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Trollbeads Limited Edition Blue Ocean & 2018 Summer Collection

the limited edition blue ocean bead

Ever since I discovered Trollbeads, my heart has been racing to own one and eventually I did in April, I purchase and made my very own beach inspired bracelet. Everything, from the personalised lock which I choose a seashorse to every bead, form to make a story - my story of how I would love to escape to the islands with seashells and waves from blue green ocean singing in my ears. That's what made me fall in love with Trollbeads, they're so different from Pandora. More rugged, more creative, more wild than petite controlled Pandora. With Trollbeads, I could let my imagination form into something I carry close to my heart. Everything is customisable, from the choices of locks, to bracelets, to the murano glass beads that will not crack, scratch or go bad when you hit them hard on the table, till the beads that you can shower with.

The only thing I was dissapointed at is when every bead I wanted was out of stock. That's the down point of the Malaysia Trollbeads store for those wanting to get their hands on special or seasonal beads. They go out of stock real fast.

5 stearling silver beads + 1 lock

SO when Anis asked if I saw the Trollbeads Summer 2018 "Blue Ocean" collection, I said what?! I went to their fb page and my heart just sank. The Summer 2018 collection is so so so beautiful! If you're a mermaid or someone who loves the ocean, get ready to dive into the blue ocean and be mesmerized by the treasures of the sea. The five Sterling silver beads and one lock from the Blue Ocean collection are all beautifully detailed and made by hand.

Blue Ocean Collection
Dive into the blue ocean with Trollbeads this summer. Get mesmerized by the treasures of the sea, awed by the exotic fish of the deep and find serenity in the shapes of the gentle waves. 

Listen to the voices of the ocean – they are whispering a tale to you. 

The collection is handcrafted from stunning, colorful glass and solid sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry is a work of art. Get ready for a swim and discover the magic of the sea.

limited edition bead Blue Ocean RM465

AND the long awaited 2018 limited edition Blue Ocean murano glass bead that I pre-order since April, is here. I was so jealous of my brother's gf who had the 2016 limited edition Deep Ocean bead, I wished it would make a comeback and it really did! But it's deep blue this time instead of ocean green. I would prefer the ocean green still but this is lovely too. Handmade to perfection, every sea treasure is handcrafted into this murano glass bead - from the fishes to the corals. You can even see the bubbles! It's like having the deep blue ocean aquarium in the palm of your hands. Btw this bead, it's EURO95 and Malaysia is selling it at RM465 (pre-order was RM347). Very limited stock, I think it's 50 or 100 beads only for Malaysia so if you want one, you better get it quick.

The size of the bead is bigger than the standard murano glass beads. It's probably 3 murano glass beads forming into one egg shape body.

2016 limited edition deep ocean bead (sold out)

watch the making of the Blue Ocean bead

because of its size, it's perfect to be worn as a necklace/bracelet
(statement bead)

Limited Edition Blue Ocean
This summer, we bring you jewellery of the sea. Take a deep dive into the blue ocean and open your eyes to find a world of vibrant and vivid colours. Get fascinated by the illuminating fish of the deep, impressed by the beautiful seashells of the ocean floorand find tranquillity in the gentle waves. Take in the silence voices of the ocean - they are whispering a tale to you.

Let it stir your heart and fuel your imagination. The Blue Ocean is a place of life and true beauty. Due to the size of this bead, it is only recommended for necklaces and bracelets. The price is for the bead only.

Please note: Glass is a fantastic material. Each glass bead is handmade from red-hot Japanese glass in the open flame with no two glass beads ever being completely alike. This goes for size, coloration and pattern. Your bead is absolutely unique and may have slight variations from bead pictured.

Blue Ocean Collection range starting from RM149 onwards (while stocks last!). Available at Trollbeads Malaysia boutiques - Sunway Pyramid, Vivacity Megamall, Mid Valley Megamall. Inquire about the collection or the bead on their fb here or check for more info on their website here.