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  • Belif Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule Review


    a 6-weeks intensive anti-aging program specialized by steps

    If you've been following my skincare addiction you'll know that since last year, I have fallen in love with the use of essential oils in my skincare regime. I've become a believer in the use of these oils for beauty, health and aromatherapy reasons. So when belif approached me to test their latest addition to the Prime Infusion family (anti-aging line) the Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule, I said yes. To be honest, I have not tried any of their Prime Infusion line of products, so naturally, I know nothing of it but the magic word "ampoule" was something I couldn't' say no to. 

    beautiful dark glass bottles with glass dropper

    What are ampoules? They're magic concentrated liquids targeted at helping you with a skin care goal. There are many kinds of ampoules though, the one I'm reviewing today is a Korean ampoule so it does not come in tiny glass vials where you break it for a one time use. The Korean ampoule is very much the super baby of essence + serum. Somewhat a super essence with a higher concentration of active ingredients, packaged in glass bottles. They will come in a program, from 4-weeks or more. It's normally used as a booster or skincare hero in addition to your skincare regime (after toner, before serum or moisturizer). 

    Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule RM525

    3 different ampoules, each 15ml

    Usually, if you want glowing, radiant skin just in time for your big day (wedding) you'll incorporate such programs into your skincare regime. I believe the bride and wedding forums talk about a 12-month, 6 months, 3-months and the (emergency) 1-month skincare programs. Whether you'll sign up for a facial course or have your own program, the decision is based on if you have the time and effort to do so (and money). They won't be cheap, not the price of a moisturizer or serum. 

    I've done similar intensive programs before - L'Occitane's Immortelle 28-day Divine Renewal Program. I love the product and results after so I was excited to go on another booster program.

    BUT this isn't just any skincare review, I was asked to commit myself to a 6-weeks intensive program to see the results for myself. This would mean I have to stop and also decline any skincare product reviews to see if the program actually works.

    If you notice, I didn't blog, social share or review anything since April about skincare. I know you can use this along with other skincare products, but I didn't want to change anything in my normal routine so I could see if it made a change.

    formulated with ‘The healing herb’ – Mountain Daisy (R)
    solar infusion method (example - L)

    I found it to be frustrating that the package came in Korean so I couldn't identify the ingredients list, even online. I visited belif Korea, USA, and Malaysia but there was no ingredient list. The only ingredients mention are the key ingredients used for each ampule steps and that the main ingredient formulated from is the Mountain Daisy (scientific name is Arnica Montana). 

    Other Common Names: Leopard’s bane, common arnica, mountain arnica, mountain daisy, wolfsbane, mountain tobacco, fleurs d’arnica (French), almindelig guldblomme (Danish), slĂ„ttergubbe (Swedish), Arnika (German).

    It's a small flower with orange/yellow petals grown on the alpine grassland at 2,000 meters or above (nowhere else). This healing herb has strong skin regeneration power for collagen synthesis and cell growth. When you google Mountain Arnica, you'll find that it's been used many years back as a healing remedy:
    • ability to speed of healing of tissues
    • anti-inflammatory
    • increase blood circulation
    • reduces bruises and pain
    *I read that it becomes toxic when overdose.

    Because of its healing points, this has become one of the herbs recognized by the European medical field for skin rejuvenating after micro-cosmetic or plastic surgery. To harness this herb, belif handpicks it and extracts its essences via the Solar Nectar Infusion method under the sun. A medicinal herbal extraction process with over a 72-hour of patients and devotion by solely using the energy of the sun, resulting in a highly concentrated extract of powerful herbs. 

    I'm guessing it's probably something like the solar infusion method where the herbs are drowned in a carrier oil, inside a mason jar (example) and left under the sun for 3 days.

    P.S: belif's solar nectar infusion method is a Napiers original formula (herb and plant remedy company). Napiers is one of UK's leading complementary and natural healthcare company.

    extracted via solar nectar infusion method
    a Napiers original formula

    a repair program with purifying & regenerating effect

    Product Description
    A six-week intensive care program with step-by-step ampoules. During each step, it gives more effective anti-aging by hydrating, nourishing, and returning rough skin to resilient skin.

    Step 1: Prime infusion repair program ampoule – reset 15ml
    A soft, non-irritating old dead skin cell removal properties, helps to turn uneven skin texture into silky and soft. Added marshmallow root as part of its main ingredient which consists of Mucilage to soften and remove old dead skin cells.

    Step 2: Prime infusion repair program ampoule – recover 15ml
    Formulated with various types of natural moisturizing agents that provides long-lasting moisturizing effects without stickiness. Added Grape Vine’s sap extracted through pruning which contains active properties such as Minerals, organic acid, and flavonoid which can bring benefits such as moisturizing and anti-inflammation. The recover ampoule comes in nutrient-enriched texture that softly embraces the skin and penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves both moisturizing and firming effects after application.


Step 3: Prime infusion repair program ampoule – reactivate 15ml

A highly concentrated, nutrient-enriched ampoule formula, act as a finishing touch to the intensive 6 weeks ampoule program to enhanced skin firmness and radiant. It is a highly concentrated, rich formula that can penetrate deeply into the skin to improve skin elasticity as well as care for wrinkles and leave skin with smooth and radiant finished. Added Lotus as one of its main ingredients to helps detoxify the skin with its strong anti-oxidant effects.

    No Addition of Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic Dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

    a holistic booster using essential oils

    A post shared by lim chooi ing (@plusizekitten) on
    each ampoule step contains different active ingredients

    color, scent, texture is different for each bottle

    How To Use?

    Step 1 – Reset: Apply twice a day, in the morning and night, apply after toner. Dispense 2 or 3 drops on the palm and gently massage over the entire face. Reapply the formula one more time on the area with concerns such as roughness and excess old dead skin cells. After two weeks, move on to

    Step 2 – Recover: Apply twice a day, in the morning and night, apply after toner. Dispense 2 or 3 drops on the palm and gently massage over the entire face. Reapply the formula one more time in the area with concerns such as dryness and lack of firmness. After two weeks, move on to Step

    Step 3 – Reactivate: Apply twice a day, in the morning and night, apply after toner. Dispense 2 or 3 drops on the palm and gently massage over the entire face. Reapply the formula one more time in the area with concerns such as dryness and lack of firmness.

    overall - happy with the results!

    My Review:

    I began my journey in April, starting with the Step 1 - Reset which focuses on removing old dead skin cell. For two weeks, I diligently use this in the morning, (afternoon), and also before I sleep. The texture is lightweight and clear and the scent? It smells amazing like I'm at the spa. Among the 3, this one won my heart because the scent was just sublime. I felt calm, happy and relax. Just 2 - 3 drops each time, after cleansing and toner, before any moisturizer.

    However, I tried not to use moisturizer after, to see how effective this would be. I finish the entire bottle in a month (exceeding 2 weeks). It was partly my fault, I thought one bottle was meant to last for 2 weeks but somehow my bottle lasted a month. When I clarify with belif, they told me I need not use the entire bottle as two weeks is just the length of time you can use, and I could upon completing all 6 weeks, go back to Step 1 again. So this would mean, a complete set could last you 2 x 6 weeks program! My face was at this point, softer, brighter and calmer.

    * I have sensitive, dry-combination skin. I am in my late 30s.

    I started Step 2 - Recover and this time did it for two weeks. One the first day, my face had a slight irritation. Perhaps the active ingredients in Step 2 were too strong for my skin. A few red bumps started showing up on my face and soothe it with Aloe Vera Gel. I didn't give up, but after my skin accepted it and I finish two weeks. Step 2's scent was a tad stronger than Step 1. The texture was also cloudy with a tinge of orange (darker). Since this step is said to give deep hydration and to nourish refined skin. It's officially certified to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    I don't have wrinkles, to begin with, or at least, it's not a concern.  For this, I could not comment if the appearance of wrinkles worked. I will have to consider if this gave me deep hydration. Looking back, I realized did not use moisturizer for during this 2-weeks with it (except for Aloe Vera on Day 1). My face didn't peel and it appeared as if I have been using a moisturizer.

    Final Step 3 - Reactivate. The bottle is the darkest and the texture & color is about the same as Step 2. It still gives off a citrusy scent just like Step 2. I am excited about this step because it's focusing on improving the skin's antioxidant level to soothe and revitalize the skin. Everything seems to be on course, as I could see my face is glowing like I have used 100 masks to achieve this youthful glow.  I have this natural healthy glow and my face was absolutely blushing! (like a school girl?).

    the repairing booster before bedtime & after waking up

    Final verdict
    Drinking enough water (keeping hydrated) so your skin gets it's core food + going on this intensive program would be a good way to start. Of course, taking into account if you want to improve your lifestyle (dietary, exercise, etc) you could look even better. To summarise, I am happy with the results of the program, I'm finishing Step 3 by this weekend but I could already see the results showing on my face. My skin looks brighter, more revitalized and if I may say so, younger. I also did this with very minimal interference from using other skincare products. I only use a herbal soap as a cleanser, an ice-toner (yeap the spraying ice cool kind), the ampoules and occasionally, a lightweight moisturizer.  I did mask a few times while at work.

    Will I repurchase this? Maybe, if I need another booster next year to keep my baby cheeks in place.

    The Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule RM535. A six-week intensive care program with step-by-step ampoules. During each step, it gives more effective anti-aging by hydrating, nourishing, and returning rough skin to smooth and radiant. These 3 steps consist of:

    Step 1: Reset - Remove old dead skin cell
    Step 2. Recover - Provide long-lasting moisturizing effects
    Step 3. Reactivate – Improve skin elasticity and care for wrinkles

    Other products found in the same range - the repairing toner, moisturizing cream, eye cream, and repair essence. Available at all belif outlet(s) in Malaysia:

    belif KLCC (C11-A); Tel: 03-2163 2163
    belif Midvalley (G001A); Tel: 03-2201 0645
    belif Sunway Pyramid (G1.82A); Tel: 03-5613 6226
    belif IOI City Mall Lot (G-73A); Tel: 03-8940 7388
    belif Queensbay Mall, Penang (GF 20); Tel: 04-6447966

    belif Facebook
    belif Malaysia website

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