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Tea Time at The SmokeHouse Restaurant


The SmokeHouse Restaurant (beside Madam Kwan's)

There's a quaint lil' English Restaurant along the rows of eateries along Jalan Telawi in Bangsar. I would never have know there is such a restaurant until they invited me to come down for tea one Sunday afternoon. Of course the only thing gripping me about Bangsar is the tough time finding a car park space here! but I heard recently it's been better. Nevertheless if anyone could find a car park at the right time and place, do drop by The SmokeHouse Hotels & Restaurant for an afternoon tea with yourself or friends. The teatime set is surprisingly affordable and you may enjoy it over a cuppa with a friend or two. 

Tea, Coffee or Me? the girls giggles

I brought along my two friends, Buaya Wing & the now turned "Sabahan" Joey who came down to Kuala Lumpur for a short holiday. They were of course excited that I'm going to treat them to tea! I was looking at this signboard where their tea time sets were highlighted. Set A comes with a English scone, apple pie with a pot of coffee or tea for RM12++. Set B has a English scone, apple pie, a slice of cake, brownies and sandwiches with a pot of coffee or tea for RM18++. Amazing set for that price to be enjoyed during tea time with your friends. Guess which set we order?

Afternoon Tea Time Set B RM18++
(we ordered extra two more scones to be added)

Personally I loved the scones served here. It's an English biscuit made with flour, butter, sugar, milk or cream and baking powder. Traditionally they're made with currants but now there are a few varieties from plain to ones with dried fruits and flavors. Eaten with cream or jam, it's heavenly over a cup of tea while you sigh and enjoyed the quiet afternoon around you. The scones here are freshly baked everyday to be accompany with freshly homemade strawberry jam.

"As I'm writing this, I wish I'm there again"

The Apple Pie tasted somewhat differently from the ones I usually take. It's not sweet or sugary like the ones you eat. Even the Brownies tasted differently, which I enjoyed. I was told that the scones, brownies and apple pie recipe used in this restaurant were the original recipe since 1937, passed on by the British since the colonial days. This probably explains why it's different from the ones around us today. The cake that comes with the set today was Orange Butter Cake, it goes well the cream served in this set. The sandwiches is nothing to shout about, standard type sandwiches you find anywhere. At Rm18++ the teatime set is served in a 3 tier cake stand and comes with a pot of tea/coffee. The RM12++ comes in a two tier cake stand and also a pot of coffee/tea.

The SmokeHouse Hotels & Restaurant Facebook
Address: 67-G-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone: (603) 2288 1510
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs (11am-12am) Fri-Sun (11am-2am)
Halal/Non-Halal: This place serves alcohol just like TGIF/Chillis. Strictly no pork served here. There is no Halal certification. 


  1. scones~~~~ try the scones~~~~

  2. u should try the ones from here!

  3. I'll try it the next time I go to Bangsar....looks nice..

  4. Aik, never noticed a Madam Kwans there before. Isit the same row as TSB? (Telawi Street Bistro?)

  5. Yvonne: wei babe u r x-ocbc Yvonne is it?!

  6. Sarina: i like d ambiance ^_^


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