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  • Why I Will Never Use Batiste Dry Shampoo Again


    annoying damage hair that I can't cut off
    (thanks to using dry shampoo)

    I have a dark secret to share. On my right side of the hair... I have a bunch of damage hair that's like fried noodles. Each time I wash and blow my hair, they become badly tangle... and it takes so much work to smooth and hide them away. Thankfully it was the inner parts of mid length hair. I'm trying to grow them out so I can chop them off and be rid of this maggie mee hair.

    How did this happen? I'm not sure if any of you encounter the same before with using a Batiste dry shampoo. When they first launch in Malaysia, I went crazy over it. It was convenient, fuss free way to freshen up your hair when you're too lazy to wash. However, dry shampoos are actually not good for your hair and scalp. It causes more product built up and clogged your hair follicles leading to other scalp and hair problems, causing long term damage for a short term happiness.

    Advantages of using dry shampoo:
    1. Instant fresh hair without washing
    2. Convenient when you're busy
    Disadvantages of using dry shampoo:
    1. Clogged your hair follicles 
    2. Worsen dandruff
    3. Irritate scalp
    4. Scalp pimples
    Read: The Disgusting Truth About Dry Shampoo

    Anyway I bought the normal Batiste dry shampoo, then repurchase again the XXL type and also one in brown finishing. The instructions says to shake and spray 30cm away from your hair roots. One day I sprayed less than 30cm away onto the mid lengths of my hair and suddenly... my hair was fried cold. It was like using a fire extinguisher, cold gas spray and naturally things would just die or freeze and break into pieces. For my case, I think either I didn't shake it properly or it was too close to my hair, the spray freeze damage part of my hair causing it to be really frizzy / like a zig zag pattern on my straight hair.

    Since then I swear off using Batiste dry shampoo, apart from it causing my dandruff to become worst due to the it's nature to freshen your hair by having chemicals absorb your sebums and oils (which stays on your scalp until you finally wash it out properly with a clarifying shampoo).

    I hope :O my experience would prevent another person's hair from being freeze fried dead. Not sure if I'm one of a kind. 

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    1. I don't think it's the dry shampoo. Most likely because of what you have done to your hair - bleaching and coloring.

    2. I agree, I always wanted to like dry shampoo but never really liked the frizz and gunk it gives on scalp. Yes a dry shampoo do revive oily scalp instantly but until I wash it off I feel so uncomfortable, not to mention wash off all those powder completely is hard as well.

      Do drop by... GreenStory

    3. OMG! I always wonder why my scalp is so flaky these days. I always use the dry shampoo on my second day hair. I think i should stop and do the dandruff treatment. Waste my money again. Haih.

    4. Rmbut i pun teruk...tp sekali guna da jadi mcm tu...i stop terus....

    5. oh my god, your hair look like so dry

    6. Thanks for sharing.. your hair is so dry :(
      i hope it will be better soon..

      Btw, i'm following you via gfc, mind to follow and visit each other?^^

    7. try using the conditioners from those box hair dyes or using vco / deep conditioners / hair masks then putting a shower cap over it and let it sit for half an hour before washing it off as usual.. good luck x - huei jean

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