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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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a new deal for you

Recently I stumbled upon another site called WeBUY.Com.My! It's an interesting site that features discounts from 50%-90%! You may ask how they can get discounts up to 90%? it's because it's a group buying site where they share the concept of collective buying. WeBUY.Com.My has a deal every max 3 days and currently they have deal RM6 for 1 Fusion Spanish Tapas (21 choices) from 32 Bistro. Bar at Sunway Pyramid or Bandar Puteri Puchong.

today's deal

That's 65% discount off 3 course dinner set with chilled juice (worth RM70) but what's the catch? Group buying works this way. A deal will only be on or activated if there's enough people buying the deal within the deal period! Say it takes min 30 deals sold for this 3 course dinner with chilled juice Feature in 1 day but only 10 bought it? the deal will not be on and you won't be charged for it!. What happens when more than 30 deals are sold? THE DEAL IS ON! everyone gets the deal!

watch how We Buy works

Did you watch the video? it shows how WeBUY.Com.My works gets unbelievable deals for us, how a deal works and how we can finally redeem and enjoy your deal at the place be it a shopping place, a dining place or a pampering spa place! There's so many websites now like WeBUY.Com.My but the difference is how they choose their deal. WeBUY.Com.My focuses on quality deals to feature so that customers can experience good food, services, events or spas at an affordable price. There's no calling bluff with WeBUY.Com.My as they give very clear details on their deals and easy to use functions.

suggest a business for We Buy

Every time there's a new deal, I feel it's a new adventure! There's so many things to do and plan in the city once you get on board the bandwagon. Since we can try a place and not regret paying heaps for it, it becomes really fun and if the place is really good, I will go back there! But if I can't find a deal that suits me, guess what? I can suggest a place/deal to WeBUY.Com.My's "suggest a business" site so they can strike a deal with the merchant and make it happen for me! =D awesome.

Check out their facebook page here to start suggesting places for fun, maybe someone will hear it? Don't forget to register as a member too so that WeBUY.Com.My can email deals to you so you won't missed out a thing.

This weeks deal is from Zen’th Beauty and Slimming Spa for RM 58 (91% off) and not to forget a special RM 0 deal for a Gucci bag. Fantabulous! So just click BUY and become the winner of the Gucci bag.

 So just click BUY and become the winner of the Gucci bag.
Previous winner for the iPad deal can be found here.

Sign-up now at http://www.webuy.com.my/V1/register.php?bgcode=BG01-03 and get RM 5 credit absolutely freeeeeeeeee! 


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