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NIVEA Invisible Black & White Deodorant

the first anti-stain deodorant in the world

Do you know that NIVEA Deo Invisible Black & White (for both men and women) is the number 1 anti-stain deodorant in Malaysia? I don't know any other deodorant products that prevent stains on clothing besides this. Stains such as white marks on dark clothing and yellow marks on white and light clothing. Trust me, yellow stains on white clothes is so hard to remove! Particularly around the collar and armpit due to sweating. My fiance recently gave me the task to remove the stains on his working shirts and despite using bleach, washing repeatedly and soaking it in detergent before washing, the stains still persists like a stubborn nail.

prevention is better than "kena" stain

I also resorted to homemade remedies to remove the stains to which it did not work, perhaps the stain is too strong to be removed? The old wives home remedy of using white vinegar to soak before washing. You might have come across using bicarbonate soda as one of the home remedies for cleaning, I have since swear this off any cleaning list because we developed allergies to this powder which causes us extreme itchiness and rash.

Anyway I found out from Dr. Stefan Biel from NIVEA's research team that :
Deodorant causes two types of stains on clothing. The white marks that appear on dark textiles immediately after application are easy to explain. “These are mostly residues of the antiperspirant salts used in the deodorant, which may be a temporary annoyance, but generally wash out without too much difficulty,” explains Dr. Biel. NIVEA already succeeded to solve this problem thanks to a special technology in 2005. The aluminum salts (in the formula) are dissolved in an aqueous emulsion and coated with oils that act like camouflage, making the salts invisible.
The cause of the second type of stain – yellowish stains in the underarm area on light fabrics – occupied NIVEA’s researchers for a long time. But now there’s a solution. “The stains appear after a delay – not immediately after deodorant is applied but often after several washes,” says Dr. Biel. “They won’t come out with laundry detergent any more and they get more noticeable over time as the fibers (of the textile) harden. This can make the garment unwearable.” NIVEA’s product developers joined forces with the textile experts at the Hohenstein Institute to identify the cause of the problem. “These stubborn stains gradually build up in the washing machine. Antiperspirant actives and the sebum & sweat absorbed in the textile interact with water and the detergent especially when washing at low temperatures. This chemical reaction produces yellow-colored deposits that remain stuck in the fibers. With every washing the fabric becomes more and more yellowish and inflexible."

That is why I'm switching my man's deodorant to NIVEA Deo Invisible Black & White to keep his clothes stain free so I don't have to deal with the mess at home! The exclusive new deodorant concept combines mild NIVEA care with invisible 48-hour antiperspirant deodorant protection and a pleasant fragrance. This Black & White deodorant range is free of alcohol & colorant.

anyone going to the NIVEA Black & White Collection preview?

On top of that, I am excited to share that I will be attending the preview of the NIVEA Black & White collection in collaboration with ZALORA on 13th February, 3pm at Jaya 33. It's an exclusive Black & White collection created by NIVEA and Zalora. I wonder what it is about? The invitation has a man and woman sketch, so it must be something to do with a fashion show? I'm just guessing. Can't wait to see the NIVEA anti-stain experts show me how to avoid embarrassing visible deodorant stains on clothes. 

yes it's a fashion show with Zalora!

selfies with the beauty props that came with the invite!

black stays black & white stays white

This deodorant is available at leading pharmacies and retailers near you. I will update the price list soon!

The range for men:
NIVEA FOR MEN Deodorant Invisible for Black & White POWER Spray 150ml
NIVEA FOR MEN Deodorant Invisible for Black & White POWER Roll-on 50ml

The range for women:
NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White CLEAR Spray 150ml
NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White CLEAR Roll-on 50ml

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  1. Yeayy gonna see you soon Tammy! My white school uniform dulu always got that yellow deo stain >.<

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