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Wash Wash Baby!

latest products from Toni & Guy

For those who love coloring their hair, imagine if you could color and wash your hair at the same time? wouldn't it be great? no more waiting 30mins and if you get tired of the color, all you need to do is get another color to play with! Toni & Guy Malaysia Facebook will be revealing what the products are soon so check them out while waiting for my review (evil laughter). I'm darn happy that this is so easy to use and it's not damaging my hair!


  1. wowww..bestnye..dhkuar ke product ni?
    cool.... =)

  2. safe for pregancy period?

  3. Mummy Zara: should be out oledi, Toni & Guy PR said September launched :D

  4. Sarina: wow this is a good question, I shall ask the PR and get back here :) to reply.


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