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  • My First Yun Nam Hair Care Experience


    my first hair care treatment experience

    Ever wonder what goes on in a hair treatment session? I thought it was just the usual hair treatment where they put some "miracle" cream on your hair and let the steam does its job for 30minutes. Then it's off to wash & blow and you have nice hair afters. Apparently that's not what really goes on after I discovered Yun Nam Hair Care.
    Yun Nam Hair Care Center at Boulevard, Mid Valley

    I booked an appointment for a first trial session at Yun Nam Hair Care center at Boulevard Mid Valley last week. It was my first time consulting a hair care center for my hair problems. I decided to try Yun Nam Hair Care since I see them everywhere. Honestly, it makes me feel better knowing a hair care center has lots of branches everywhere. Also it really help knowing that Yun Nam Hair Care uses 100% natural herbs to solve hair problems.

    hair thinning! hair loss! dandruff! sensitive scalp! help me!

    Yes, I have hair problems believe it or not. My hair has been falling for the past 5 years like nobody's business. Whenever I get stressed out, I started scratching my head and pulling my hair along the way. Couple with the fact that I have dandruff , my hair fall problem is just the start of something that could be more serious if I don't do something about it. My first baby step was to find out how serious it is and why it's happening to me at Yun Nam Hair Care.

    while I sit on my chair I look at the brochure

    step 1: professional hair care consultation

    The brochure says 3 easy steps to solving my hair problem. The first step was a 1 on 1 consultation with a professional hair care expert in the consultation room. The hair care expert introduce herself and ask me several questions regarding my concern for my hair. I told her that I had dandruff and it's causing me problems like hair fall. I was given a form to fill up (the usual personal details and medical inquiries). Afters she checked my scalp and told me I had dry scalp! She also showed me areas where I'm losing hair compared to healthy areas (behind my head compared to top) that was mind blowing. I learned a lot during this first step of the process! The next part was interesting! THE SCALP SCANNER!!!.

    computerized hair scanning analysis

    yes don't freak out by what u see here!

    Step 2: Computerized Hair Scanning Analysis. AHH!! the images scared me! I'm having dandruff planet on my head! I admit I have dandruff but I have never seen them up closed like this. You can actually count the pieces there 1, 2, 3 wait that's my own labeling. The hair expert examine my hair follicles through computerized hair scanning technology which magnifies image up to 100 times so that she can diagnose the cause of my hair problem at the roots. I label 1-3 on my scanning results to show you what she found:
    1. normal hair count 3 per 1 hair follicle
      but mine has one or two in most areas. This shows I'm losing hair at that affected area - my crown which is a common female hair loss pattern.
    2. dandruff problem
      pesky dandruff problem causing itching and unhealthy scalp on my head, you can't even see my hair follicles here! One of the reasons of hair loss is caused by dandruff you can read here from Yun Nam Hair Care website about it.
    3. sensitive scalp
      you can see redness on my scalp, it's due to the scratching (dandruff) and it's not good for the scalp! sensitive scalp is also caused by many other factors like wrong use of products etc besides dandruff. 
    hair treatment room & saloon area

    Step 3: Professional Hair Care Treatment
    . The hair care expert brought me upstairs to the salon area, they had personal rooms and public areas. The personal rooms are private rooms that you can request for if you need privacy. Since we know my hair problems already, the hair care expert customized the appropriate hair care treatment starting with a hair wash using Yun Nam Hair Care products. Hair drops was gathered during the washing process to analyzed my hair thinning problems. It's during this time you will know whether your per day hair fall is normal or serious. E.g more than 100 hairs a day is consider abnormal!

    sample hair collected during hair wash

    My treatment was special, instead of going straight to the Yun Nam Ginseng Treatment which is normally given for first trial customers, my treatment today had an extra treatment which is really good for cleaning my dandruff scalp! It's the "duo repairing scalp" treatment. It was a mixture which was brushed onto my scalp, really cooling and nice. Then it was steamed for a few minutes. After the steam, the hair care expert uses cotton to rub/clean my scalp.

    getting my duo repairing scalp treatment
    (great for cleaning my scalp)

    the difference after the duo-repairing treatment!
    (u can see my hair follicles now)

    I love the Yun Nam Ginseng Treatment
    The last treatment was the Yun Nam Ginseng Treatment which consisted of many Chinese herbs which helps to clean hair follicles and oily scalp, control oil gland to prevent oily scalp, hair is thicker and stronger, healthier with nutrients that penetrates deep into the roots, ensure long term healthy scalp, enhance scalp's resistance, encourage growth of baby hair and increases blood circulation of the scalp and the regeneration of the scalp. The hair care expert uses a Ginseng Treatment for this process! It's then massaged onto my scalp (I enjoyed this session so much) though I smelt like Chinese Herbs for days! which is nice. I believe in herbal remedies like my grandma.

    finish my treatment in 2 hours!

    Yun Nam Hair Care Products for maintenance
    My treatment ended a little over 2 hours with shampoo, conditioning using jasmine lotion (love this!) and hair blow. My hair care expert explained to me what my hair problems were, how to solved them and how to maintain a healthy scalp. She recommends using Yun Nam Hair Care products and treatment packages for me. I can say she wasn't pushy but it was her job to introduce to her customers various packages to solved their hair problem and these treatment packages are catered for those who's serious about stopping balding and saving their scalp before it's too late.

    Reading the success stories, I think Johny's testimonial is exactly the problem that I am facing - Dandruff related hair loss problem. An embarrassing problem that I am revealing to everyone here.

    “Johnny belongs to the dry hair with oily scalp category. He developed hair loss symptoms as dandruff had seriously clogged up his hair follicles. The human body has a natural 21 to 28 day renewal cycle. But stress, malnutrition and sleep deprivation affects the normal functioning of this cycle. When the cycle is disturbed, a new keratin layer is metabolised before the old layer is shed off, therefore resulting in dandruff. Dandruff is caused by stress, malnutrition, incompatible hair products, secretion imbalances or the consumption of spicy food. Our herbal treatment clears up the oiliness of Johnny’s scalp, rebalances the sebum level and helps shed off the old keratin layer. Protein treatment nourishes his hair, to enhance new hair growth.” 

    free trial pack (rm60) for home care use!
    (herbalogy ginseng shampoo, jasmine herbal conditioner,
    hair nutritional lotion)

    If anyone is seriously considering of getting their hair loss, balding, or hair problems solved, they should try Yun Nam Hair Care. The brochure says there's a 98.7% recovery rate and Yun Nam uses 100% natural herbal remedy without operation or chemicals. Yun Nam occasionally has promotions for first time trials at RM10 more or less. I say go try it but it's only for those who's experiencing hair problems. The first 100 gets the Yun Nam Hair Care trial pack worth RM60! (really worth it considering it's the products used in the treatment process) comes in a cute orange zipped pouch.


    1. that is some powerful magnifying!!!!!

      xoxo elle

    2. great review!! I'm going this thursday.. Called midvalley and they said they have promotion with tonic (additional perhaps?) for this week. Am going to use the voucher.

    3. hi, i wonder if the promotion is eligible for aged seventeens?

    4. Ailee: hmm!! not sure.. but age 17 got hair fall problems? coz they're more towards hair fall solutions.

    5. MY: got tonic? dam.. mine dun have tonic :( can't remember if i got tonic.. dun think so!

    6. Elle: yeahh scary or not? kinda interesting.. i feel like peeling the =_= scales!!!

    7. yup.. I dpt tonic semlm.. tp u dpt yg starter pack kan.. yg tue I x dpt. They told me I didnt get that because I used the voucher to redeem the treatment. yeah.. more a less like ur problem. The service was great. But somehow the package was a bomb to me.. Grrrr.. so $$$$$$$... What I like most is, they didnt tarik muka at all. In fact sent me and my bf off with smiles..

      *tak tau la what they cakap2 behind since I x fhm chinese.. hahahahaa..

    8. how much is the treatment ah?? eager to know too...;-)

    9. treatment ranges depending on your hair problem Ma :) could be rm1k or more

    10. I am a current Yu Nam customer, while it is good that they may have solution for my hair problem. I think the prices they charge are exorbitant. What disappoints me is that every time I go for treatment they will try to FORCE me to sign up for more packages.. From the beginning, I have been mislead to believe how much it costs, later they will say have to add this and that.. This establishment doesn't have our interests at heart, they just want our $$$

      1. Yes i truly agree with u. Every time i go for my treatment they will harass me to sign up for another package. Within 2 mths they made me signed up almost 20k worth of packages.

      2. Yes i truly agree with u. Every time i go for my treatment they will harass me to sign up for another package. Within 2 mths they made me signed up almost 20k worth of packages.

      3. 100 percent agree. their product isn't that good. Im still bald. they just want money.

      4. Agree...Everytime you go, they will tell you more problems with your hair or scalp and you have to buy new package!!

    11. Please check out this forum before going. It can save you time, and many other things:


    12. To everybody, please never go for so called "treatment" at yun nam! They are just liar!! Please do your research before go for the stupid not effective wasting money treatment!!!

    13. Please don't go for so called FREE trial treatment at yun nam haircare! they are very pushy and money face ! All the scary women out there, Cheating money !!!

      1. Couldn't agree more! Somemore they are rude when u refuse to sign up the exorbitant package by challenging you as if you are not capable of their so called "little money"!!!! Angryyyy :(

    14. Dont ever go to yun nam they are very pushy and you will lose all your money. I really wonder why anyone would give them a good review.

    15. finish hair tretment 2 hours and yet u r still bold till today...where is your new picture ? LOL...see others testimoni. All give bad review about yun nam. even i have been to yun nam. just a waste of money.

    16. Please dont go just waste you money .

    17. Their service need to improve in accord to get new customer. I have same experience of you guys as first timer. They need to explain to us properly what our hair need and give a time to think about it and not at the spot to sign up the package. I didn't sign up and there show rude attitude to me before finishing the 1st free treatment and said a lot of bad funny things. In my own opinion, they are not professional enough in this work.

    18. Oh no... I was just thinking of going there to get help for my son. Now that I ve read the comments I am taken aback and not positive about my plan. What about neethal hair care?

    19. tq 4 ur info.......

    20. Hey, you've got awe-inspiring post, i really like to ascertain your all posts
      .Thank You.
      hair care

    21. Please dont go to these companies for any kind of hair treatment. They will really dry your bank up. Go see a real doctor. Any dermatologist is many times better off than these fleecing business

    22. I loved your video, and I would also love to see more vlogs from you in the future!
      Thank you so much for the tips! I’m like you, I don’t like to use many products, and I tend to keep my hair natural every day! And in fact I also do the 2 hairstyles you showed us, and some times even a low ponytail, especially now that it’s summer, and very hot outside!
      hair care.

    23. 6 month package plus 6 month free cuci rambut and home care cost more than RM10k plus every single time you come for follow up treatment they will persuade u to sign up for another package. My 2nd visit they wanted me to sign up for another RM8k. Haha. No means no. I did asked for their cooling period. They said nothing like that in their agreement. Ya rite. I'm in the midst of calling off my previously signed RM10k package, with the bank of course. Yun Nam will not do it obviously. Wish me luck. Newbies out there, jz go for 1st treatment then take off. It's free. Their package and the treatment is just a waste of Money.

    24. their sister co New York Skin Solution also like to insist their customers sign up new packages halfway thru their treatments. I was forced to sign another package tho' 3 treatments still remained fr 1st package. Both packages costed RM6k. I left half-way thru 2nd package. Till today they still owe me 3 treatments. Unless your skin problem is bad, and you can afford the price, dont sign-up!

    25. stop bull shitting! I spent so much of my savings on these stupid products. Everytime i visit YumName, the consultant keep selling me more treatments, products, etc.! I just came back from YumName and decided to stop going there because I argued with the consultant and guess what...the consultant who served me decided not to do haircut (included in my package)...reason is "oh, I have another customer for coloring"! After the argument, she asked another consultant to serve me...WHAT A b*tch! I'm going to publish to a lot of forums and shared my experience..I feel shame as a Malaysian...before I went to Yum Name today, I done a thai massage and the Thai ladies are even better service than Malaysian from YumNam.

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    29. i been to yun nam ... my hair growth vy well. and im not even spending than 2k

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