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  • November Empties


    now I have something to say about them

    I thought I start an empties review instead of a the usual hello this is what review. You know just for fun. Getting bored of reviewing products and showing pictures of unboxing. Now maybe I show pictures of empties or gruesome gross finished products like Picasso?. Well this picture here isn't exactly scary or yucky. Kinda pretty actually, didn't know my bathroom sink so pretty haha. This morning before I recycle my plastic beauty product waste, I took a picture with my phone first. The sink is surrounded by current products that's being used. The amount of products I have is crazy and I get stressed just thinking how to review about them. What has blogging come to?! argh... it's suppose to be a fun past time. Now it feels like work with deadlines. I want fun back.

    So back to my sink, I have finished a lot products off since I moved to my own studio unit in Damansara Perdana. It only occurred to me to start blogging about empties this morning. Phew I still have some to show at least. Let's go from 1 - 8 and I'll summarize what I think about them.

    1. Laneige Sleeping Mask EX RM110
    Finally I finished the last Laneige Sleeping Mask (in old packaging) before I start using the new ones I bought. Yeap this is my holy grail of all sleeping mask. There hasn't been one that would top Laneige's Sleeping Mask! Totally love this since 2008.

    5/5 stars

    2. Fancl Cleansing Oil RM120-150
    If you ever heard of Shu Uemura's cleansing oil being bad bcoz it clogged pores and all, then you might prefer Fancl cleansing oil which contains no preservatives, free from mineral oil and bla bla. The free from mineral oil is the no.1 reason why a lot girls prefer this cleansing oil over Shu Uemura's. Fancl is not sold in Malaysia, I got mine from Hong Kong. Anyway as A Shu Uemura cleansing oil user, my advise is to just double cleanse if you're worried about pores being clogged.

    4/5 stars

    3. Bath & Body Works Foaming Sugar Scrub in Lush Pink (DragonFruit) RM80
    I love the fragrance crazy scrubs from Bath & Body Works but my family is anti-fragrance (lucky I'm staying alone). This one is so buttery sugary delicious on your body. However for the price of RM80 for a pop, I'm a bit hesitant to repurchase unless there's a big sale. 

    3/5 star

    4. Fancl Cleansing Oil (again)
    Well this limited edition packaging in pink has a pretty mermaid girl on the cover. I bought this from Japan (friend's help). You don't know the amount of make up remover products I have. Not necessary for removing make up but also to remove sunscreens, sunblocks and sun protection products (pore clogging materials). 

    4/5 stars

    5. Sparkling Spa Shower (old packaging) RM129
    This is a hair tonic (spray form) from Daisuke Salon. The name itself attracted me lol. The product claims to improve scalp conditions and hair fall with use after washing your hair. Just press the product head on your scalp and it'll let out "gas" which in my opinion is a bit spicy to the eyes and nostrils. The second version was much better (I'm currently using). Only lasts for a month with regular use. I didn't see my scalp improving from using this, maybe I'm using it wrong? Let's see what the second bottle do *giving chance*.

    2/5 stars

    6. Black Kill Pore Cleaner RM57 (discounted)
    My current favourite blackhead remover bought from Althea Korea. It's a cool hand held nose cleaner product. To explain, you hold it and there's a button on the side. Push the button, the greyish liquid is dispense out on the silicone brush head (like a tiny hair brush) meant to be used on blackhead area (nose / face). It foams up when you brush it on your blackhead infested skin. In one minute,  you'll see your blackheads gone! Well not gone, technically the softer newer blackheads (if you regularly clean it) will be easily removed when you massage (the tiny brush) with the grey foamy liquid which softens and somehow dislodges the blackhead, dirts and sebum from the skin. This is one product that I'm adding to my holy grail because pore packs and squeezing blackheads isn't good for your skin. The constant peeling on your nose will cause long term roughness with your skin being peel over and over again. Squeezing blackheads with fingers or blackhead removing tool, will cause potential scarring and harm to your fragile skin. Not to mention the pores are all open wide and shocked by the sudden forced removal. The Black Kill Pore Cleaner on the other hand is a much gentler way to remove blackheads. But of course, stubborn or blackheads that's been around for a long time, will need some encouragement of the pore pack or gentle push after using this :)

    5/5 stars

    7. Sparkling Scalp DR RM99  (for dandruff/oily scalp)
    This Sparkling Scalp DR is the sister to Sparkling Spa Shower from Daisuke Salon. It didn't improve my scalp or hair fall conditions. I can't blame the product because it's a number of issues that's causing my dandruff and scalp to go crazy last month. Also the product is more suitable for oily scalp and mine is dry. I still want to believe the benefits of the Japanese Onsen Hair Spa.

    2/5 stars

    8. Too Cool For School Bubble Pack RM82++
    Bought this from Too Cool For School Curve, similar to Taiwan's Beauty Talk Oxy Mask which caught Malaysia in the oxy mask beauty storm years back. Nothing to shout about, basically quite cool to see bubbles foaming after you apply the clear liquid on face. The bubbles help improved blood circulation on your face, delivering "oxygen". Which I think scientists will say bull horse shit. I purchase this because I was curious. Cheaper than Beauty Talk's Oxy Mask that's for sure and a lot brands are coming up with the same product.

    2/5 stars
    My Star Rating Drama Explanation: (saja)
    1 - Middle finger
    2 - SO-SO 
    3 - I am on the fence
    4 - There's love, we may date again
    5 - Will die if don't buy

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    1. I have to say I agree with you on No. 6! I use it on my forehead and chin area. Same rating too!

    2. I kinda forgot that I have no.6 in my Halloween basket and now I'm gonna take it out and use it! I opened it before but was kinda clueless on how to use it and forgot to ask you, haha XD see what life has done to me, semua benda i lupa =_=''

    3. The Black Kill Pore Cleaner sounds good! Me too, is having lots of products review on my drafts right now. Just took some pics and typed some, then hit the save button. =___=
      Need something to motivate me!

    4. This is the first time I came across an article reviewing empties. I have to say that this is so creative!


    5. Hi !! Did u try the black pore tightening pack from w lab ?

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