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  • The Body Shop's Earth Lovers Shower Gel Introduction


    watch the video & find out why I love this shower gel!

    I attended the media launch for The Body Shop's Earth Lover's Shower Gel event and boy was it fabulous! So sorry I have yet to blog about it and show you girls how awesome this product is! but what I will tell u now coz this just can't wait! The Earth Lover's shower gel is EARTH FRIENDLY! it's bio-degradeble from the ingredients to the bottle packaging. When u shower with this, the after-use of the product (meaning the soapy bits water) will bio-degrade into the sewers etc and not harm nature or Earth in the process. This is absolutely an amazing product to begin with at this century where we should strive to minimized pollution and harmful use of by products. Bottles should be recycled or degradable and how awesome it is that the by product use is also biodegradable now? The news that I can't wait to share is the shower gel is AFFORDABLE! (RM29.90 cheers) and if u buy one now from The Body Shop & 1 rainforest hair care u get a free Bath Lily!!! awesomeness!!! I'm going to stack up!!! they smell great (go for watermelon!!! my favourite!). This shower gel is sulphate, paraben and colourant-free. Contains real fruit extracts =)

    buy earth lovers shower gel+rainforest hair care get free bath lily

    More to come stay tune =) It's my second day at work so I need to adjust my timetable to blog now. Training at the moment so I can't concentrate on blogging. Check out The Body Shop Malaysia Facebook for more info!


    1. Yeah i dig the watermelon one too! Stumbled upon this product while making full use of the body shop friendship day sale with me sis... was sooo tempted to get the watermelon bath but i wasn't sure if it would be good for my dry skin so i decided to do some research first.. hehe. Thanks for the review!

    2. oh haze.. the smell is wonderful... and it's not drying for my skin! but i don't know about your skin though. I have normal body skin, so it works fine for me. Most importantly it's not made with SLS or etc chemicals that harm u or the nature! so don't worry about drying. Try on your hand first yeah to see if it's suitable (the texture and the after effects)

    3. I tried and I feel that the shower gel is silky smooth and gentle on skin !
      Love it so much ! How I wish they can come out with my favorite Lavender scent T_T

    4. if you have maybank card it is rm44 for 2 bottles :)

    5. Hmmm... It's buy 1 earth lovers shower gel free bath lily or free bath lily which purchase of any earth lover showel gel AND a rainforest hair care...??? >.< Just would like to check on this XD

    6. thera hang on! i ask them properly

    7. ah T_T so sorry... have to buy 1 rainforest hair care also to get free bath lily. I wonder how much is the rainforest hair care sobs ob..

    8. The rainforest hair care is preddy steep for such a small bottle.. i think its about RM45+? Not too sure tho. So in the end i bought just the watermelon bath.. Just used this shower gel this morning and im smellin like sweet fresh melons! And best of all, even though its SLS and chemical free, it lathers up preddy well when you use a bath lily/loofah. I loike!


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