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Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner Review


the latest products from Toni & Guy

Thanks to Toni and Guy Malaysia who approached me to review their latest line of product called TONI&GUY COLOUR  that aims to blow your hair away. The much anticipated 2 tone-intensifying shampoos and conditioner which work together to positively charged(+) your individual color with tone intensifying shade-specific care. These products are specifically formulated to help assist longer color retention. From cleansing, through to maximizing the tonality of your color at the styling stage. 

pump type packaging

Toni & Guy Color comes in two tone alluring shades to choose from red brunette (enriched warmth given with subtle hints of Level One Dye Technology for enhancing red undertones)  and dark brunette (adding a rich mocha like depth with reflective shine). I choose dark brunette to review as my hair is already a dark brown color. Dark brunette is a mocha (chocolaty brown) level one dye complex with aesthetic shimmer-effect of glitter overlay which is present in all, to give an effervescent glow to hair. Level one dye complex works by penetrating just underneath the hair cuticle. Couple with olive oil and a heat protection complex, this shampoo and conditioner partnership is somewhat to me a coloring, moisturizing and protecting haircare all in one.

Dark Brunette Shampoo RM39.90/250ml

I was expecting colored (dye type products) to be damaging and dry, but it wasn't so. For my thick n dry hair texture, the shampoo is a bit drying during wash (like using those organic shampoos) but the conditioner which was surprisingly moisturizing! saves the day. It left my hair soft and silky after use, just like a damage-repairing conditioner would do.

the texture: creamy (conditioner) liquid (shampoo)

check out the shimmers on the shampoo!

Dark Brunette Conditioner RM39.90/250ml

check out the conditioner, it has shimmers too

here this is the close up, can u see now?

does it stain your hand when washing? NOPE

Overall this product in my opinion is not a permanent dye solution but it does have a coloring effect when use overtime). In just one wash, I could see the difference in the after shine n tone of my hair. It serves as a great color enhancing shampoo and conditioner for colored hair to maintain that mocha/red undertone and vibrancy. For those who dare not change their hair color could play around with this product. With each hair wash the color intensifies. Stop washing and gradually your original hair color will be back. Talk about controlling your hair color!

before n after (from dull to shiny mocha tone hair!)

notice the shine and rich chocolate tone on my hair?
(posing with my favourite celeb Xandria Ooi!)

Anyone remembers the good old time where hair coloring is ban in school? (not to mention cosmetics too). Is it still banned? Coz if I had these products I could wash n color my hair and tell the SWAT team that I didn't dye my hair I SWEAR! (I only shampoo it).

Sold for rm39.90/250ml available at selected Watson's stores. I would recommend to those who dyed their hair as a color shampoo and conditioner. It can help to keep the shine and lustrous tone! For maximum visual effect, Toni & Guy recommends at least 8 washes.

Price: affordable
Texture: Shampoo Liquid / Conditioner Creamy
Scent: strong saloon smell
Color: available in Dark Brunette / Red Brunette
Packaging: Standard, pump type bottles

Join Toni & Guy Malaysia Facebook for updates and news on their latest products here!


  1. lol..it looks like coloring shampoo ~ XD
    Never use this kind of color geh shampoo before , but it should be nice ^^ Love the bling bling in the shampoo ~

  2. yeah i never use b4 also, this is a new technology got the bling bling inside for shine. Quite cool..can stain ur hair.. but cannot stain hands..

  3. alohhh...i just colored my hair! termakan ur liese bubble hair color laa nihh!!

    but this one pun interesting jugak...how??


  4. Like this product!! I always lazy to care bout my hair.. =p

  5. babe....i bought the shampoo and conditioners today at OU's Watson. Will let u know how it turns out.

  6. Miu whats the difference between the Toni&Guy and the Liese product u blogged about? Is it basically the same concept? Will the color run down with every wash (with a different shampoo)? Thanks

  7. Aiesya: hahah which color again u bought for bubble hair dye? u can use this to enhance shine n tone afters! but anyway babe.. the dye not bad right? it don't make our hair so dry n damage.

  8. Jean: this type really easy for you..who scare to dye hair one..

  9. Inang: Woah! waiting ur update then!

  10. Starry Eyed: the difference is T&G is a non permanent coloring solution and Liese is a permanent dye solution using higher level of dye compare to T&G (uses level 1 dye).

    For Liese, after you dye your hair, the color will be more obvious after a few hair washes. It is a hair dye color product.

    For Toni & Guy, the shine and tone of your hair color will be enhance with more and more washes using the product. Once stop using the product, the tone will start to gradually fade away.

  11. will my hair turn 0ut brunette even if i don't use the conditioner..? :D

  12. hi it's better to use the conditioner as it has olive oil to replenish your hair moisture and to soften it after using the shampoo which might be drying for you hair texture.

    This not hair coloring product, so u can't see color change. it's tone enhancing shampoo and conditioner :)

  13. Ahhh I don't know where my comment went D:

    Anyway, thank you thank you so much for this! <3 I have been looking for someone to review this product since the moment it arrived in Malaysia! <3

    You, dearie, have just confirmed my instincts to get this product asap! :3

    And I just love how you're from Malaysia! I rarely bump into Malaysians online o.o *thumbs up* <3 <3 <3

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