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  • Warning! Please Becareful of Snatch Thieves on MotorBikes!


     injury map

    my 1st snatch thief experience recorded
    (after 40mins of incident)

    3 front teeth needs repair, gums & teeth impact
    (x-ray done no jaw fracture/broken rm90)
    (dentist consultation rm50)
    3 months cannot bite on anything
    after 3 months only can repair/filling
    *next week to see dentist again
    to check whether teeth has died?!

    right hand-arm injured/bruised/scratch marks
    top layer of skin gone on wrist, drag on road
    swelling and pain on wrist
    claw marks on hand
    (recovering fast using cream)

    Right arm sling back pull impact
    bruised and blue black
    (blue black disappearing fast using cream)

    face fall and under jaw knock
    forehead slight bump raised
    nose bruised slightly
    under jaw blue black and hurts like hell
    teeth and gum hurt during jaw fall impact
    causing teeth to break and moved
    amazingly face fall on tar road still pretty!
    no bleedy or open wound on face!

    fingers top layer skin gone and bleedy
    (painful still and pussing)
    it's at the joint area somore!
    left palm has a small deep cut which hurts
    (movement limited on both arms)

    nearest clinic at Solaris Mont Kiara
    Doctor Medical Fee RM70
    (clean wounds, meds & cream)

    the place where it happened Solaris Dutamas
    while trying to cross the road to my condo
    (which is just opposite!)

    Please becareful everyone. I was walking home after working at a wifi free cafe at Solaris Dutamas. Walked to the corner side and it's actually a main road for Solaris Dutamas where cars are going from left to right. As I waited to cross the road at traffic light, a couple on motorbike came from inside the shops area. I got suspicious when they slowed down just behind me very near, before I could turn to look, suddenly I was flung 180 degrees in the air and feel face front onto the tar road. I was dragged slight and I thought my face was smashed during the impact. I pretend to be dead, the snatch thieves let go when they saw me flying fox onto the tar road. Thank God the traffic light was red at this juncture if not I would be run over by a car!

    The good news is, the snatch thieves sucessfully injured me causing me pain all over. This is not a fatal/serious injury as u can see, there are worst cases around reported in the news paper. Though my whole body hurts and my palms and wrist hurts so much I can't sleep properly, I am amazed that I did not break any bones or that my face was splattered/broken/fracture! this is amazing! My pink specs protected my eyes, it was scratched on the lens. A raised bump on my forehead is not so visible but I can feel it. The bruising subsided with cold ayamas sausages put on my head. My nose, I didn't see that it was "bruised" from the fall until the next day! it's slightly burnt color n hurts when pressure on. Below my jaw, blue & black mark appeared. The dentist got worried and did an X-Ray on me. NO FRACTURE thank good! but my frontal teeths are broken in bits due to fall. My gums/tooth shaken so I cannot bite on anything for 3 months and must not move/touch my front teeth or it might die/can't be save. After 3 months, then only Dentist can start repairing my broken tooth bits.

    My arms are sprained/bruised and in pain. I can't even wear my bra on anymore (need help). Opening door knobs is also a chore as my wrist is swelling and inflamed. When I opened my top to change clothes, I was shocked to see I have road drag marks on my right boob (like a tiger claw kinda mark) and on my stomach. I think I was dragged a bit. I can't recall much anymore O_O due to shock and trauma of my 1st experience.

    Nevetherless to say, THIS SUCKS SO MUCH and I HATE THEM! I want everyone to becareful of THESE BASTARDS! It's so dangerous now in our own neighbourhood! I read about stories of snatch thief victims but never expected to be one myself! It all happened so FAST so unpredictable. Please becareful my friends! Be alert on the roads, even when crossing or waiting for traffic light! be aware of motorcyclists and strangers walking near u at alleys and public places.

    I hope I recover fast as I have so much blog work to do and events to cover.


    1. Oh my! It's so terrible what you had happened to you. Your injuries are far worst than mine which happened around 10 yrs ago. Luckily; you weren't seriously injured in the incident. The wounds will heal in time but alas, the teeth won't. Hope the dentist can perform miracles. Crowning is painful though. Pray you will heal quickly and the pain lessen soon. Hope none of us had to endure this experience again. Take care!

    2. Looking at the wound are so painful >.<
      I had been a victim too, and i dont know why i'm brave enough to fight back with them, actually my bag is tangled at my arm and the bag was heavy and the robber/snatch thief is skinny(i guess)so i got punch on the head(minor injured) and i scream my lungs out they run off and it happen in front my house. Left bruise on arm and head and a life time of trauma, until now i will be so over reacted for motorcycle that pass by me or near to me. After i heard about your incident my trauma hit me back and i can't sleep at night..those horrible snatch thief i hope they burn in hell! Now mentally have a trauma security alarm inside my brain and i will stare at those motor bikers fiercely @.@ normal reaction i guess...any way i hope you will be recovering soon from the bruise and be caution while walking alone.

    3. This is terrible! Thank goodness you did not have anything broken! It is horrible to know that such things can happen so close to home, in broad daylight. We should all pay attention to our surroundings. Thank you for sharing your traumatizing experience, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

    4. Poor Tammy!!! I hope u recover speedy!! We gals have to extra extra careful esp with our bags when strangers n bikers arnd. Yes, thats the natural reaction, no place is a safe place.

    5. oh no. im so sorry to know this happened to you Tammy. wishing you a fast recovery from all the trauma. love, g

    6. Hope you get better Tammy.

      Curse those motor thieves!! >(

    7. The pictures are painful even to look at.

      Get better soon.

    8. Owh Gosh!! Luckily nothing terrible happened to you besides all those injuries. Hope u'll get better soon. Hate the motor thieves!! Why can't they do something better???? STUPID!!

    9. get well soon! hope those thieves have a terrible end!

      xoxo elle

    10. I hope the snatch thieves got the same ending like the one who had his penis squashed!

    11. OMG, yr injuries look really serious.. get more rest and get well soon!! hope someone catches those stupid snatch thieves somewhere, grr...

    12. Sorry to hear this unfortunate news. Hope you get more rest and recover fast! Its not safe anymore nowadays :( So me who always carry a laptop rarely hangout after work.

    13. Ohmygosh!! I'm soo sorry that this happened to you!
      Damn those stupid motorbike thieves!!!!

      I feel really bad for you! I hope that your wounds will heal soon and that better news will come to you!

    14. oh my god miuuuuu! i feel like crying seeing and reading all the pain u described... i cannot imagined how u can tahan all thesee..
      Poor u! I am so sorry to hear all this! =(

      I'll pray that u'll recover fast, sweetie!

      TAKE CARE!

    15. kesiannya youuuu.......

      i hope you recover soon...

    16. My mum, my aunty and my grandmother all have been victims of snatch thieves! I myself have almost got my bag snatched twice. The thing is, I doubt any of these thieves have been caught by the police. They cause serious injuries and even deaths but still it's so rampant. There needs to be some sort of solution to this problem.

      My aunty even got slashed on her arms by the snatch thieves. And this happened right outside her house! Not only was her bag stolen, she had to pay thousands after that for operations on her arm to fix it otherwise she wouldn't be able to use her hand much.

    17. OMG~! be careful and take care of urself yaa...
      so scared la..huhuhu...

    18. Thank you for blogging about this issue. Everyone knows someone that has been a victim of snatch theft and has been a victim themselves too. Mine happened in front of our old house, after that my whole family moved because of it as we did not feel safe. Take care Tammy, get well soon!

    19. Get well soon! & thanks for sharing with us your experience.

      I always make a fierce face at those bikers who stop next to my car at the traffic light and those passing by in front of my house. I dunno, I just don't trust those people.

    20. ooo. tats so terrible! hope u get well soon!

    21. ooo. tats so terrible! hope u get well soon!

    22. Wishing you speedy recovery. I was a victim too in 2006 but thank God no injury. Hate them!! though for my case, the thief was stupid enough to get caught. BUT due to our "super efficient" system (court) in Malaysia. Trial was postponed twice and then SILENCE! No news till today. My handbag n purse with everything is still in the courts possesion.5 years and counting.

    23. OMFG......... take care ya =(

    24. Nauzubillah!! This is terrible. I am so sorry to hear you fell victim to snatch thieves but thankful to know you are safe. Luckily there are no cars zooming in. Hope you will recover from the trauma, physically and emotionally. What is the government going to do about this?! Its ridiculous. I just hope these sort of bastards will get their comeuppance, bad as it may sound, may they fall to a fatal blow as they run away.

    25. OMG Miu..... This is so terrible.. So broken hearted to see your condition like this... I hate all this thief!!!!! Why are they so lucky.. now a days I been reading thief are progressing anyway!! houses and snatch like this..

      I am so curious... no body helping you that time?? did they got your bag??

      I pray for a quick recovery for you...

    26. That's horrible :'( ;'( ;'( I hope you recover soon. I never thought bag snatchers can hurt people like that.

    27. OH MY!!!

      Please take good care of yourself!

    28. hi i feel sorry for u i also was robbed by snatch thief 6 years ago,my advice for all ladies,is please if u could walk with a man by ur side,and never walk alone even though the road look safe...i think most of snatch thief target women that walk alone

    29. so-so very heart pain to see all the bruises & wounds on you ! im freaking mad at these bastards !! i hope they'll get beaten up beyond recognition when they got caught !!!!!!

      hope you'll recover real soon & take xtra2 care always :)

    30. Tammy, I have been victim too! I understand your hurts and pains. But really thank God that He protects your precious life!!! Hope your wound will heal very soon and we have to pray more for safety at our neighbourhood!!! Take care ya dear

    31. This is awful news and thank you for the warning.
      Thankfully, as you said, nothing broken. I feel your pain of your war wounds. These buggers appear unexpectedly and Solaris is no exception. You have my sympathy and thoughts. Get well soon.

    32. hmm...thank god you are meaty else the impact would had been worse..

    33. I seen your pics and video as well. It's really awful. It's have too much pains. Take care about it.
      motorbike recovery services


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