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Real Life Tails: When Your BF Looks at Girls


My girlfriends complains about their bf looking at girls when they go out. They get angry and asked why? this punk already already has a gf and he still ogles and stares at others like he the one he has is not good enough. I share the same predicament and sometimes I wonder if I should be angry or scared about it. Who knows? maybe your boyfriend just wishes he IS the girl (and NOT WITH the girl).


  1. LOL. thats so funny but irritating! :)

  2. LOL! love your last sentence. i know it's natural for their eyes to wander but i think it's rude of them to talk bout it openly in front of their GFs. unless their GFs don't mind of cos.

  3. guys will always look at gals, the problem is, do we want them to tell us? what if they look n keep the comments to themselves n not tell us gals whether he like how they wear or was it nice or not? everyone is curious n i think its ok to have a healthy conversation wif our man, so that we can find out wat they like n we gals can put it on! lol

    xoxo elle
    ps: i also look at handsome guys ;p

  4. LOL so funny, but think either option you mentioned is scary :D

    Guys always look, especially with super short skirts or skimpy things everywhere - it is a little insulting but can't really do much about it ya. That's how guys are and all that.

  5. Elle = Hamsap (so win win situation, her guy look at girl, she look at guy both exchange notes)

    = happy couple

  6. Coffregorge: hahhaa.. u say it babe

  7. Shuaddict: whaha..also scary eh? hmm guys nowadays have to becareful of them already.. they are also our competitors!

  8. Immi: natural but rude, now i got a response to all the complains i hear! muahhahaa...

  9. agree it's annoying when your guy look at other girls like "mata want to terkeluar" but can't blame them coz it's their nature "look but no touchy touchy" but the most irritating part is when those sexy girls wearing mini shorts or skirts or showing their big boobs... they tend to seduce your guy!!!
    at one time... i was inside the cosmetic shop and my guy was sitting at the provided chair, came a sexy girl purposely browsing at those items near where my guy was sitting and brushing her bare legs to seduced him!!!
    melampau rite!!!

  10. Guys will ALWAYS look at other girls, k? If your guy isn't looking, it just means he's not telling you! I'm fine with it cos I know he's with me and not them and also he's not hiding it from me. And to tell the truth, if I saw a pretty girl, I'll look also loh hahaha!

  11. har izzit so annoying ? I dunno but I do look together with my bf whenever there's some awesome girls passing by ! lol...
    He will tell me to look and I will do back the same thing too ! Sometimes I'll say :"wow baby ~ see ~ that girl her boobs is so damn big !" . haha..
    I think it is fun to watch beautiful girls v bf. Just don't take it as a serious matter then ok liao ^^

  12. Actually...I don't mind it so much.....coz I would be looking at the girl too! I think as humans we are just naturally drawn to beautiful things. Of course then I'll pretend to sulk and let him pujuk me a bit...hehehe....

  13. um..why cannot let them look at girls?
    after all,we also look at handsome guys wat XD

    beautiful things are meant to be shared :)

  14. guy always will be a guy. They just look around & do some comparison hoping the gf will always be at ur best.

    I also look at other guys but myb i admire coz they are hansome. hehe

  15. haha
    im normally the one who look at other girls and share wth my bf :P

  16. Yes guys like to look at gals, I bet u gals also get guy who is holding their gf on one hand, yet their eyes focusing on u rite? :P Gals body are very visualise, not to say only men look, I think some of us do check them out too. We also look at sexy hunks, but we keep for ourselves la of coz. But for our man, is good for them to tell it out, so we know wat they up to :)

  17. better look...if no look make him look....if not later become GAY worse......kekeke.......guy look at girl = good ! still normal (their nature).......no look then u start to panic ......

    tutu J

  18. He just wish HE IS THE GIRL... LMAO!!!!

  19. he looks. i look. its as simple as that.

    boys will always be boys.

    and us girls. will always be girls.



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