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My iPhone XS Haul & Otterbox Casing Giveaway

a birthday give for myself

Finally, I took the plunge to upgrade my trusty iPhone 6S who has been with me for 3 years. It's still a good phone, which is one of the reasons I'm such an apple fan girl. While it's a good phone, I feel the camera is lacking in times because everyone takes such great pictures these days with just a click of a button with their phone. I have been thinking to get a small point & shoot camera as my Canon 70D DSLR is much too heavy for traveling. I prefer to travel light these days because I don't want to stress about bulky or heavy pieces of luggage.

Considering I mainly use my phone for everything, I decided it's time to just get the latest iPhone XS 256GB. This is the largest capacity I've ever signed up for, I remember my iPhones don't go above 16GB, I always take the basic and then regret deleting apps and photographs as I go so this time, I'm going for 256GB and I WILL HAVE FUN STORING ALL KINDA APPS AND PHOTOGRAPHS + VIDEO.

It is super expensive, but I still wanted it so I signed for Maxis's Zerolution (installment plan) for 2 years. After buying it, I quickly went home fearing someone will rob my precious phone. It's the most expensive I've ever bought, more than my own MacBook Air! But as soon as I started using it, I've fallen in love with the iPhone XS. It's the best decision I've ever made!

The difference is so great because I was using iPhone 6S (dinosaur already). Just the processor alone was smoother, faster and better. The screen quality is superb and also bigger. I was watching videos and reading my manga in happiness. The camera in low light is great and I can't wait for my Korea work trip so I can snap lots of photographs.

I'm also planning to go to Gaya Island again this February to celebrate Baby G's birthday. So yes I'm excited and happy with my purchase. It's worth it!

And thanks to Otterbox Malaysia, I could dress my iPhone XS right away in a cute pastel casing with drop protection. Yeap wouldn't want my RM5,666 phone to be damaged, my heart would stop beating.

The fashionable Symmetry Series is sleek with a raised, beveled edge that provides extra protection for the touchscreen during face-down drops. Available in classic solids, trendy graphics, fully clear and clear graphics, it's the perfect fashion statement.

 a birthday gift to myself, I deserved this!
(consoling myself lol)

I picked this Otterbox Symmetry Series #PartyDip
perfect for the party planner in me

my iPhone XS is in gold color yay
(so it matches whatever I have)

I'm giving away this cute pink with gold flecks casing
Otterbox Symmetry Series iPhone X/Xs #OnFleck

Ultra Slim with Drop Protection
all the information here

So if you're looking to also purchase the iPhone Xs or you already owned an iPhone XS or X, you can join my giveaway to win a stylish casing that protects your precious phone from accidental drops! Your investment needs to be protected haha!

How To Win?
1. Leave a comment with your name, e-mail
2. Answer this question "What kind of protection does Otterbox give?"

p.s: the answer is not sex protection okay.

This giveaway is open to Malaysian residents only. I will personally gift wrap and courier the casing to you. Starting 31/12/18 - 5/1/19. I will email the winner to get shipping details. If you'd like to find out more about Otterbox casing pls visit their website hereOtterBox is available from Machines Malaysia.


  1. name:nornazliana ab razak answer:A bit on the expensive side but designed to be rugged and withstand damage wherever you go.”

  2. nama:nornazliana answer:A three-layer protective case that will keep your smartphone safe from falls and shocks.”

  3. I also love otterbox and I heard a lot of good reviews especially the quality is so superb. You are 100% sure that your phone is in good cover.

    Jocelle Abao

  4. Hello beautiful XS.
    So, my name is Rawlins GLAM and you could email me via

    What kind of protection does Otterbox give?
    Well, the question should be 'what doesn't Otterbox gives? First of all, it gives one a mental protection as one do not have to worry about the wellbeing of the much loved phones thus enable us all to go all the way with our lives.

    On a more serious note, Otterbox provides drop protection, dust protection, multi-layer protection and in some models, even offer ports protection.

    1. Congrats Rawlins :) The answer is drop protection but you gave all the protection answers and also explained why, so yes you menang satu (1) Otterbox Symmetry Design!

      I'm giving both away, so let me know which one you pick?

  5. Otterbox give the ultimate drop protection like none other!! Something I definitely need!!

    Najlaa ‘Aqilah

  6. Jessy Ong ,
    Answer : provides extra protection for the touchscreen during face-down drops.

  7. Otterbox provides drop protection, in which it gives extra protection for the touch screen during face down drops (besides the really pretty pink pastel color! :P)

    Renae Teo

  8. 1. Tiffany,
    2. Otterbox gives protection from accidental drops from my clumsy butterfingers! Also protects me from the worries of wrecking a beautiful phone!

    1. Congrats Tiffany! As it turns out, I'm giving away both of the casing seen in the photo bcoz i changed my mind about keeping one for myself! I'll contact you on FB to get your shipping details :)

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY! Thank you for sharing your birthday gift 🎁 with everyone.

    Answer: drop protection.

    Name: Megan Tan

  10. Hi Tammy.

    Name: Irna Nurasikin (Eirna)

    Answer : Otterbox give extra sleek protection for the touchscreen during face-down drops.

  11. Bella Leong
    Drop protection

  12. The symmetry series has a raised edge to protect the phone screen when it drops. It also protects the camera which is awesome. Sleek and luxurious, I’m an otter box fan❤️ Boey Jie Ting,

  13. That is a good information and make a good information for that. I'm so very happy for it. Thank you so much min Your casing Iphone Xs is a very great Thanks!


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