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please help find my iphone 5 putih

Readers & friends, I lost my beloved iphone 5 putih in a  red white taxi taken from Curve to TTDI between 7.53pm on 10th April, 2014. I was so tired and hungry, I carelessly left it on the seat while digging up money to pay for the taxi fare to a Malay taxi driver (I didn't check name etc or taxi number plate). I usually would look back on the seat to see if it left anything but on this night, I just wanted to get home and eat after a long day of meetings and rushing proposals.

I enable Lost Mode on Apple's Find My Phone (cool right) yesterday and the phone once it's online would be locked and tracking of location would be enable. I see that my iphone has changed name from Tammy's Iphone to Fadzilah. I guess the person who found my phone is name Fadzilah.

If you have friends name Fadzilah or know someone who has found my iphone 5 putih please do contact me at Reward given if return.
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  1. hope that u ca find it bak soon! :O

  2. Oh no!! Wonder if that taxi driver gave your phone to his wife or daughter

  3. I hope that person gives it back. Jahat weih. Can always call what. I left my phone at a petronas and the staff there answered my calls and told me he kept it for me. He even waited until i came even though it was after his working shift.

    Was lucky...

  4. my iphone 4 was snatched by a nigerian/african yesterday at kepong.....
    what's worse, i'm pregnant and location service on my iphone was off!!!!
    couldnt chase him and track my phone at all :/ :/

  5. maybe its in between your ass

  6. In the event that you have the IMEI/MEID number for your iPhone, offer it to the law enforcement official when you record your lost or stolen report. This will help track your phone on the off chance that it gets sold to another person.
    Best wishes from~Rose.


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