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  • Boost Your Mood with Icy Cool Beverages by Anchor Food Professionals


    My Moodmojee Trail with Anchor Food Professionals

    Last week I traveled to Coféology Café & Restaurant Malacca from KL to try out 6 new dairy beverages debuted by Anchor Food Professionals Chefs. You may remember some of their previous successful campaigns such as Say Cheese, PizzArt and Anchor Travel Cakes. These beverages claim to boost your mood, showcasing the delicious possibilities of dairy in beverages and bringing a sip of global trends to Malaysian consumers.

    Address : Lot 21-23 Ixora Condominium,
    Jalan Bukit Beruang, Bukit Beruang,
    75450 Melaka, Malaysia.

    Opening hours : 
    Mon-Fri 09:00 - 23:30 
    Sat & Sun 08:00 - 23:30
    Tel : 06-232 9444

    my fun experience at the Moodmojee launch in Malacca

    exciting customers with new innovative drinks

    Cofeology Cafe Owner & Anchor Food Professional Representative

    Creative non-alcoholic beverages are becoming fashionable and popular in all the major culinary cities of the world. Inspired by Asian cheese teas, Jack Tan, Associate Foodservice Director of Anchor Food Professionals said, "We understand the versatile role diary can play in delivering great taste, texture and appearance in any form whether it's in beverage or cakes. Dairy is traditionally very popular with Western markets but this time, we wanted to play with local ingredients to give it an overall Asian taste and feel." He added "We are always looking at what's trending around the globe and strive to bring it back home to excite our business partners and ultimately, the taste buds of Malaysia. We have learned that creativity and innovation are as important as taste to consumers these days."

    Moodmojee Map to the creamilicious drinks

    Called the Moodmojee campaign, Anchor Food Professionals has started partnering with 15 local F&B restaurants and cafes, west and east Malaysia from November 2018 until January 2019 in phases. They will be showcasing the creamy beverage creations combined with the use of popular local ingredients such as kaya.

    (Speaking of kaya)

    Being a foreigner here in Malaysia, one of the wonderful things I've discovered in my gastronomical journey is the heavenly kaya. At first, I didn't know what it is, but after googling I came to admire the use of kaya in many of the local dishes here. Finding out that one of the beverages made use of that special ingredient got me excited! How creative I thought, a kaya beverage?

    Kaya is a rich egg and coconut jam scented with pandan leaves. It is a typical Malaysian jam, but is also popular in Singapore, Indonesia (seri kaya), Thailand (sangkhaya) and the Philippines (matamís sa báo) - The Star

    the 6 new dairy beverages to boost your mood

    Cofeology Cafe & Restaurant, Malacca

    Asian Fusion Restaurant Coffee Shop

    All 6 beverages are available at Coféology Café & Restaurant priced @RM16.90 each. However, for a limited time only, the Café is running a promotion of RM13 per drink. Do go along and check out this multi-award winning establishment which also serves a halal modern menu boasting a combination of Asian and Western cuisines, accompanied by a cozy interior and relaxed ambiance. The selection of food we were served for lunch was of a high quality both in taste and presentation so pop in sometime and try for yourself I recommend. They also specialize in specialty coffee from 7 top producing farms around the globe and every member of their crew is a certified professional barista by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

    These 6 dairy thirst-quenchers are :

    • Kayanika Fusion
    • Chocolate Surprise
    • Pom & Grey Twist
    • Lemon Mint Meringue
    • Tangy Brew
    • White Chocolate

    Sounds delicious already right?
    So how does it boost your mode anyway? 

    Through the creative use of local ingredients which brings in an unexpected pairing to tickle your taste buds! Imagine this a burst of flavors coming alive in your mouth (attacking every angle). Anchor says this year's pairings bring the marriage of zesty, sweet, savory and salty flavors to the smooth and creamy textures in your mouth. Sounds like a food anime yeah!

    I also notice the presentation of the drink is different as well, depending on the local partners. Very Instagrammable! For example, in Cofeology, the drinks came in mason drinking mug with an emoji sticker on it (see my photographs below).

    Enuff talk now. I best share my review on these yummy drinks that I got to try from the Moodmojee launch in Malacca. I had the honor to taste each and every one there during my stay in the historical state of Malaysia, rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks, and colonial structures.

    Kayanika Fusion

    A milky drink that's sweet and creamy with traditional Malaysian ingredients 'kaya', 'gula melaka', 'pulut' and red beans. On appearance, this looked like the most appetizing and intriguing drink to me as it contains all my favourite sweet Malaysian delicacies and a slice of toast to add a bit of a crunch. It tasted just how I expected it to - creamy and milky not too thick and sweet with all the different ingredients combining to compliment each other. I predict this is going to be a big favorite amongst the locals. Unlike the rest of the MoodMojee beverages, you can't consume everything. Just a heads up I don't recommend eating the Pandan leaves! :)

    Yuzu Chocolate Surprise

    Rich iced chocolate mixed with tangy Yuzu (a type of citrus fruit found in Japan, Korea & China) puree and whipped cream on top rimmed with salt lemon cooling candy to finish off. This is a drink to tingle the taste buds of all you chocolate lovers out there it's like a chocolate milkshake with a hint of citrusy flavour. Personally, I felt the sweetness of the chocolate combined with the sourness of the yuzu puree didn't go down well on the palate but I guess it's an acquired taste that others may like. 

    Pom & Grey Twist

    A flavoured cheese tea that is a refreshing concoction of mood-boosting Earl Grey tea mixed with pomegranate syrup, topped with a generous layer of chocolate cream and pomegranate seeds. Much different to the rest of the MoodMojee beverages, this is a lighter more revitalizing kind of beverage like a fruity flavoured tea blended with smooth creamy chocolate, ideal for a hot sunny day. Did you know that pomegranate seeds have some remarkable health benefits? Yes, these superfood seeds are packed full with key vitamins and minerals that are good for you and can help fight off colds, boost your heart health, give you more energy and even help reduce the risk of cancer! I envisage this will be a favourite drink for all you health conscious people out there.

    Lemon Mint Meringue

    A rich lemon mint vanilla ice blended, topped with fresh meringue and slices of candied lemon and orange, which is both a feast to the eyes and to the mouth. For me, as a lemon meringue dessert lover, I was looking forward to trying it and interested in what it was going to taste like in the form of a drink. To my surprise, it tasted just as good as the dessert form! The dollop of freshly whipped and torched meringue on top is sweet, soft and fluffy, melting in your mouth. Definitely one of my favourite Moodmojee beverages a must try! 

    Tangy Brew

    Rich cold brew iced coffee mixed with the tangy freshness of orange with a mixture of cream and cheese foam on top. The 1st thing you notice when you take a sip is the strong rich coffee taste, immediately followed by the smooth texture of the whipped cream and cheese foam with a citrusy aftertaste. If you're a fan of really creamy rich dark strong coffee, then this is the MoodMojee beverage for you. 

    White Chococoffee

    A dreamy blend of white coffee mixed generously with delicious chocolate and peanut butter. From the 1st sip, I could sense that this was going to be a sure-fire winner. I love this MoodMojee beverage it's my favorite because I love peanut butter, chocolate, and white coffee, so it ticks all the boxes! It almost has the same texture as a shake and with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkled chopped peanuts on top it tastes yummy! A definite must try!

    you can discover the Moodmojee drinks at these locations

    I'd like to say thanks to Anchor Food and Cofeology for inviting me along and hope to be involved again with any future campaigns. These highly Instagrammable Mood Boosting Beverages can be found at the following locations :

    Peninsular Malaysia
    Choon Guan Coffee Shop & Guan Cafe (Selangor)
    Love Tea F&B Living Room Cafe (Johor)
    Coféology Café & Restaurant (Malacca)
    Overstepped (Kedah)
    La Taste (Kedah & Penang)
    Lavish Fusion Bakery & HIVE by Love A Loaf (Penang)
    Family Confectionary & Baker's Hut (Perak)

    East Malaysia (Sabah)
    Delight Factory
    Chub's Grill
    Chiu's Café
    Lucky Bean

    For more information do follow Anchor Food Professionals FB and the conversations on #AnchorFoodProfessionalsMY #Moodmojee


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