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Wanton Mee from Heaven


wanton mee from heaven?

Today being a holiday, we were hanging out with friends somewhere in Sunway Giza, eating Ipoh Chi Chong Fan. Out of nowhere, my bf showed me this video clip, taken by his friend KP's iphone 4 showing someone throwing noodles up in the air. It's actually wanton noodles being flipped (during cooling process) into the air but I have never, NEVER seen one being flipped so high up before! (check out the video). I do apologized that this post is on a non-halal subject (food). Just to show you how I was amazed at the noodle flipping. After seeing this video, I asked my bf and his gang to bring me to this shop for dinner to see this being done in front of my eyes.

wanton mee from heaven does not have shop name!

The wanton mee stall is located at Sea Park (Jalan 21/22) in front of this Kedai Bunga Floral Talk. My bf's friends said it was really good coz the noodles are springy and delicious. They open at 7pm so we were there just at the right time to be seated coz moments later, the place was full house! Unfortunately, I couldn't see any mee being flipped high up tonight as they had some stall covers on top. 

fancy living across this delicious wanton mee stall

wanton soup

bbq pork and char siew pork

my wanton mee with char siew

I ordered a medium wanton mee with char siew and wantons (soup). The noodle portion were large in my books! but I was happy! coz it really is delicious! the noodles are springy and thinner than usual wanton noodles. The char siew (pork) is succulent and tender (I'm not a fan of dry and hard char siew). The skin is BBQ and juicy, I missed this the most. My bf says he likes the noodles too but the char siew is a okay only. There were 6 of us eating, and we ordered an extra plate of mixed char siew and roast pork. I find the roast pork average only, unlike the char siew which I say is really good. The bill came out to RM71 for 6 people's meals (inclusive of herbal tea drinks). Not bad.

full house!

bye bye wanton mee, I will come again!

I will come again! I am not food critic or connoisseur, but in my books these wanton noodles are A+! If you're also looking to try this shop, here's the coordinates (google map). Located at Sea Park, Jalan Jalan 21/22 along the shop houses opposite residential houses. They open everyday from 7pm onwards. 


  1. do u know where can i find halal wanton mee? im craving for it since 1st day of puasa lol!

  2. tammy, tis is jalan 21 (seapark), not jalan ss21. jalan ss21 is damansara utama ^__^

    yes, the noodle is really springy...im staying nearby tis place, with my in law :)

  3. I like the noodles there too and nice to watch them toss the noodles. Just don't like that the char siu is cold.. ;p
    It's in seapark.


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