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HomeDec 2012: Home & Decor Magazine Subscription


happy with my purchase today!

There's this big banner at TTDI that never fails to remind me about the HomeDec fair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Today was a good day to be reminded again as my fiance and I ponder on what to do today. We are in the midst of renovating our nest (home) and needing some ideas for furnishing.

I though going to the HomeDec would be boring, but I though wrong. Upon entering, there's just so many cool and interesting things to see and experience. Especially when magazine booths are set up outside the entrance enticing you to pay RM10 for either 4 or 5 past issues of home and decoration magazines as well as foodie magazines. My great buy today was subscribing to a year of Home & Decor Magazine (one of the popular home decoration magazines of all time) at RM138 and getting a Stylus 3-in-1 Steamboat BBQ set and a Mr. & Mrs. Home Diffuser (which was the first thing that attracted me to the booth, I'm very fond of diffusers) that comes along with a 100ml scent. The freebies is probably worth around RM400? 

P.S: Only for the first 20 subscribers a day. Ground floor, entrance.


  1. oh i saw the bbq thing before! can even bake pizza with the bottom layer! good stufff!!!!!

    1. eh can bake pizza?! omg can't wait to play with it hahah! i wanna bake pizza too

    2. ya.. cox my fren's family got one, he say just put bread below, then add topping that you want, and put cheese on top and put in bottom level, it will turn out nicely... i want this tooooooo! but need to go exhibition to signup n i think alry finish lerr...


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