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  • My Lancome Teint Miracle Experience


    Lancome Teint Miracle Roadshow at MidValley 
    (South Court Metrojaya Side)

    Last month, Lancome Malaysia Facebook was telling us that there's a new product coming soon in October. As Fatin described, they were teasing us about the "Aura in the Bottle" and asking us to guess what it is. Of course I couldn't guess what it is  but soon after Lancome Malaysia announced what it is - Teint Miracle. A revolutionary foundation created by Lancome to give women natural complexion, as though you're not wearing foundation and still has that "aura" that exudes like celebrities walking down the red carpet, looking so natural and healthy with a "glow". Now imagine you can recreate this look and have light that radiates from beautiful skin? it will probably take you years!

    mini makeover & sample while stocks last

    SO after 10 years of research and with 7 patents pending, Lancome has finally captured the light and putting it in a bottle called the Teint Miracle. Sounds magical or just another mambo jumbo trick? You can judge for yourself by visiting Lancome's Teint Miracle roadshow event at Mid Valley (South Court) to get a free mini makeover and a sample of the Teint Miracle and well tell me if you have glowed out of your skin.

    Miu at Lancome's Teint Miracle Launch Mid Valley

    Sounds so good, I just had to try it and thanks to Lancome Malaysia, I got an invitation to try the "Aura in a Bottle" so did Fatin & Doroshi! so I was sycked! I shall not go into detail about the product, you may check out Lancome Malaysia Facebook or visit the roadshow event to find out more about it! This post shall be on my makeover experience. Alternatively please read the summary post on the product, event and contest here which I have blogged earlier here.

    LancĂ´me Colour Design Artist (LCDA) giving me a mini makeover

    Products used for my mini makeover session
    Express Cleansing Water, Genifique Youth Activator, Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream Fluid, Eye Contour Gel Cream , UV Expert Make Up base and Teint Miracle.

    last step lip gloss to match my baju kurung

    my before and after photos using Teint Miracle
    (before: prepped up with lancome skincare)
    (after: using teint miracle foundation)

    GROUP PHOTO TIME! girls just love to pose
    (with products lol used/harm in the process of beauty)

    During my makeover using the Teint Miracle, I was surprise that the foundation was light weight and even out my skin tone just like my Skin79 BB cream does (Blemish Balm Cream RM180). I have dry skin, redness on my cheeks o sheer to light coverage foundation is enough for me. This foundation comes off somewhat like a skincare as well, which manages to plump up my skin after use. I could feel the smoothness in my cheeks and I don't feel I had foundation on. I almost forgotten to remove my make up when I went to bed yesterday night. It felt as thought I had none on. I think it suits me very well but it might be a problem for those with acne scars or serious blemishes. Judging from the photo, you could see it's as though there's no differences at all. I must say that this is not because there's no effect on me, it's because my skin is already great to begin with (I can hear ppl screaming, shouting and cursing now, probably throwing junks at the monitor while reading this).  I read that the foundation is made to let you have bare skin complexion so that's probably why I still look like I have no make up on! (before or after).

    Important: This is my thoughts on the products used on me. Not everyone has the same skin/ideal skin to begin with before and after using this product.This is why you have to try the samples given out during sampling campaigns so that you could judge for yourself whether the product is suitable for you. 


    1. miu.... u look lovely in baju kurung :)

    2. thank you boldy :) it was a birthday gift from my x-colleague

    3. look natural! can't wait to try it myself..

    4. This item looks great.. I think want to try.. :D

    5. go go get the sample girls! and that mini makeover. Plus u can snap a before n after picture like me and enter the contest in their facebook :D

    6. Hi Psk,

      i love your blog. I also love Lancome products, but I honestly think your skin looks just as good without the make up on as with it on!

      take care :)

    7. can i get sample from jusco maluri?

    8. Hi Yumi,

      Yes u can, Lancome says all lancome counters. I just hope the stock has arrived. Pls inquire from there first :)

    9. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank u so much for your compliments! but.. haha..wait till u see close up of my pores n pigmentations! runnn!!

    10. hello Miu
      I'm currently sampling this foundation and really liking it. They're not lying about the looking natural and healthy glow. :)

      Even better than some BB Creams!

    11. Hey Foxy :D!!!

      u got the sample? yeah it's natural right, compared to BB cream price, it's cheaper than the BB cream i use. Looks like tak pakai pun foundation!! hahha..

    12. =D look nice,how much of it?6(^^,)

    13. Your skin looks lovely, what shade of the foundation are you wearing?


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