

  26. Now shopping more easier with taobao \(^______^)/ I wish for tablet this year. ngeh.

  27. shopping made easier with tabao now.. especially when they offer the international forwarding.. and the best part is u can pay by using m2u! how nice that would be! Forgotten i have an account few years back but too bad can't get back. nvm signing up for a new one is easy thou :p

    Yin Yin

  28. Taobao is like the best site to shop for all sorts things you can name off! clothes, shoes, jewelries, gadgets, home accessories, decor, toys with a really affordable price. while you can see the exact product outside with price that triples the atcual price from taobao, that's why it's really like a shopping paradise for all of us! When it has sales and offers, you can imagine how crazy it will be because you would want to purchase everything from there as it's so cheap !
    i really wish for a great selection of clothes for my chinese new year, last year i even had to wear my sister's hand me down during CNY because i had spent all my pocket money for a new camera. ) :

  29. Taobao is so easy now and I didn't know. Thanks to this blog post I'm able to understand more and purchase easily! :D
    Thank you for having this giveaway, everyone hopes they are the lucky one and I'm going to try my luck, Merry Christmas everyone!

  30. dear mamasan tammy, thanks for such useful guide... though Im literate in Chinese, but I always find it very complicated making a purchase in taobao! afterall their chinese vs our chinese are rather different... with your step-by-step guidance, now I could just follow your guide to shop! Wishing for the giveaway, I wish to truly shop in taobao for the very 1st time ... and hope this would be my CNY clothing shopping and may 2014 be a wonderful year! happy shopping ladies! ^.^

  31. OMG Tammy!!! Thanks so much for all this info! I have been shopping on Taobao's original website using Chrome Translate, but was clueless about purchasing so I got a good Chinese friend of mine to help out with ordering. Though I sometimes feel super guilty because my list is usually REALLY long. I mean, I would rather bother him once with all the stuff I want in one order, rather than bother him 4 times a week, LOL! Now that I know I can actually do this myself, I guess he will be less bothered by my shopping requests and won't judge me based on what I buy! HAHAHAHA~ *awkward maniacal laughter*

    He's always asking "You need this many handbags? Really?".

    Pffffttt. Men.

  32. Wow, this is like the coolest giveaway ever! I love Taobao and I'm not shy to admit that most of my OOTDs that you see on my blog are from Taobao! :p It's crazy, you can shop for hours in malls and buy pretty clothes but you can also sit in the comfort of your home and shop on Taobao for hours, for a fraction of the price for the SAME CLOTHES and without hurting your feet! Even though I can't read or write Chinese, I'm fortunate to have friends who are willing to help me search for items I want heh. And yes, it has been a trouble searching for agents with the lowest price to help me deliver my items and some of them do misdeliver my items ;( But it's ok, with Taobao SEA, I can shop on Taobao on my own now and get cheaper shipping and less hassle! Thank you for the giveaway, Tammy! I hope I win this so I can shop for my CNY and 21st Birthday party clothes from TAOBAO SEA! <3

  33. omg who will be the lucky 3 *prays its me*
    what i think bout taobao? a one stop online site for everyone! especially ladies! we can get cheap clothing like the current fashion trend, winter clothing! we can also get to buy nice shoes like heels, platform, heels in a low price! basically i cn find anything i wan thr! i think guys also love shop in taobao cse thr are tons of phone accessories, gadgets etc! Girls like me who seldom shop (cse no sales, lazy go out shop, hunt for affordable things) would love shop at taobao! through jbtalks agent, i cn shop on taobao easily by juz few clicks. All i need to do is search-browse-copy link-get quote-click(m2u payment to agent)-wait patiently for my package hahaha. The feeling of online shopping is excited as i will hv the expectation and curiosity of hw the products i bought looks like. Hope i get to win this voucher so i cn shop again in taobao as a belated christmas n bday present!! thanks Tammy

  34. Taobao connects local buyers with sellers from China, what I like about Taobao is that they have more varieties of goods with reasonable, affordable and even cheaper price compared to buying locally. But the downside is waiting for the products to arrive which is time consuming. Other than that, I don't get to feel and touch the physical products before making purchase. Anyway, I still heard many good reviews from friends and bloggers bragging about products sold from Taobao :) at least the sellers are reliable and efficient! And previously we have to go through an agent to buy things from Taobao, now with Taobao SEA, it's so much more convenient! Thanks for the giveaway Tammy, what I wish for is a pair of military designed jacket for my upcoming winter trip in Japan!

  35. Hi Tammy!
    Thanks for letting us know there's now English version of Taobao coz my cousin is always asking me to translate for her or get mad when she couldn't read the chinese on Taobao page!
    To me, taobao is like a deep deep deep deep deep hole! Once you drop into the hole, don't ever wish to come back! Yea it's that scary! You basically can find anything from taobao, and that's why I can continuosly taobao without sleeping. (bad habit)
    What I wish is that taobao let me win this voucher so I can continue shopping LOLLLLL!!
    (I've reached my limit already for my recent taobao purchase XD)
    Thank you Tammy and Happy Shopping!! ^^

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  37. i am planning to renovate my kitchen, and taobao is the best place for me to look for the kitchen accessories. from water tab, to sink to knife to cooking ware to utensils..... anything i need i can easily get from taobao, with good quality and cheaper price compare in malaysia. the best thing is, i not need to run over here and there to compare the brands and price, just sit in front of computer, move my mouse and click, that's it! so easy and convenient :) I LOVE TAOBAO

  38. Dear Plus-Size Kitten...
    I can't believe I've been so behind
    Despite my love of shops and kind
    To not have heard about Taobao before!
    Your post, it sure has opened the door
    To a super-sized, ultra-stocked online mall!
    I'm completely in awe and dazzled and dazed,
    My eyes have widened, they're semi-glazed
    By the delights of this gigantic superstore!
    Thank you so much for walking me through...
    That special mention about the shipping's cool.
    I will heed your advice and not choose 'Overseas'
    And save my money for more shopping sprees
    On Taobao, oh no I can't wait,
    There's a whole pile of dinner plates that will look great,
    But stop! Before I make my own wishes here,
    One of my special resolutions for this New Year
    Is to do more good without favour nor fear.
    So, Taobao may just be the best place to roam
    And buy in bulk for giving to a charity home.
    So, I promise, Plus-Size Kitten dear,
    In fact, I'll declare it loud and clear
    That if I win this prize, it will all go toward
    Something to pay your kindness forward.
    Happy New Year!

  39. Hi Tammy, remember I told you how Taobao was heavily promoted in a Chinese Drama I watched recently? Days after then you came out with this giveaway; what a coincidence!!! Taobao is a great online shopping mall, fulfilling every girl's (and guy's) dream in hauling desired products in amazingly affordable prices :D :D I think I have to get myself familiarized with the shopping mechanism in Taobao, then order in bulks, then open a shop here >v< Winning the gift card, would be my first step in building my empire, hohoho xD xD xD

  40. Wow I wish to win this .. things getting expensive need to win some things to cut down my expenses

  41. I always shop on Taobao. The things there are inexpensive and good quality. Anything can be found on Taobao like ANYTHING!! I wish I can win this and have a shopping spree for the coming Chinese New Year and save a lot of money. Thanks for your generosity though. :)

  42. Dear Tammy~
    I've been shopping at taobao for a numbers of times but what always troubles me is that the payment method and shipping. Now with the launch of SEA Taobao, everything is easier! I have yet to try SEA Taobao, but I believe it will be awesome! I can totally see myself with a few bag full with the gift cards! lol

  43. omg thank you for the detailed explanation on how to shop with Taobao, you just made my life easier!! For me, Taobao is a huge online shopping mall where they're selling a wide varieties of stuffs over there such as clothes, luggage, electric scooters, furniture and even Christmas tree! Besides, their products are selling at a reasonable price and good quality, hence it's one of the largest online shopping site in China. I would like to use the gift card to buy a big luggage for my upcoming HK trip! :D

  44. So what I think about TAOBAO? In my opinion TAOBAO, when taken under literal meaning, TAO is 'peach', a beautiful and sweet fruit whereas BAO is treasure. Thus I think TAOBAO is a place full of beautiful treasures to everyone- whether man, woman, teens, children, old man, old woman, housewives, students, you named it!

    What do I wished for?
    Since January is all about CNY, I would wished to buy new year clothes to style up this festive season.
    Since February is all about Valentine, I would wished to buy my beloved ones gifts and wonderful blessings.
    since March is about my birthday, I would wished to celebrate it with purchases from TAOBAO as well as TAMMY's wonderful blessings to start my new year with (*^▽^*)

    Last but not least, thank you for having this giveaway. Please and thanks once more!

  45. Nice post and it would be very helpful to understand about Taobao website. Normally it is very difficult to understand how we can get online products from this great online marketplace. Buy from is a very nice experience.

  46. TaoBao is a place where we can buy anything from top to toes or anything related to our life, provided a very convenient place for us to buy online without going out and ship direct to our house, most important is a place for those inventor to sell their idea without opening a shop, how cool was that.. Even the most important moment "Marriage" stuff... Also, a "HEAVEN" for ladies as we can buy all beauty product from all over the world without travelling, that's the advantage of online shopping with Taobao with secure security. ^.^

    Basically my best friend is getting married this year and one of the theme is the pumpkin car as decoration, I would like to present her the very unique wedding gift for her guest of the night - " Pumpkin car" .. this will leave a very good memories for all guest and my friend.. it will be lovely to see her happiness face during her best moments.

  47. Well firstly I have always stayed away from online shopping sites that are not in English as I don't understand a thing. But thanks to this post, I now know how to navigate my way through Taobao, a site I have heard of before but thought a pain to try to tackle. And knowing now that we can go through local agents to help with shipping issues makes me even keener to try it out.

    I'd LOVE to maybe get a dress (my first since leaving high school, seriously) and some boots for an upcoming overseas trip.And gosh, you'll have to pull me away from the craft section. Those are my weakness I tell you! Annnddd....would it be naught of me to say....this is my BIRTHDAY month? Lololol I said it. But yeah it is and this would be such a great way to get myself a present or two or even thirty?

    Thanks Tammy for the awesome chance! Happy 2014!

  48. Tabao = permanent hole in your pocket.

    I'd love to get your door gift fr your wedding favor or door gift.. lol so I don't have to start shopping in tabao and end up being a shopaholic like u. ;)

    What I want, the list is too long from party favours to cuddly plush toys to plan for my baby's birthday party! :)

  49. Taobao is a heaven for girls, and for guys as well. We can get everything here , from head to toes and even home living stuffs. I always shop at Taobao for some art or DIY stuffs but the shipping cost is a burden for me. Sometime, the shipping cost is even more expensive than the items that I purchased. Thanks for letting me know that there is an international service that can help us save a lot of money and do more shopping.
    I am getting married this year. I wish to win this giveaway so that I can use the gift card to buy a gown for myself. This is my wish list for this new year and hope that it will come true. Thanks . Sincerely , Jun

  50. omg..awesome post!!This is very helpful! I used a Taobao shopping service before but they cost too much! Taobao is just a shopping heaven. Even better than any sales in Malaysia. Their prices is really affordable and they had a wide range of products from head to toe!

    I wish I can win the vouchers because I dedicated myself to study these past month so I wanna give myself a prizes for working hard. Moreover, my sister wedding and my dad's birthday is coming near but I'm too broke to buy them any present. It's so sad that I'm unable to give something on their big day so hopefully I can spend the vouchers to buy gifts!

  51. Tabao web is heavenly pleasant for everybody,
    from Dad's gadget to mommy's kitchen utensil,
    everything you love and need is within fingertips,
    need no queue up, payment in a click,
    how i wish to grab their elegant boots to kick off the year of Horsey!

  52. I have always LOVE Taobao, from personal shopping to excessive shopping for my dogs, my moms dog, my sister's dog, to now, my baby, my cousin's baby and my friend's baby. Taobao has everything. It actually made me feel like everything in this world, can be found on Taobao. And like many others, language is always a barrier but it never really stopped me, I use a translator on Chrome and continued my shopping, only problem is when it comes to direct translation that doesn't work so well, it gets troublesome.

    I personally want to buy a kids playground for my now 5 months old baby from Taobao. I know you can find those in Toy's'Us but why not get it at a bargain? And big items as such is not cheap here. I would love a personal playground for him and I meant playground when I say one. Complete with swing, seasaw, slide and maybe a little house. It will be perfect!

    On a side not, as usual, thank you Tammy for the giveaway and the wonderful detailed explanation on how to register as member. Superb!

  53. You can find anything you want from Taobao as simple like ABC and variety of product from A - Z.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I honestly heard about Taobao but did not get the chance to try it and great thanks to your write up I able to learn the step by step on who to shop at Taobao. So happy that now, even non-chinese reading shoppers able to enjoy their services. The main issue I had last time was the language barriers.

      I am also happy to find out that buyers can not opt for our own online banking options such as Malaysian Banking like maybank2u, CIMBClicks or RHBNow which means even those who don’t have paypal account or credit card able to use Taobao!!

      As for what I would like to buy if I got the chance to win this awesome shopping spree, I would like to spend it on baby shower favours. This is going to be my first baby, I never imagine I could be able to be given an opportunity by God to felt this happy and I wanted to share my happiness with my close friends.

      By getting them nice baby shower favour n thank you gift, hope that it will make everyone happy on that day. Happiness is sweetest when shared. Just like this give away, thanks for hosting and all the best to everyone!!

  55. I can purchase everything at Taobao that i like. Love shopping online don't need to travel every where

  56. Great Giveaway! Glad to know, Bananas like us can now shop at Taobao. I always envy those can read Chinese & go Taobao shopping. I used to browse through last time, so I know the Prices are drop dead gorgeous.

  57. thank you Tammy for giving away such an awesome gift!!
    What I think about taobao was a super huge shopping mall. The best thing of it is I don't need to walk around for so long just to choose cloths that I like. I can type whatever I want and wish at taobao search bar!! Things come easy as that, I can view it easily through my laptop, computer or gadget! I don't need to suffer on leg pain after shopping for whole day in the shopping mall, all I need are just wifi and laptop! So pick me pls, can't imagine how I live without taobao. Definitely everyday feeling annoy on choosing cloths or suffer on leg pain after walking for long hours. xDD

  58. Taobao is cheap,affordable and just simply amazing!My wish if I win is to buy loads of stuff as door gifts for my son's birthday party!:-)

  59. Taobao is a shopaholic's heaven,
    where I plan to get all my future presents,
    such as the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System,
    to fuel my shopping obssession.

  60. Taobao could be said as main supplier because you can find at there no matter whatever stuffs you could think it out of your mind. Besides that, Taobao is also a shortcut way for everyone; easy, effective and cheap. I hope to buy dog clothes and a house because their price are so so damn cheap compare with the price in pet shop. No blaming for high price but is a something that just exactly same from Taobao. So, I hope can use it to grant my wish for my dog because my dog birthday is coming soon. :D

  61. Hi Tammy,
    I really love Taobao a lot because anything that you think of can search for it. Can get whatever you can't find or unable to afford at shops here. It is very very affordable. I hope to buy mostly clothes items because their clothes are really very cheap & they have good quality :))

  62. Hi Tammy!
    Wish I could win this from you because Taobao is a shopping heaven to me. I can use the voucher to buy clothes, shoes, bags and so on!

  63. Hi, would like to ask do you guys have any idea for the refund procedures? where does the money goes when i chose to cancel the transaction?

  64. Hey Shaw Ping, I refunded twice on orders so I know a thing or two. The refund procedure is pretty easy, just get back to your "My Taobao" section where your buy history (after google translate it says baby buy) and find back the order you paid. Somewhere next to the status of you paying the order, there is a refund word where u can click.

    It will bring u to the next page where you have to type why you want to refund. The seller will read your reason and if wants to refund, will return to you quite fast (matter of hours or days).

    1. ops forgot your question refund to where? it's basically canceling your payment to him so it's going back where u're paying from.

  65. Hi, I pay through maybank2u, the refund will go to maybank account? Thanks

  66. Hi Tammy, can I get the link on where you buy the lomo camera? thanks!

    1. hi..i found the u go

  67. im on my way to get my 2nd buy on so happy..thank to ur instruction..very helping me..and ur helping me to refund my 1st paid.. thanks again..haha

  68. trying to find the lomo camera too..can u give me the link?

  69. Hello, I have came across your website and would like to ask you how did you find your forwarding agent and which forwarding agent did u find? I hope you reply! Thank you so much! :)

  70. Hi Tammy I need Help, can you clear up things a bit for me.. Im new to Taobao. Im a toy collector.. so i was amaze with all cheapest toy at this site, come very cheap so i just click buy and buy and buy like nobody business.. As I read your entry you say do not click the "oversea" but.. i did that.. sometimes they offer some free shipping..

    One more mistake that ive done is.. i just simply click the shipping method "Express Shipping" without choose the "international shipping" where you can select which forwarding agent you want to used. My question about the item? did they ship it? or just stuck somewhere? or ill never receive my item?

    Ill already paid via Maybank2u and i can see on my "My Taobao" status of the item is "The seller has ship the item" but sadly without tracking no.. so i dont no know where is my item.. and i hope it arrived safely at my door.. if not that is the value of RM300 mistake that ive done or i've learn. T.T

    1. hey! i've done the same! omg. what to do? have you receive your item completely?

  71. i've try many times. but i didnt work.. :((((

  72. if we pay using malaysian banking we dont need papypal account ryte ?

  73. Hi Tammy, i've problem with Alipay. now Malaysian can use Alipay for payment right? How to add money from paypal to Alipay? Do i've to recharge or transfer money form paypal. I thought it can automatically linked to paypal.

  74. Yes, I have horrible experience with Lequqo too. Bought some stuff in first week of March, till now still not arrived. The worst thing is, there is no way to contact them. I contacted the customer service of Lequqo china, and they told me since it is international shipping, they are unable to assist me at all.

  75. You guys still need agent to assist. At least they have experience.

  76. cannot top up woth paypal or malaysian bank. direct use cc or revenue only if want make payment with malaysia bank

  77. how long it will take to receive the good normally?

  78. how long it will take to receive the good normally?

  79. hai . I already use maybank2u to do payment but why the status in mytaobao still not change? I even ask the shop they said I still didnot do payment. it is need to wait for them to update or what?

  80. Hi there! thanks for ur post! Im finally starting up my own acc in taobao but im stuck at “收货地址” cos whenever i type in my address i will appear ”5-120个字符,一个汉字为两个字符”
    what does it mean :/
    ive tried 2 diff address but still the same thing )’:

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. I really appreciate your post, but I couldnt seem to find the parcel forwarding service...I've entered my adress ,.. and there's so sign og that thing. why is that? if you could help me I'd really appreciate that :')

  83. Thank you PSK for the step by step guide. I have yet to buy anything from taobao.
    To the AnonymousJune from 22, 2014 at 12:57 AM. At first I have the same issue. But you need to make the address as one sentence without the enter/carriage return in between.

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  88. HI Tammy, i tried but pages seems to be different, can you do an update on how to buy online from taobao again?


  89. Hi,
    I hope you can help me out! My order is stuck in the warehouse. I cant seem to find the consolidate shipment button. The only button that appears below is to directly ship out the individual item. I have a feeling it's because i did not contact a forwarding agent. How do i do that now that my order is stuck in the warehouse??

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