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  • Starbucks The Blend is the Magic Christmas 2018


    Ho-Ho-Ho three cheers for all!

    You know it's Christmas when Starbucks starts releasing their Christmas menu and merchandise! A big fan of their Toffee Nut Crunch Latte, I was singing Christmas jingles while waiting for my barista to fill it with whipped cream and sprinkle toffee nuts before I hungrily snatch it away. Yes, it's the season of merry ho-ho-ho and while we're in a multi-racial country, I do believe that Christmas can be celebrated by anyone who believes in Santa Claus, the scent of peppermint and gingerbread in the air, and the gift of sharing.

    Speaking about sharing, here's one for Christmas! *sprinkles love* For all you Starbucks fans, this Christmas, Starbucks is celebrating the spirit of yesteryear with a modern twist!

    Starbucks Holiday Beverages Returns

    Starbucks Snowy Cranberry Latte *NEW*
    Nothing quite beats the cozy feelings you get when curling up by the fireplace while watching snow fall outside your window. Crafted to recreate this heartwarming moment, Starbucks is introducing the Snowy Cranberry Latte, a beverage that pairs the signature Starbucks® espresso with velvety steamed milk and toasted white chocolate sauce, topped with snow-like whipped cream and tart cranberry sugar for a festive finish.
    Available hot, iced and blended.   

    Starbucks Toffee Nut Crunch Latte *RETURNING FAVE*
    Ring in the Holiday season with the subtle caramelly sweetness of the Starbucks® Toffee Nut Crunch Latte, topped with whipped cream and a sticky toffee crunch. The rich buttery toffee flavors and aroma of toasted nuts make the perfect partner for Starbucks® espresso roast. 
    Available hot, iced and blended.   

    Starbucks Peppermint Mocha *RETURNING FAVE*
    Indulge in the traditional holiday flavors of the Peppermint Mocha, a combination of espresso and steamed milk sweetened with flavors of chocolate and peppermint. Topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle and candy cane pieces, this festive beverage is just too good to resist!
    Available hot, iced and blended.   

    Starbucks Holiday Blend

    Let's not forget the roast coffee beans shall we? *inhales*. Inspired by time-honoured traditions, the Starbucks Christmas Blend is available this holiday for you brew a cup of good old times and talk about the merry moments. Three flavourful, beautiful blends for the picking - Starbucks Holiday Blend, together with Starbucks Holiday Blend Espresso Roast and Starbucks Holiday Blonde Roast packed in their timeless design, each featuring a Starbucks past which was also translated to their Starbuck's cup designs.

    Starbucks Holiday Blend RM40.00
    Anticipation is what makes this particular blend so tasty. That’s because the Starbucks® Holiday Blend’s magic comes from rare Sumatran beans that have been aged three to five years. In that time, they develop spicy, cedary and syrupy flavours that our roasters can barely wait for each year when they can create this blend.

    Starbucks Holiday Blend Espresso Roast RM40.00
    Explore the deeper, darker side of Starbucks signature Espresso Roast this season with its cedary and herbal spiciness with an intense caramel sweetness.

    Starbucks Holiday Blonde Roast RM40.00
    For coffee lovers who prefer a more subtle flavour of warm woodsy aromas and soft spicy notes.

    For a quick coffee fix, check out the Starbucks VIA Holiday Blend RM33. It is a pack of three instant holiday classics made from the same signature blend of rare aged Sumatran coffee with lively Latin American beans and mellow Indonesian beans.

    Starbucks VIA Holiday Blend.

    discover 4 Christmas cup designs, each with a symbolic meaning

    Don't miss out the unique Christmas designs translated by Starbuck's yesteryear into 4 distinctive cups. From left to right, I'll list each design here for you (credits to Starbucks).

    Stars often appear in Starbucks designs, even winking atop the Siren’s crown in the company logo. The illustration of a couple reaching up to place a star atop a holiday tree from Christmas Blend 1999 was the starting point for this year’s Stargyle design. Here the stars twinkle against a backdrop of interlinking diamonds in varying shades of Starbucks green.

    On each bag of Starbucks coffee there is a sealed seam that runs along the back, called a fin. Starbucks has been adding a contrasting color along the fin as a design element for years, and the team found a way to bring that design element to center stage. A take on the iconic red cup, the Stripes holiday cup features graphic bands of bright poppy red and a darker cranberry, accented with white pale rose gold. A ribbon of black, white and Starbucks green on the back ties all the four cup designs and reappears in merchandise and store signage and displays.

    “The ribbon was born out of the holiday feeling of boxing holiday presents and wrapping paper,” Cameron said. “The holiday cups feel like these presents you want to unwrap. Each one is its own gift.”

    Ripe coffee cherries have evoked festive holly on packaging over many years, including 2013 and 2017. In a nod to Starbucks coffee heritage, the Flora design features mint-green graphic leaves with pops of colorful bright red berries against a cream-colored background.

    Espresso Houndstooth
    Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast is known for its intense flavor and caramelly sweetness. Designers used fire to represent this rich, dark roast, and reimagined it as elegant flame in the red and white retro Espresso Houndstooth design.

    Starbucks Planner 2019

    How To Get The Starbucks Planner 2019?
    I know everyone is crazy about Starbucks's planner every year but you know you have to drink 15 Starbuck beverages to get it?! Download the Starbucks app and start drinking your way to the 2019 planner. Redeemable from 20th November onwards with the purchase of any three Grande or Venti-sized Starbucks Holiday Beverages, and 12 other Grande or Venti-sized of any Starbucks handcrafted beverages made from 13th November onwards. T&C

    Not to forget the seasonal Starbucks holiday merchandise which makes everyone go jing-a-ling. Look out for not one but two collections for your Christmas tree themed "Winder is Coming!" and "Santa has arrived!".  There are also Starbucks Holiday gift cards available in Christmas designs :)

    Giftcards & The Red Mug 12oz

    The Classic Red Mug 12oz

    Starbucks Holiday Merchandise

    Christmas ornaments. planners. bearistas & snow globe

    product & price list

    2018 Red Mug 12oz RM65
    • Classic 12oz ceramic handle mug design.
    • Full dip glossy white body, gloss decal with metallic.
    • Green Siren Logo decal.
    • Great for collectors of Red Cup merchandise.

    Red Mug 12oz RM78
    • 12oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Legion Mug featuring Santa and his reindeer delivering presents.
    • Rolled handle for iconic camp-style mug.
    • Double walled keeps beverage hot.
    • Starbucks Siren logo.

    Blue Santa Globe Tumbler 12oz RM85
    • Light blue colored lid, inner cup and silicone pad.
    • PVC insert and foil stamping & gradient color printing.
    • Silkscreen printed wordmark on outer cup.
    • Water ball with glitter powder & Santa figure.

    Double-Walled Cold Cup Glass Wreath 11.3oz RM168.00
    • Double wall glass for hot and cold beverages.
    • Press-fit lid with pink straw.
    • Color and Black Siren decal.

    Woodland Creatures Waterbottle 25oz RM58.00
    1. 25fl oz Tritan Water Bottle.
    2. Tritan Plastic.
    3. Fun colored tethered lid, with threaded twist on and off functionality.
    4. Lightweight and portable.
    5. Cute and festive holiday art.

    Rander N Santas Waterbottle 16oz RM88
    • Separable upper and lower body.
    • Opaque colored light with LED function.
    • Transparent color upper body.
    • PVC insert with foil stamping & printing.
    • Silkscreen printed wordmark on outer cup.
    • Kraft paper hang tag with elastic string. 

    Christmas Bearista Boy RM98
    • Our Christmas Bearista Boy is ready to celebrate the holidays! 
    • Featuring a bright, micro velvet shirt and plaid scarf.
    • With a PomPom on his head and white fluff around his waist, our Starbucks Bear is dressed to look his best!

    Christmas Bearista Girl RM98
    • Our Christmas Bearista Girl is ready to celebrate the holidays! 
    • Featuring a bright, micro velvet shirt and plaid skirt.
    • With a PomPom on her head and white fluff around her waist, our Starbucks Bear is dressed to look her best!

    Snow Globe Malaysia Collectable RM138
    • To-go-cup-shaped snow globe with the Malayan Tiger (Harimau).
    • Also includes iconic figures of Starbucks, such as:
    • To-go Cup
    • Blackboard
    • Coffee Bean
    • Wooden Floor
    • Green Apron
    • Laser cut copper of ‘Malaysia’.
    • Silver glitter ‘snow’.

    P.S: You can also get Christmas tree ornaments for RM38. There are three designs to choose from. Note that the Snow Globe is exclusive only in Malaysia!

    Holiday Lunch Box RM65

    comes with a Starbucks Signature Fruitcake Loaf inside

    Starbucks® holiday beverages will be available for a limited time, crafted by hand for you. For more information visit Starbucks Malaysia FB

    Written by Tammy. Drank by Baby G.


    1. I've given up their planner although I love it, kinda hard to accumulate 15 drinks and normally by the time I did, they're already fully redeemed sobs :(


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