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(Review + Discount Code) Sudio NIVA, true wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden

I'm super super super excited that I got my hands on the latest and first wireless earphone from Sudio Malaysia - the Sudio Niva. I was using the Sudio TVÅ White for a while and I have been thinking of upgrading to a wireless earphone since it's trending. Even Apple has gone wireless (iPods). So this was a sweet surprise and I even have a 15% discount code "TAMMY2018" to give out to my friends who want to go wireless and save some moolah. 

The Sudio Niva is priced at RM425 and it's available in 4 cool colors, two of them perked my interest. White and Black are quite common, but look at the blue and pink it's so cute! Since most of my gadgets are in white, I went with the white again. It's also unisex so Baby G would be able to borrow it without feeling embarrassed.

Each wireless earphone comes with a built-in microphone and is compatible with Android and iOS. The sound quality is clear and crisp with a impressive bass. Overall good considering Sudio has been doing well with their line of earphones, this is the same you're going to get minus the pesky cords.

Packaged in a fashionable portable charging casing with a built-in 500 mAh battery that gives you 4 charges with each charge giving you 3.5 hours / total 17.5 hours of play time. The plastic casing does a quick charge in 10mins, a full charge in an hour. 

The minimalist yet elegant Scandinavian/Swedish design and style, it is also sweat-proof with three different-sized silicone sleeves for most secure fit and comfort for your ears.

Check the instruction card on how to get started. I was struggling to get it to work since wireless earphones are new to me. In the end, I realized the earbuds works individually, you have to press them together for 3 secs until blinks blue on to Bluetooth sync with your laptop or smartphone.

If you're planning to make a purchase, then you're going to be happy that this comes Sudio is offering free shipping for Malaysia and a one-year International warranty for your purchase. A Sudio Guarantee Certificate assuring you that your purchase did not come from some black market copy.

They throw in additional gifts, a few months ago it was a tote bag but this time it's a pack of 4 Swedish design coasters to complete your Hygge lifestyle.

Overall, a very good choice for wireless earphone shopping. I love that its light, convenient and also minimalist. The sound quality is good, and it cancels out the noise (you would not be able to hear anything else when you have this on). I would love if it could last up to 6 hours instead of over 3 hours (hopeful for next version). I love the coasters, as you can see I use them as jewelry coaster on my vanity table. I bought cement, brass and all but I felt they scratched my jewelry. This cork type coaster does not!

For a limited time only, pay only RM361.25 this month when you check-out using my unique code TAMMY2018 for a 15% off the price tag from
Many thanks to Sudio Malaysia for sending this to me to review.


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