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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • 1DAY ONLY Smart Watch with Bluetooth Giveaway


    this smart watch can be yours today!

    Ensogo.com.my is going to kick off with a crazy online shopping sale for Malaysia tomorrow 11/11. Expect hourly sales, discounts up to 90% and FREE SHIPPING when you shop!. To warm this sale up, Ensogo is partnering with me to giveaway one of the awesome deals found here - The MAXGear H88 Smart Watch worth RM179 to one lucky winner. To join the contest & stand a chance to win this amazing prize, this is what you'll have to do:

    ensogo will be contacting u

    What a Smart Watch does:
    • Mobile Phone on your wrist. With Micro SIM Card Slot
    • Make phone call and SMS on the watch; GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    • Micro SD Card Slot; Support up to 32GB
    • Pedometer, sleep tracker, sedentary reminder, message reminder, call reminder
    • Camera: Watch camera( local memory storage) or Cell phone camera remote control (Save to phone)
    • Bluetooth 3.0, Answer call, dial call, remote control, push message
    • 1.54 inches capacitive LCD touch screen
    • Bidirectional anti loss: Anti lost ot remind, bidirectional search

    "Why will 11/11 be a special date?"

    The best answer will win the prize! Winner will be announce on 11/11, 11pm. *T&C apply.
    Terms & Conditions (click to show).


    1. 11.11 will be a special date as it's the day where ENSOGO allows my wallet to have fun and party especially when Christmas is coming soon. Time for me to grab great deals and Christmas presents :)

      Name: Shereen Sow
      Email: shereensow89@gmail.com

    2. 11/11 is a special date because Ensogo & PlusSizeKitten is giving away an awesome Smart Watch!!

      Michael Yip

    3. Because it's numerically beautiful, a pattern which many will desire for their special dates like weddings, celebrations -- and clearly for Ensogo's special promo!

      Ronnie Teo

    4. Because it's numerically beautiful, a pattern which many will desire for their special dates like weddings, celebrations -- and clearly for Ensogo's special promo!

      Ronnie Teo

    5. 11.11 will be a special date for me because my bf is coming down after a long trip overseas and his birthday is on the 19th ! He loves watches but somehow just never had the time to get one for himself and this would be an amazing gift for him! Especially when being overseas, picking up the phone or misplacing it wouldn't be a hassle anymore since he will just have to click answer on the watch haha! Great B-Day and early Christmas gift for him! Perfect sale by ENSOGO! Thank YOU!

      Name: Ferria Marie
      E-Mail: ringoberries@gmail.com

    6. 11/11 is a special date because this day is the day for singles. 11/11 shouldn't be a sad day but a day that you can celebrate for being single and love yourself. Of course, this shouldn't just limit for singles, even if you're in a relationship, you should always love yourself and be who you are without people defining you. Cheers!

      Emily Yap

    7. 11/11 is a special day, the day when my beloved mom was born into this world.. Without her, I will not be here.. Love my mom to the moon and back, not only on 11/11 but each and every day of the year..

      Diana Abdullah

    8. 11/11 is actually celebrated all over the world for remembrance of fallen soldiers for the love of their country. But in Ensogo, 11/11 simply means love of Ensogo to all it's beloved customer who are all trying to survive our country's inflation. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US IN SAVING OUR WALLETS! XD

      Juneci Siong

    9. 11/11 will be so special not only to me but everyone to enjoy the discount sales up to 90% from Ensogo Malaysia and its free shipping till the door step. This will a great day to buy awesome gift for Christmas!

      Manjit Kaur

    10. 11/11 is a very special day because I can buy lots of thing up to 90% discounted price from Ensogo Malaysia and it will be delivery to my door step. No more parking difficulty, no more heavy goods to be lift alone. Only happiness upon open the door to welcome my shopping spread.

      Name : Jovinia J B Yong
      Email : heronthebirdy@gmail.com

    11. 11/11 is a special date as it is actually a day to celebrate for the forever alones. While couples get Valentine's Day, 11.11 is a day just like Valentine but a day for the singles to buy themselves a present to reward themselves for being forever alones!

      Shirley Yu

    12. 11/11 is a special date because it's my 11th wedding anniversary and I'm going to buy something special for my hubby from Ensogo using 1111 unique code that will mark as the most memorable day in my life because it's a date with full of love to my loved one, just like the love of Ensogo towards its customers.

      Rena Sandhu

    13. I love 11.11 because ENSOGO offers
      (E)XCITING special Hourly deals
      (N)ICE items and deals
      (S)AVINGS and discounts i could get
      (O)OPPORTUNITY once a year everyone should not missed!
      (G)RAB all the deals and discounts i can get!
      (O)MG its 11.11 !! I just bought an awesome deal 5 minutes ago

      11.11 is the day my boyfriend is not around so i reward myself with some nice deals and maybe win a Smartwatch as well! Will Tammy and Ensogo make my 11.11 my lucky day? :D

      Name : Joey Lee
      Email : Joeylnyfb@gmail.com

    14. 1111 is equal to
      1 the position Ensogo will be very soon
      1 the first time I will buy
      1 the first time I will win something online
      1 is not the only time I will buy from Ensogo

      Steven Lau

    15. 11/11 is a special day which is also known as the Remembrance Day, which marks the end of the First World War. It is a day of the beginning of hope after a long period of suffering, starvation and grievance from the death of loved one. To me, 11/11 is a special day which constantly reminds me of how blissful we are living in this currently peaceful world and peaceful home country and to cherish every moment with your loved ones as life is short where we only live once :)

      Joy Hui Shean

    16. 11/11 is a special date because Ensogo is giving away the MAXGear H88 Smart Watch to one lucky winner and of course to lucky reader plusizekitten.... :) 11/11 also equal to crazy online shopping sales day... yeah

      Faizatol Rahayu binti Hamizun

    17. 11.11 will be a special date because it would be one of my memorable date which I will never forgot as it is the date I started to be e-shopaholic with Ensogo, I am now crazily addicted to online shopping ...

      Name: Lee Yun Kiew
      Email: lyksell@yahoo.com.my

    18. I Send a messenger to my Husband telling him today is 11.11.15. Let's go out and celebrate, then he replied me saying that is only for Single.
      I told him that today I'm single because I'm going to take this excuse to shop in ENSOGO till he drop and i'm also going to win this Max Gear H88 Smart watch to show him too.

      Miki Sham

    19. It's a special date because it's a shopping day !
      The most special thing is, I bought 11 item from ENSOGO and got a special discounted and only paid RM111 ! I love shopping you just cheer up my shopping day with today's special date by this contest.. Love you, Tammy

    20. 11.11 is special as it is singles day and massive deals from Ensogo and Tammy giving away watch! Haha

    21. 11.11 is special as it is singles day and massive deals from Ensogo and Tammy giving away watch! Haha

    22. It's Ensogo's Biggest Shopping Festival with lotsa deals and free shipping! A special day requires special say <3 Thanks for the giveaway! I hope to win this watch as a Christmas present.

    23. Name: Cathrine
      Email: catteoh@yahoo.com.au

      11.11 is Ensogo's Biggest Shopping Festival with hourly flash deals from 11am - 11pm. Customers also get free shipping just on this day!

    24. Name: Tommy D
      E-mail: tommydlwc@hotmail.com

      The biggest online shopping festival on www.ensogo.com.my with deals, bargains up to 90% off!

    25. 11/11 would be my special date Today especially in my tummy because it's pocky day for me!
      People are emptying their wallets for singles day while I'm emptying my pocky boxes lol.
      Just wishes they had come up with this celebration 4 years ago in 2011 so it would have been 11.11.11

      Name: arisa chow
      Email: arisa1443@gmail.com

    26. 11/11 has always been awesome! It's the Singles day so it would awesome to win something like this on this day for the single me! It's also the Pepero day in Korea where people exchange pepero snacks to show affection to people they like or love! And most importantly, it would be the day of THE BIGGEST ONLINE SHOPPING FESTIVAL on Ensogo with up to 90% discount! On this day, what could be even more special?

      Name: Anis Farhana
      Email: anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com

    27. It's my birthday.

      Angelina Ng

    28. 11/ 11 is a special day each year where eye-popping shopping deals come our way!
      From hourly specials to dizzying deals,
      It's a date on Ensogo where shopping dreams become real.
      It's not even my birthday but the prices are so low,
      That I'm buying myself gifts all day at ENSOGO!

      Name: Joody
      Email: joodypost@gmail.com

    29. 11/11 is a special day where there is crazy sales up to 90% discount and free shipping. It's a time to buy the things I have always wanted but waiting for sales. Ensogo.com.my is the place to surf for great online shopping.
      Name: Linda Yee
      Email: lin200326@gmail.com

    30. [P]eople, most of them,
      [L]ook at 11/11 as a
      [U]sual event known as
      [S]ingle’s Day; but for me today
      [I]s a special date, literally, filled with many sales that
      [Z]ealously makes me part with my
      [E]very hard-earned penny yet
      [K]eeps me beaming from ear to ear as
      [I]t has deals up to 90% off in Ensogo
      [T]ogether with free shipping
      [T]his is why today is a special date where
      [E]veryone gets a sweet rendezvous with
      [N]umerous sales site offering the best of all they have to bring a smile to our faces and also stand a chance to win something great like MAXGear H88 Smart Watch from Ensogo!

      Name: Alicia Yeoh
      Email: hayleymaris@gmail.com

    31. It's Single's Day! And Ensogo's throwing everyone (even the non-singles) a shopping party! <3 <3

    32. Hey Tammy, I'm wondering when you'll be announcing the winner for the previous giveaway? Just wondering because its been almost a month. Good luck to those who participated for this one!


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