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  • CameraKini KLDSLR Camera Catfish Game


    I kena catfish last Sunday

    I don't know what's wrong with the shops in Malaysia but have they ever heard of the term "bait advertising" or "misleading advertisement" from the Consumer Protection Act 1999 Malaysia

    Bait advertising
    13. (1) No person shall advertise for supply at specified price goods or services which that person -
    (a) does not intend to offer for supply; or
    (b) does not have reasonable grounds for believing can be supplied,

    at that price for a period that is, and in quantities that are, reasonable having regard to the nature of the market in which the person carries on business and the nature of the advertisement.

    the ad on mudah by camerakini/kldslr

    my drama with Camerakini (KLDSLR)
    their mudah ad here

    I know our people are mostly passive about standing up for their consumer rights but some people like me can't stand to see our local business doing things like this. While I wasted my time and money to travel to KLDSLR / Camerakini shop in SS2, I would just pen down this experience on my blog to serve as a precaution to my readers to always double, triple check and confirm something before you make your way to the shop in Malaysia.

    Their service also sucks. They don't welcome or ask what you want. When I came in I sat down and waited for someone to attend to me. They were busy, but at least tell people to hold on first. When I flag down the 1st guy, he checked the deal I came for and said he needed to check stock. This guy suddenly went missing delivering camera without telling me. After a while, I tried to get help from a 2nd guy who, just look at the deal, told me it's wrong, and offer me an import (cheaper). A total of 40mins for nothing.

    I felt it was a misleading advertisement which serves as a bait advertisement to get you to go to their store with the intention of selling other products. In this case, many import sets at a reduced price. Good for those who want that option.

    the camera ad listing on mudah

    the description has been amended to 1-year warranty
    but does not tell u it's import

    The fella on mudah apologized to me after checking, said it was wrong listing. That this was an import set from Canon Japan and not a Canon Malaysia set. I checked back the deal and the only thing changed was the warranty from 1+2 years to 1 year (since it's an import) but these two things alarmed me:

    1. The header still says Canon Malaysia
    2. The price from RM3,600 changed to RM3,299

    And the best part? When I was at the store, their sales person tried to sell me an import set at RM3,500. The same one they're advertising on mudah for RM3,299. I wonder if it's a "sudden promotion" or another bait to get people to go to their store again.

    this should be my latest avatar

    Yes, I am so free to blog about this. I want to see consumers standing up for their rights and business doing things the right way. I made a report to Mudah about my experience. I hope they do something about it. If not, Mudah you're also on my radar next.

    If you encounter any shady businesses around you can make a consumer complaint to https://www.kpdnkk.gov.my and/or http://www.nccc.org.my

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