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Zara Scarf Print Blouse

only available in M size, but plenty big for size UK 16 - 20

it's not a blouse, I wonder why they call it a blouse

Yesterday, I went to Zara 1 Utama just to have a look at what's new here. Sometimes I can find XL size clothing here that fits, so it's like a treasure hunting place for me. While browsing around, my eyes immediately zoom into this one piece the mannequin was wearing. It had a beautiful Asian print on it with elephants, peacocks and wildlife on it. It'll be lovely for my next island getaway (this June I'm heading to YTL's Gaya Island for 2 nights!). The material is polyester but it feels like a silk scarf. Very elegant, soft, cool to the touch. I tried it on and decided to buy it, even though the price tag was kinda expensive but I have never seen such a beautiful print on a kimono style outerwear. It'll look good with jeans, a long plain dress, or just with my beachwear.